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Family AU--Chicken Pox Part Six

Flobby woke up a few hours later, itchy, achy, and nauseous, though he he didn’t have the right words for that yet. He just knew that he felt yucky.

He tugged on his brother’s shirt, as he was tucked against his chest. “Ganni,” he whined. “Ganni, wake up.”

His brother opened one eye, then another, sliding a hand on Flobby’s forehead, looking concerned at the heat that met his hand. “How are you feeling?” he asked hoarsely.

Flobby winced at how sore his brother’s throat sounded. “Yucky,” he said quietly.

Fortunately, Glanni, even as bad as he still felt, had learned what “yucky” for his three youngest siblings meant–that he had about three minutes at the most before they threw up.

Picking his brother up, somehow managing to ignore the pain in his head that was still pulsating nauseatingly, he managed to get Flobby into the bathroom and over the toilet just in time.

He clenched his teeth in an effort to ignore his own growing nausea while his brother heaved and sobbed, and he tried to offer comfort, but he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. Ithro had already went to class, he recalled, vague memories of a kiss on the forehead and a soft, “I’ll be back in a few hours,” reminding him.

Twisting suddenly, he managed to get his head over the bathtub before he threw up. He just hoped that one of the other two adults in the house would sense that something was wrong. He felt a little selfish when three out of four of his younger brothers were sick to want Robbie, but they had always been close, even as children, often finishing each other’s sentences, or saying what the other was thinking.

When he could catch his breath, he could feel a small hand patting his back. He looked up blearily to see his youngest brother, even as miserable as he had to feel, looking at him with concern. “Thanks,” he said quietly.

He didn’t want to worry him further, but he realised that he would not be able to make it back to bed on his own. He wasn’t even sure how he had made it with Flobby into the bathroom. Not only that, he was still horribly nauseous, though the pain in his head was starting to recede just a little. “Need Robbie,” he managed to get out before his stomach lurched again and he threw up in the bathtub again.

Flobby walked down the hall to the room that he usually shared with his two older brothers, looking for Robbie. He could understand why, though he didn’t have the words for it, why his eldest brother wanted Robbie. It was because he had a way of making you feel like everything was going to be okay even when you felt awful. Glanni could do it too, and so could all the other adults consistently in his life, like Sporty, Ithro, and Straujárn, but he had often wondered who took care of each of them when they felt awful. He had seen Robbie take care of Glanni quite a bit, and the other way around.

Walking into the bedroom, he saw Sportacus holding a sobbing Tobby, and Robbie stripping the bed. He jumped a little as Bobby walked past him bringing in new sheets from the hall closet. He watched as Robbie replaced the sheets, then kissed Bobby on top of the head, thanking him. He then went over to Tobby. “Still feeling sick, little one?” he asked.

Tobby nodded, burying his head into Sportacus’ chest.

Robbie hummed, feeling the back of Tobby’s neck. “I think you need some more medicine.”

Flobby decided that now was the best time to get Robbie’s attention. “Robbie,” he said hoarsely, tugging on the leg of his brother’s pants.

Robbie looked down, and, even at four, Flobby could see how tired his brother looked. “Yes, Flobby?”

“Ganni needs you. He’s sick too.”

Robbie shook his head. “I had hoped that he would be feeling better when he woke up. He looked sad. This must be one of the really bad migraines. He hugged Flobby, sensing that his youngest brother was worried about his eldest brother. He was also needing a hug himself. That was the only way that they ever would get through anything. “Sport, can you get Tobby situated? I think Bobby’s okay for now, seeing as he’s almost asleep.”

Sportacus nodded. “I’ve got this. Go check on Glanni.”

Robbie nodded, going over and kissing his boyfriend on the cheek and his brother on the forehead. He then picked up Flobby, letting him bury his head into his shoulder.

Robbie walked down the hall to the master bedroom that Glanni shared with Ithro a good chunk of the time. He walked in, setting Flobby down. He then walked towards the bathroom, knocking lightly on the doorframe, then poked his head in.

Glanni was sitting next to the tub, his head down on his arms, which were wrapped around his knees. He went over to his brother, kneeling down beside him, then laid a hand on his arm. “Glanni,” he said quietly, “do you think you’re okay enough for me to help you back to bed?”

His brother shook his head almost imperceptibly. “Dunno, Rob,” he said softly. “Dizzy.” He laid his head on his brother’s shoulder as Robbie sat down beside him and Flobby gently kissed him on top of the head, a gesture that touched him more than he cared to admit. He felt Robbie put an arm around him, offering comfort.

They waited for a few minutes, until Glanni finally said softly, “I’m ready. I don’t think I’m going to throw up again.”

Robbie nodded and helped his brother to his feet. Moving slowly and carefully, they made their way to the bedroom.

