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Jumpy (Y/N&Chibs)

Trigger warning: Attack 

It was late evening by the time you arrived home from your shift at the hospital. The day was long and dreary, but there was a bump in action when a patient pulled a scapel on you while you were debrieding the wound. Thankfully, you were able to disarm the patient but in the struggle, you did suffer a small laceration to the neck. Thankfully, the wound was superficial, but the event had left you incredibly jumpy. Even the slightest touch from a co-worker sent you sailing for the ceiling. The nursing manager decided that you would serve the Emergency Department best by doing triage and that is where you spent the rest of the night until 2300 rolled around.
As you pulled into the driveway of your house, you noticed that your old man’s bike was not in the garage. Hmm, club business, you thought as you shook your head. Usually, you were perfectly okay coming alone to an empty house, but tonight was different; and even though it was only recnelty that Chibs had started staying at your house, you had already become accostmed to falling asleep while listening to his breathing. As soon as your feet crossed the threshold of the house, all the lights in the house was turned on. Empty. Silence. Once you felt safe, you plopped down onto the couch, turning on the tv to the lighthearted channel of cartoons. Soon enough, the darkness crawled into your eyes and you feel asleep.
The door closing brought you forth from sleep so fast you almost hit your head on the small side table siutated dangerously next to the couch arm. The lights had been turned off and silently you cursed the high tech that Juice had installed into your house recently. Creeping off the couch, you reached into the side table’s drawer and removed the knife that Chibs had gifted you for your birthday. Feeling around for your gun, you muttered a small curse when you realized it was not in its place. Heart pounding. Footsteps, loud footsteps. Crawling out of the living room, you found your way into the hallway, the front door just within reach. The footsteps were now in the kitchen, just inches behind you. Deep breath. You ran, feet padding loudly against the floor. Suddenly, a hand reached from teh darkness and grabbed your arm. A shrill scream left your throat as you slashed at the figure, blinded by darkness and fear.
“Fuck lass!” The figure finally said, dropping your arm. That voice. Dread filled your entire body as you flicked the hallway light on. Hands flew to your voice, in front of you stood Chibs, a small bleeding cut to his right cheek and an irated twitch at the corner of his mouth. The knife fell to the floor as you locked eyes with your old man, suddenly feeling very small.
“Chibs, I…I am so sorry! I thought you were an intruder!.” You croaked. Chibs shook his head,
“Ye forget ye gave me a key?” You stared at his cut, and slowly started to nod your head,
“Yes.” Chibns sighed and walked into the kitchen flicking the lights on. He grabed a beer from the frige, popped the top, and sipped it. “Yer owe me one lass.” Nodding feverously, you went straight to the cupboard and removed your medical kit. The next few moments were silent as you cleaned his wound, making sure that each touch was gentle but well placed. Chibs looked at you from the corner of his eye and finally grabbed your hands.
“Lass, yer shaking.” You shook your head, too embarassed to share anything. Chibs huffed and grabbed your face gently, “Lass, tell me.” The tears started.
“I am so sorry I cut you. I…had a bad day at work. A patient pulled a scapel on me and nicked my throat…”
“ Motherfucker. Who?” Chibs interruppted, irritated and fuming, his grip on your face tightening as he turned your head up to look at your wound.
“A…a patient. The security guards already took care of it.” You stuttered. Chibs released your face and suddenly slammed his lips against your so hard a bruise was sure to happen. The kiss was chaste, but still meaningful. When he pulled back, he leveled his face with yours so that he could look you straight in the eye.
“Yer mine. The crow on yer your shoulder? That means something. If someone hurts ye, that’s slight against me. Yer my woman. No one is allowed to hurt ye and get away.” Chibs stated, his voice low and dangerous. Eyes filled with tears as you threw yourself into his arms.
“I love you Chibs.”
“I love ye too lass.”

Jax Request,

Can you please write something for Jax, really fluffy or even with some smut.

