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How would ikon react when their s/o has horrible cramps. Like their s/o is on the verge of crying because of how bad their cramps are.

[Answering for Bobby, Hanbin (B.I), and Donghyuk]

Bobby: He’d be flustered at first, not knowing what to do, outwardly seeming like he’s kind of freaked and maybe even repulsed out by the whole situation. However, on the inside, his concern would definitely top his confusion and lack of knowledge, so it’d come down to Bobby ultimately google searching something like “how to ease period cramps” (and then have it show up as an autofill suggestion later, causing him to be super embarrassed). He’d then immediately go out to buy chocolates, other comfort food, a heating pad, and whatever else he thinks/reads will ease your cramps. For the rest of the week, he’d hover around you protectively, constantly asking you if you need anything.

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Hanbin (B.I): His reaction would be something atone to Bobby’s, but he’d be even more clueless - so much so that he’d ask if you were just joking around when he first sees you in pain because of your cramps. When he realizes that you most definitely aren’t, he’ll be both embarrassed and a bit panicked. He’d send a text to the other members asking what he should do (and get a variety of different laughing emojis back) and, realizing that most of them aren’t going to seriously be of any help, will text a more knowledgeable friend for advice. Hanbin would then proceed to do whatever his friend tells him to, making sure to stay by your side until you feel more comfortable. Next month, he’d warily watch you for any signs of bad cramps and, if he sees one, will rush out the first chance he gets to procure stuff to help with your cramps so that last month’s scenario wouldn’t repeat itself.

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Donghyuk - Since he has a sister, he’d be more knowledgeable about just how bad cramps can be, and would be up on his feet the moment he sees you in pain because of your cramps. You wouldn’t even have to mention anything or ask him to do something for you - Donghyuk would already know to do it; he’d buy you things to help ease your pain, run errands for you, and spend all the time that you two are together attending to your every need. Apart from all these things, he’d be content just spending all day inside with you, watching a movie or relaxing in general so that you don’t push yourself in ways that might make your cramps worse. He’d also make a bunch of funny faces (as exhibited below) or crack really cheesy jokes to make you feel better or just to see you smiling again.

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Lazarus Rising

Dean x Reader

3350 Words

Story Summary: This is for @jayankles and her birthday challenge. Happy early birthday!! I picked the episode 4x01 Lazarus Rising to rewrite. 

Warnings: Mentions attempted to suicide, and suicidal thoughts. Nothing too descriptive.

It’s been four months since Dean has been gone, and you still can’t sleep an entire night without the visions of him being ripped to shreds had you sitting up in your bed, sweat beading on your forehead. You couldn’t close your eyes without hearing the horrific screams as the hellhound dug into his skin, while you stood by, unable to help him as his life slowly faded away.

Sam had faded away from your life, immersing himself in hunting, leaving you floating, never really knowing what to do. Alcohol became your best friend, and you often had a bottle beside your bed, not that you slept much to begin with. Life had no meaning for you anymore, and neither did hunting. Nothing mattered except for the fact that Dean was gone, and you were all alone once again.

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Remember that time when Warren just so happened to walk in on Bobby calling his boyfriend in tears because he hadn’t heard from him in weeks? I do :’)

Secret Communication

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Two years and a cheating scandal later you were still officially Bobby’s girlfriend. It took a lot out of you, physically and emotionally. You were afraid to forgive and get hurt once more in the future but also afraid to let go of the man you love forever. That is why you ultimately decided to give him another chance.

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I kinda want one of those hidden camera things they do where something is happening - bullying, harassment, etc. - to see who responds.

But pulled on ikon cause i just wanna see how they take that sht down.

Hold Onto Me

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Pairing: Kyle O'Reilly x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^

Warnings: fluffy smut, comfort, Bobby losing his damn mind, swearing, the reader getting injured

Rating: Explicit

A/N: My love for Kyle is seriously never ending and I feel like he needs SO much more attention and love. Also, me and @thedeboniardevistation were talking about this for like a day straight. Also, I know Kyle is gone from ROH right now (I almost cried when I heard that 😢) but let a girl dream. This is…so…so…so long.

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You thought you would hate being a valet. But when you are a valet to ReDRagon, it’s a little different. At first both Kyle and Bobby were rather hesitant to take on a valet but after some convincing from Nigel, they said okay. As you were growing to become the face of Women of Honor, Nigel wanted you to come onto Ring of Honor tv regularly to not only promote yourself, but also the small off shoot. So the first day up on the main roster was calm, just you coming out with them and hang out while they cut a promo. It made you smile how most of the fans started to cheer for you when you came out. At the time, ReDRagon was in a feud with the Kingdom over the Ring of Honor tag titles. So, as valet, it was naturally your job to distract all them.