Robbie decided that it would be in his best interests to go ahead and get Flobby situated, then take advantage of the fact that everyone was either asleep or on their way there to get a little bit of sleep himself. “Do you think you can sleep a little while?” he asked Glanni, rubbing his forehead gently, seeing his brother relax as he did so.

“Gonna try, Rob,” Glanni said quietly. “Bring Flobby back here when you’re done.”

“Okay,” Robbie said quietly. “I’m going to put some more lotion on him, give him some paracetamol, then rinse out the tub.”

“Sorry you’re…having to do that,” Glanni said.

“Hey, you’ve done it for me a few times.”

Even with as much pain as he was in, Glanni had to smile at that.

Request: Detox

Request: I’ve been scrolling through your blog all day!! you’re super talented!! could you writer a samxreader one shot where you’re bobby’s daughter too. Sam is being detoxxed from demon blood and you sit outside the door He knows you’re there and he keeps asking you for help. You get really upset so Dean and Bobby comfort you. Thank you!!!

Word Count: 1,547

Thank you!! You’re too sweet<3 It almost makes me feel bad for how depressing this is. Love you guys<3

“I’m sorry.”

The metal slider slams shut with a protesting shriek that seems to rattle through your bones. You can hear him, banging against the iron door with all of his might, his words muffled by the metal. You can still make them out, though – he’s calling for you, begging for you to let him out, to get him out of here. He thinks you’re on his side. He doesn’t know that you are.

It quiets after ten minutes. Dean stands by your side until the basement falls silent again – he’s poised to grab you, stop you from pulling the door open and letting his brother out, even though every nerve in his body cries for him to do just that. You’re there for each other, though, and when his hand clamps around your wrist you realise that he needs you as much as you, him, if you want to get through this.

“It’s okay, Dean,” The words don’t feel like they’re your own, weighted with guilt and fear, “It’ll be okay.”

He nods stiffly, but doesn’t say a word. He’s watched his brother die; he’s died for him, but this? This is more difficult than all of it.

The two of you go upstairs for a while after that, drinking your way through your father’s liquor cabinet to try to drown out the yelling and crying beneath your feet. He’s mad. You can tell. You don’t know if he’ll ever forgive you – your sweet, kind, loving Sam, reduced to a desperate junkie.

It doesn’t even bear thinking about.


The iron is cold against your back, the chill seeping through your (Sam’s) thin shirt and prickling against your skin. Its scent coats your nostrils, smelling too much like blood for you to be anything but on high alert. Knees tucked to your chest, chin atop them, you keep your eyes so tightly closed that it aches and wish you were anywhere else.


The voice catches you unawares and you look up, hearing a small knock at the bars he must be right behind, for his voice to be so clear. You blink a few times, not answering.

“I know you’re there,” There’s pain in his voice. Pain and unshed tears that are echoed in your own eyes the moment you realise how much he’s suffering, “I heard your footsteps coming in, but not out. Dean and Bobby wouldn’t stick around this long.”

You stay quiet again, but carefully, silently get to your feet. His voice stops and for a second, you think that he’s given up, but then it comes again.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He says, his voice softer this time, “I am. Please talk to me. Don’t- don’t leave me alone in here.”

You relent, lifting up onto your tiptoes to get on eye-level with the gap in the bars and pulling the slider back. Sam’s eyes widen as he sees you and you can see the pure exhaustion in them – red-rimmed, complimented with dark circles. The glint you know and love so well is nowhere to be seen.

“Sam, I-“

“Y/N. Please.” He whispers, shaking his head as he interrupts you, “I need your help. I need you to let me out of he-“

He disappears from sight as you push the iron slider shut once more.


He’s screaming again. You got a little sleep, draped clumsily over a battered old couch, but Sam’s agonised yelling soon permeates your dream-cloak and sends chills through you that force you out of sleep’s quiet cocoon. You weren’t sleeping all that well, anyway – without Sam’s familiar warmth beside you, it’s a lot more difficult than usual.

The ceiling really needs to be painted again.

The thought catches you unaware, something worryingly mundane in amongst the sea of weirdness that your mind is currently bathing in. In fact, it’s such a stark contrast that a blast of overwhelming emotion hits you like a wave crashing into the shore and before you know it you’ve curled yourself over, hugging your knees and sobbing into the lumpy cushion.

That’s how Dean and Bobby find you the next morning, half-asleep, the wetness beneath your face stark against the pale material, curled into a trembling ball – a picture painted and then burned.

“Y/N, come on,” Somewhere in the background, Sam screams for mercy from an unknown source as Dean coaxes you up, pressing a warm mug into your hand. When he urges you to sip it, it’s so heavily spiked that you nearly throw it back up. There are tears in his own eyes when you look up at him, mirroring your own, and for a few minutes the two of you sit, trying to leech the warmth of the spiked coffee into your bones.