Love Game


I was not very good at spending that much time on the club, I’d rather be home reading a book or doing some job with a nice cup of tea than be partying all night in between crow eaters and drunk outlaws playing games and hitting each other and that’s the reason why I stayed here tonight but at some point all the insecurities I tried my best to hide were floating around, all those skinny crow eaters dancing around my man without supervision with their short shorts and push up bras made me sick so I put on a white shirt and a black jacket before heading out.

As I arrived Irma was at the door looking at me like if I was the trash in the room and not her, she moved her fake nails in front of my face and I stopped with a scowl trying not to hit her any minute now.

“Your old man is being taken good care off, you can’t go back to reading the bible or whatever you librarian rat do” she said which made me fume, I pushed her off the way and walked inside the club.

It did not take me long to see Jax with a beer in his hand talking to Chibs and Bobby, three crow eaters dancing in front of them and reaching up for them. A blonde one touching with her skanky hands Jax’s leg, I saw him shrug her off and I smile at him from the other side of the room but it still annoyed me the fact that he didn’t tell them to go away, someone approached me at the bar and I saw Tig from the corner of my eye.

“What’s got your panties on a twist, sunshine?” he said and I gave him the middle finger “Easy, tiger he ain’t interested. Don’t you see?” he said and I scoffed something that weirdly made him smile “I have a deal for you and I get to have some fun” which made me rise my eyebrows at him “I won’t touch you more than necessary, just enough to make your old man jealous, put his attention back on the pretty thing he’s missing out”


“You know he’s your President right?” I said and he laughed


“I love pissing them off, deal princess?” he said and I smiled.

“You’re a sick man Tig, but I’m up. Just get me a drink first” I said winking at him for a second.

It was fun to play around with Tig he made the most awful jokes in the world, he was overall very fun to be around and I had almost forgotten about what we were doing when I heard the sound of people moving on the back, Tig pulled my chair closer.

“He’s coming, babe and I still haven’t a thing” he said before taking me from the neck and crushing me against his neck. “Hi, pres” he said in a cheery tone and I immediately pushed him off of me to look at Jax. His blue eyes were filled with fire and I could see a tiny smirk on his face.


“Hi, darlin’” he said with his thick accent “I was not expecting you to come, why didn’t you come to me?” he said and I just looked at him perplexed.

“We were having some fun, messin’ around” said Tig which caused Jax to smile big, two seconds later he hit Tig right in the face which caused me to gasp out loud.

“JACKSON” I screamed and Tig laughed while holding his jaw.

“C’mere” he said while reaching his hand at me and I took her not before smiling at Tig as sorry.

Jax walked us through the crowd taking us to his room on the back, he opened the door quickly and closed it with a kick quickly hovering over me. “What were you doing, baby?” he said looking at me with a wolf like smile “Trying to get me all mad and jealous, weren’t you?” he said before taking my jacket off with a quick movement “with one of my brothers, bad bad girl” he said, with one hand taking both off my hands out of the way to start touching me under my blouse. I whined at his touch and he laughed on my ear. “You like that, baby. Use your words” he said.

“Yeah, oh god” I said when he moved my bra out of the way to start touching my sensitive skin before moving to the nipple “Jax, please”

“Please, what YN?” he said kissing my neck and collarbones without stopping touching my upper part.

“I need you, Jax” I said, he let go off me to take off the button of my jeans and slide them off my legs “Too much clothing around here” I said throwing his SAMCRO shirt away and quickly undoing his belt, in no time we were both in bed panting at all the kisses and touches being shared. He pulled my legs up on his sides and started thrusting slowly but that didn’t last long Jax liked it rough and it did not take him long to start pounding. “Oh Jackson” I moaned when he increased the pace once more.

We both came together not long after that, him kissing me deeply and roughly through that time. “Never pull that shit on me again” he said with a growl in my ear “I don’t do jealousy” he said and I smirked at him, he put his arm over me “I love you babe” he said and I kissed him softly

“If the sex is that good, I’ll do it more” I said and he wickedly smiled at me before putting himself on top of me once again.

