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James Brown Tuscon Sports Center Concert Poster (1967) Extremely Rare. Jumbo window card poster printed in Dayglo yellow and purple on card stock for a show on Sun. Feb. 5. The poster shows announces “…A Show For The Entire Family…The Fabulous James Brown”…The lineup also includes support acts the Famous Flames, The Jewels, James Crawford and Bobby Byrd. Printed by “Globe Poster, Baltimore”. 

misspelling “Tucson” since forever…

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Have you heard the poem "church" by Bobby Crawford? He is an amazing queer poet and church is one of my favorite poems. Even though it doesn't paint religion in the best of light it deals with toxic masculinity and the ending and style of speaking is just wonderful. It reminds me of your poetry at certain points, and I would recommend you listen to it :^)

i just watched his button poetry performance of that piece and i’m bone-struck and physically yelling!!! w ow

Frozen Frenzy (Fear Factory Returns)
Scott Petersen, David Wise, Chris Carroll, Kenneth Bassham, Bobby Arluskas, Clark Crawford, Matt Piersall, Matthew Thies, GL33K LLC
Frozen Frenzy (Fear Factory Returns)

Track from Level 6-7 in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Irate Eight (Aquatic Ambiance ~ Lockjaw's Saga Returns)
Scott Petersen, David Wise, Chris Carroll, Kenneth Bassham, Bobby Arluskas, Clark Crawford, Matt Piersall, Matthew Thies, GL33K LLC
Irate Eight (Aquatic Ambiance ~ Lockjaw's Saga Returns)

Irate Eight (Aquatic Ambiance ~ Lockjaw’s Saga)

A remix of Aquatic Ambiance and Lockjaw’s Saga, played in the Irate Eight level of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

This song gets more tense as the level goes on, reflecting the nature of the level spectacularly.

So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite Slam Poems available on Youtube. Here goes:

Alysia Harris

Bobby Crawford and Kieran Collier:

Chad Anderson:

Javon Johnson:

Jeanann Verlee

Jesse Parent:

Katie Makkai:

Kim Fields:

Mike Rosen:

Neil Hilborn:

Pages Matam

Paulie Lipman

Sam Cook:

Shane Hawley:

Shane Koyczan:

Stacyann Chin

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Do you have any poets you follow/admire?


(I have LOTs of poets I admire. Like, lots. Like, strap in and get ready, we’re going on a ride.)

First of all, there’s richardsiken-poet. His book, Crush, has broken me and put me back together so many times I can’t even breathe when I think about it.

clementinevonradics has made me cry probably a hundred different times
alonesomes is probably the reason I ever got into poetry at all
workingonhumble and I are going on tour and he knocks the breath out of me on the regular
tristamateer‘s new book baptized me in FIRE and she has the cutest mouth this side of the solar system (just fyi)
mishabrandonspeck is a precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
five–a–day talks poetry to me sometimes and turns me all pink and sunkissed
backshelfpoet is moving mountains, I swear to god
fleurishes new book brought me to my knees
goodghostbill is one of my favorite poets in the whole world and also like the nicest guy in the universe. If it weren’t for his help, I doubt Jordan I would have ever gotten our tour off the ground
writingsforwinter writes a new poem EVERY DAY???? and they’re amazing???
5000letters is probably going to take over the world and I’m going to let her
sexdrugsandantiquesroadshow doesn’t write poetry often but MAN, her work is VISCERAL
Ebony Stewart KILLS on the microphone and also gives amazing hugs
cabbycan has like the best smile on the planet and also poetry that knocks me on my ass
lora-mathis is a mad genius and I adore her
amanda-oaks literally changes lives on the daily, can’t express how much I owe to this lovely lady
deeplystained is fearless
elalusz‘s poetry leaves me black and blue and beautifully human
sarahtaylorgibson spins stories that leave me captivated
wordsoftakumi is electric on a microphone and sweet as can be


Subaru Lover by Bobby Crawford goes down as, quite possibly, my favorite slam poem of all time.


Bobby Crawford - “Subaru Lover” (NPS 2013)

“We live with fear, but when we drive, we don’t tell her where we’re going.”

Performing at the 2013 National Poetry Slam in Cambridge, MA.


Bobby Crawford performs “Guitar Hero” in the semi-final round of Capturing Fire 2013.


Tonight’s Cantab feature is your IWPS rep and mine, Bobby Crawford! Help send him off to Spokane in style for the competition which will run from October 3 through 5. Here he is performing “Nine Innings of Someone I Love” as a sacrificial poem at DC’s Beltway Slam.


Oh hey, it’s one of my best friends ever.


Emerson Poetry Project is a group based out of Emerson College in Boston, MA. It was founded in 2008 by the Gringo Choir (Max Kessler, Carrie Rudzinski, Steve Subrizi, and Carlos Williams). Today, its curators are Phoenix Bunke, Paul Lyons, Bobby Crawford, and Brenna Kleiman. The group hosts open mics, slams, and touring poet features every Monday night on campus. On September 10, EPP hosted an All-Star Slam featuring the 2012 Emerson College CUPSI team, pictured above–Brenna Kleiman, Paul Lyons, Bobby Crawford, Tiernan Cahill, and Donnie Welch!

(All photos by Brenna Kleiman.)