“You don’t have to do this,” Bobby tells you. You almost nod, thank him, and run fast and far from the iron door in front of you. But… you can’t. Because Sam, your Sam, is in there, and if there’s the smallest chance that you can help him… who are you not to take it?

“I know,” You say instead, providing a weak smile that falters and comes dangerously close to giving into tears when he pulls you into him, his hand clutching your head to his shoulder. Your father isn’t one for physical affection, but the emotion he puts into the gesture is that which he couldn’t ever hope to put into words: pride and sorrow, love and hope, dread and anger, equally matched and wrapped into a tight cocoon.

Dean gives you a look, but you force yourself to look away as you pull the door open, only just enough for you to suck in your stomach and slip through. It clangs shut, and Sam’s neck almost snaps as he cranes to look at you. Rather than relief, though, panic and distress cloud his features.

“No,” He moans, closing his eyes tightly, “Not you, too. Please, not you too.”

“Sam?” Your steps are apprehensive, quiet, “Sammy, it’s me. It’s Y/N.”

“No, it’s not,” He denies, turning his head away from him and shaking it almost frantically, “You’re in my head, just like the rest of them.”

“I’m not in your head, Sam. I’m here.” He’s strapped down to the bed – you don’t know when that happened, but you suspect that it was Dean’s doing. Maybe your father’s, too.

“They’re all in my head. It only makes sense that you are, too.”


“Get out!”


“GET OUT!” And he’s screaming again, every inch the manic junkie you’ve tried so hard to convince yourself that he isn’t. So you turn on your heel and take off, shoving your way through the door and up the stairs, out to the yard, as far away from his agonised cries as you can possibly be.


“Y/N?” His voice is soft; quiet. It’s all over. Everything you’d worked for; tried to stop him doing… it failed. And now… now, the whole world lies in peril once more. Lucifer is free. Because of Sam. Your sweet, kind Sam, who didn’t want to hunt; didn’t want to kill, who wanted to spare as many as he could. The hero.

You’re starting to think that that Sam died a couple of years ago, the first time around.

“You hate me.” He surmises from your silence. You don’t correct him. Don’t even look at him until he sighs, the sound tired and ragged and so full of guilt and despair that your heart clenches in your chest and threatens to stop beating.

“No.” You turn around, slowly, deliberately, letting the window you’d been staring out of light you from behind. Sam examines your silhouette, but doesn’t come closer than the doorway.


“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.” You swallow, arms folded over your head, “But that doesn’t mean I forgive you, Sam. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t just throw the last five years down the drain. It doesn’t mean I trust you, or ever will again.” Your voice is too quiet and even and you hear his breath catch in his throat; watch his eyes close against the barrage of emotion he knows that you’ll pick up on. You were always good at that.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.” You don’t miss a beat, don’t let him begin to make excuses, “I’m leaving.”


“I can’t do this anymore, Sam.” You run a hand through your hair, soothing the tangles. When was the last time you brushed it? Memory doesn’t serve, but the thought doesn’t last long, “I need to get out of here. Away. From this.”

“From me.”

Your nod is all the confirmation he needs, but all he does is pause, then return your nod. Like he understands. Like it makes sense to him. It probably does.

“I’m sorry.” You admit. It’s true. You hadn’t wanted it to be like this; never imagined that it would. But right now… you need to run away. Be away from him.

“Don’t be.” He tells you shortly.

But you still are. From then, while you pack your stuff, when you press the pedal down to the floor and go flying down the old, empty road, not bothering to watch the salvage yard disappear in your rear-view.

Coffee Bean

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Coffee Bean

“Nooona~” Bobby whined shaking you in bed.

You groaned rubbing your eyes and hiding underneath the comforter. Bobby was already very awake, freshly showered, dressed, and ready for the day. You on the hand, had this thing about not being awake before 5am on your day off.

Bobby chuckled seeing you bury your face in the pillow and blanket. “Yah, Noona. Come on I let you sleep for as long as I could, we need to go” he tugged your blanket away making you sit up with a huff.

“Gimmie my blanket back” you pouted sleepily.

He grinned pecking your lips. “Get dressed, we’re going to be late.”

“I don’t wanna move” you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Awww Noona…you’re so cute…” he ran his lips against your ear, trailing lower. “Don’t worry Noona…I can help you”

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Ikon when you are curled up because of cramps

Sorry for the extremely long wait anon~ i hope this is okay for you though. I may have to change the scenario you have me a little bit on some members to make them different. Again, i hope you don’t mind this hehe


He would walk in and find you curled up. He’d come over and ask you whats wrong before telling you to rest your head on him. He’d slowly rub you back until you fell asleep and would move you to the bed to be more comfortable.