I’m sorry this is kind of wacky, if you want me to do something better please feel free to message me and I’ll write another one for you. Thank you all for reading
Taking Flight With The Crows Chapter 8: Baby's In Black, a sons of anarchy fanfic | FanFiction
Eliza is somehow convinced to go on a date. How will that work out for her? Bobby gives her some life advice, and Tig gives her some avoiding-death advice.

Starring: Eliza, Clay, Bobby, Tig
Brief Appearances By: Jax, Opie
Mentions of: Juice, Gemma, Kyle Hobart

Angels Got Talent!

SAM: Hello everyone! Welcome to…

SAM: The show where angels compete to be crowned the ruler of Heaven!

SAM: I am your fabulous host, Sam Winchester. Let’s meet today’s judges!

SAM: All the way from the scrap yard, he’s not an idjit, it’s Bobby Singer!

SAM: He’s mean, he’s nasty. The King of Hell, Crowely!

SAM: And lastly we have my big brother, Dean Winchester!

SAM: Here comes the contestants now!

SAM: So let’s meet out first contestant, Balthazar!

DEAN: (Sarcastic) Oh God, this should be fun.

SAM: Er, you okay, Dean?

DEAN: Yeah, I’m fine.

DEAN: Nothing… Carry on, Sam.

SAM: So, our next contestant tonight is Michael! He says he has a talent of being able to avoid being hit by things. Weird talent, but let’s see how he does!

 SAM: Thank you for that, Michael. Nice….. effort….

SAM: Onto our next contestant, Raphael, with his… her…. *Thinks* His amazing talent!

SAM: Amazing, Raphael! I believe the judges have put him in first place so far. Our next contestant is Gabriel with his disappearing act.
CROWLEY: It’s not that impressive…

SAM: Harsh criticism from our judges (I personally liked it a lot) *Cough* Anyway, up next is Charlie with her dancing routine.

SAM: Wait a second, she’s not an angel… Disqualified! Now on to our second to last contestant tonight, competing to be ruler of Heaven. We have the wonderful Castiel!

SAM: It appears we have a winner! Castiel, you have won!

Lucifer: What about me? I haven’t gone yet!

SAM: Too late. Don’t care… Castiel is the winner!

LUCIFER (SAM): I am Lucifer, and I am the winner of this competition! I now rule over Heaven!

DEAN: Why did you have to kill Cas?

BOBBY: Shut up, you Idjit! Fine, have Heaven, see if we care!

LUCIFER (SAM): Hellllllooooo Heaven! All hail to your new leader!

LUCIFER (SAM): Oh, yeah, I forgot about the civil war…..

DEAN: Troll-lol-lol

(Made by Jess! Read more of my Supernatural Gif Stories Here!)

Who do you think should have won Angels Got Talent?

- Jess
Taking Flight With The Crows Chapter 5: Level, a sons of anarchy fanfic | FanFiction
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Brief appearances by: Kozik, Wendy
Mentions of: Bobby, Kyle Hobart, Opie, Donna

Welcome back to Charming, “Le Mad” Kay
Part 1:
The  re-introduction of Watts

The sons were at the clubhouse that night – a rather peaceful time. Not really a party, just the usual bunch of people: members and associates, enjoying themselves with a few drinks, conversations and their favorite songs.

Jax was sharing a small table with Ope, after finally getting him a release for that night – promising Donna nothing serious would happen. He was laughing after some stupid shit his best friend said, momentarily loose from all the shit he had going on with his life. It was nice to have, for a while, a break from all the serious load: Wendy, Abel, Tara, John Teller’s manuscript… the club’s business even. Jax felt his relief fading out as soon as he heard a familiar noise outside, in the parking lot. Over the ambient noise, he was sure to recognize the music of rough gear, the reaper’s growl – the very anthem of the Sons.

Jax noticed Ope heard the same thing, as both raised their eyes to the surroundings, looking for any missing face. Nope, they were all there. Bobby groping a busty croweater’s in a corner; Piney, Clay and Gemma chatting about the Teller-Morrow business; Tig, Juice and Chibs harassing each other over an intense pool match. None of them seemed to have paid attention to that subtle noise, so Jax silently signaled Ope “outside”, taking his hand instinctively to his gun. If not one of them, then probably one of the others. Better safe than sorry, especially with the Mayans.

Once out there, Jax and Ope were able to see what had caught their attention. An unknown biker, no cut on, wearing a full face black helmet, on top of a Harley, parking near the entrance - semi covered by the shadows.

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Imagine being Chibs’ daughter who knows Gaelic and the others get mad because they don’t understand. *Mini Imagine*

WARNINGS: Language

Any bolded text is Chibs and the reader speaking Gaelic. I don’t know what words are in that language cause not all words could be in a language but for the sake of the imagine just bare with me please.

Hope you all enjoy :D

“Hey dad.” You smiled as you kissed your dad’s cheek, “Hey Tiggy, Hap.” You waved at the two men, “Why hello to you love.” He spoke making Tig raise a brow, “What the hell are you doing?” Chibs chuckled, “I am talkin’ to my daughter, what does it look like?” You smiled and stepped behind Tig putting your arms over his shoulders placing a kiss on his cheek, “Yeah Tig I’m just speaking to my dad.”

“What! Not you too!” He groaned and you laughed lightly as he patted your arm. “Alright quit it, now I know how you bitches feel when I speak Spanish.” Happy grumbled, “What’s going on?” You heard Bobby said and you moved from Tig to give him a hug, “Dad and I are just sharing a laugh.” Bobby frowned, “Oh what’s the matter Bobby crow got your tongue.” Your father said and you both broke out in a laugh. “ I don’t like this shit at all.” Bobby said shaking his head.

“Hey da do you think that I could take a ride down to the beach.” You finished and Tig gasped, “What! No what are you gonna do?”

“Don’t tell me they’re talking in native again.” You heard Clay groan and you smiled at him and Gemma, “Oh no of course not I was just telling everyone that I like to speak to my dad and have no one understand.” “Sonofabitch not this again you both did this for two fuckin’ weeks straight last time. Uh huh not again.” Gemma said crossing her arms making you bend over laughing, “This is too funny though cause I mean you can’t understand a thing that we are saying.”

“Aye love I could be calling Tig a handsome devil or a piece of shit and he wouldn’t know.” Chibs laughed and you had to hold your stomach because it was starting to hurt.

“You can go kiss my ass.” Tig smirked as he flipped you both off, “What he was just calling you an ass.” You laughed and Happy shook his head, “I’m about to get fuckin’ Rosetta Stone.” He mumbled, “Alright that’s it love.” Your dad said and you sighed, “You’re all no fun.”

“That’s it.” Tig growled as he threw you over his shoulder and tossed you on the couch tickling you, “Uncle! Uncle!” Tig smirked, “I’m sorry what was that doll?” You laughed wildly, “Okay you win, no more Gaelic.”

“Good.” Everyone said and you ran to the other side of the club, “I love you guys!” Tig smiled in challenge and ran after you, “You’re gonna get it now!” He yelled as he chased you around, the laughs of everyone being heard, “Run love, before he gets you!” TIg looked at Chibs with a glare, “Don’t make me chase you either Old Man.”
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To Fly Where The Crows Fly Chapter 170: Normality, a sons of anarchy fanfic | FanFiction
Eliza comes home, and vows to hold it together, but even as she helps Venus and makes a new acquaintance, a showdown with Jarry raises more questions than ever. Is Eliza catching onto one of the ugliest secrets in Charming?

@come-join-themurder this chapter is the fulfillment of a long awaited promise and thank you every way you’ve ever helped me with this story, and in life <3

Starring: Eliza, Tig, Gemma, Chibs, Jarry
Brief appearances by: Jax, Nero
Mentions of: Tara, Bobby, Juice