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I think Bobby is the one to just smother you in love while you are having super bad cramps. He would ask you if you had any cravings and run to the shops to find them the best he could before returning to you and comforting you until you sleep on him.

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Jinhwan would automatically lie with you and cuddle you, putting on a movie to distract you from the cramps and also dimming the lighting as he noticed you were drifting. Once you had fallen asleep, the atmosphere he had created would cause him to slowly drift off also.

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“Hey babe, i got your text, how are you feeling?”

He would appear over the top of your little self created ball after you had text him you had super bad cramps. He would have come from practice to take care of you, getting you some medicine and telling you that you should get some rest and that he will be your pillow.

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Donghyuk’s remedy to your bad cramps is to sing away the pain. Though this may not actually help them cramps themselves but it would definitely distract you from the main momentarily until you slowly drifted off to sleep. It is his way of making the pain vanish.

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Would comfort you straight away and try to massage the pain away in which you would fall asleep on him because you would find it soothing. once asleep he would giggle to himself happily, knowing that he was able to help you out. 

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He would be really worried when he come home from practice, seeing you curled up on the couch whining. He would cautiously approach you and sit down patting your back and ask if he would get you anything. He would try and help as much as he could.

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Reaction: Cheering you up


*seriously comforting you, bringing you into a much better mood*

2 seconds later…

“I know what can also make your day a little better babe” :)))

Bobby would wrap his arms around you and tell you encouraging words in a perfect mix with some jokes to lighten the atmosphere and put a smile on your face. He doesn’t like seeing you in a bad mood and he sure knows what to say, so that you feel instantly better. Maybe even good enough for a little make out session on the couch


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“just sit down, i’ll do the rest”

This sweetheart would tell you to take a hot bath and just rest because he is about to cook some of your favorite food. Jinhwan would give you all his attention and time, snuggling up beside you, before giving you some of the ice-cream he had specially bought for you earlier. If you wanna talk, he has a ear to listen to and would definitely make you feel better with some words. If you don’t, then he’d accept that and instead talk about positive things that’d make you happy.


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“It’s time to play some video games together”

Chanwoo would take out his special weapon. This calls out for a d-d-d-d-duel aka the game on his phone or on the xbox. He would let you take out all your frustration out on you with the game and even if it’s just to playing, it would be comforting because you’re just spending time together and he is letting you win for once. Afterwards you’d eat some chocolate and just cuddle on the couch watching a movie.


*embarrassed af because he just tried to say something cheesy to cheer you up but failed big time*

Junhoe would try to do the cheesiest things, like giving you a rose or saying things that are so unlike him (”your eyes.. look my favorite chocolate”). At some point you would totally forget about your bad day and laugh and punch him and kiss him for being such a loser. He tried and yes he failed at being the cheesy perfect boyfriend a lot of girls want to have but he definitely put a smile on your face, forgetting all about the bad day.

- moyo

Bus Ride

Anon Asked: Ikon reaction when you are in the bus with them and fall asleep ?

Please note that the gifs show below don’t belong me.


Jinhwan we just smile and watch you sleep.Not in a creepy way but because you look so cute!

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Yunhyeong would probably take a picture of you sleeping and then show you later because you look so cute and peaceful. I can also seem him taking off his jacket if it’s cold on the bus to put it around you because he wants you to be comfortable.

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He would giggle and watch you sleep also not in a creepy way.  Bobby would probably put his arm around you so that you can be more comfortable and keep you warm. I can see him resting his head on top of yours while you sleep so he can get some rest as well.

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He would hold your hand while you sleep. He would like Bobby rest his head on top of yours. I can also see him stroking your hair and making sure that you’re comfortable.

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Donghyuk like Yunhyeong would be a gentleman. He’d take off his jacket and put it around you so that you stay warm while you’re sleeping. I’d smile and hold your hand. While Donghyuk is holding your hand I can see him kissing your hand and fixing your hair while you sleep.

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Junhoe, would put his arm around you and kind of cuddle you while you sat next to him. If you start moving or if the bus makes a sudden stop and it woke you up I can see him giving the bus driver a resting bitch face. Like “Really bitch?” And then he’ll try his best to put you back to sleep.

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Chanwoo would just put his arm around your shoulder and watch you with a giant smile on his face. He couldn’t help but smile because you looked so peaceful.

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Bobby hadn’t expected Nancy to come knocking on his hotel room door at such an hour, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed Nancy’s quiet company, and if she needed comforting Bobby wouldn’t mind either. “What’s wrong, honey?” he asked her gently, his voice sincere. A nagging thought at the back of his mind was telling him to ‘comfort’ her in a way that went beyond words.