It was just a random taping of Ring of Honor, ReDRagon vs the Kingdom.

You leaned over the makeup table, getting closer to the mirror with light bulbs all around the side. With a little adjustment of your shirt, your chest was on full display. You leaned back, tugging your shirt down. The shirt was the classic ReDRagon shirt, cut into a tank top, shortened so it was a crop top, and cut so low that your bra almost showed. Your bra was an insane push up bra, adding two cups despite not really needing the help. Your outfit was topped off with the tightest jeans you have and a pair of heels.

“You…you look very distracting,” said a voice behind you. Your eyes flick up to look at Bobby Fish reflected in the mirror. With a little smile, you turned around to look at him. Bobby had his jacket on, the gold ROH tag title around his waist, his mouth guard tucked behind his ear like a pencil. A few feet back, was Kyle. He wasn’t looking at you, instead he was looking down at his belt, rubbing at the already gleaming gold with a cleaning rag over and over again.

You watched him for a bit, trying to will him to look at you. He never did. Watching him made you feel rather hopeless. You have had feelings for him for a rather long time, ever since you “joined” ReDRagon. His smile made you smile. His stupid little jokes made you laugh, hard. Sometimes, he would kiss your forehead, and your heart would stop. Not only was he the cutest nerd ever, his body was perfect. The way his pre-match jacket clung to every lump and bump of his body just made you weak. His angry face was so…so sexy. Despite your feelings for him, you just couldn’t bring yourself to talk to him about them. It would be too painful of a rejection.

“You okay y/n?” Bobby asks, touching your elbow gently. You shook your head, looking away from Kyle. Bobby smiled slightly at you. “Ready to go?” You nod, your eyes drifting back to Kyle. He looked up, but only looked at Bobby.

“Yeah,” Kyle said, standing up, snapping his belt around his waist. Bobby lightly wrapped his arm around your waist. Kyle’s eyes whipped down to Bobby’s hand clutching your hips, then he walks away. Well, more like stomps away. Bobby holds you a little tighter. You shake off Bobby’s hand, walking ahead of him. Kyle’s reaction wasn’t sitting well with you. You hated when Kyle looked at you like that.

Finally, you and Bobby made it to gorilla. Kyle was already bouncing up and down, shadow boxing. He looked pissed. Bobby glared at Kyle, but Kyle never looked over at you two. A stage hand signaled that you guys were up in one minute. With a little groan, you walked up to the small set of steps that leads to the entrance platform, putting your heeled foot on the top step. Their music hit and you three headed out.

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Let’s Play With Fire~4

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Part 3

Your music began to play throughout the arena, you can hear the crowd cheering. 

“ Yeh forgettin’ us” you turn to look over your shoulder seeing the British Strong Style boys running up to you. But what surprised you was they were wearing your merch, the blue logo on the front that had your name with a mini you in cartoon with your signature pose. 

“ I’m digging the shirt on you three” they send you smiles before you turned around heading out through the curtain. 

“ Making her way to the ring accompany by Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate, from Chicago, Illinois.  Weighting at 135 lb, she is the Silver Fox, Y/N!”

 you made your way down the ring, tapping a few hands on the way before sliding into the ring on your knees looking up at Taynara, your opponent for tonight. She was waiting in the corner looking bored out of her mind. Adam, Bobby and Kyle stood near the ring, watching you. You threw them a smirk before standing up, blowing them a kiss their way. 

“ focus on her!” Pete yelled to you. You nod eyeing her, she rolls her eyes before the bell rings. She takes a bow as a respect to the Judo, you curtsey for her making the crowd laugh. 

Taynara runs to you locking up. She shoves you away hitting a judo take down ( balancing an opponent and then bringing them down) rolling you up for the pin. You kick out, how dare she? She steps back, starts talking about how horrible of a wrestler you are. Bobby and Kyle clap on the outside, with Adam smirking as he watches. 

“ Don’t let her get t’ yeh!” Trent yells to you. Tyler and Pete slam their hands on the apron. You glare up at her. Taynara walks over to you, poking you in the head. You shove her, then as she comes again, you slap her rolling her up for a cover. 

She kicks out and your grab onto her hair throwing her in the corner. Taynara gets up and turns things over putting you in the corner but you push her away, and a boot to her face. You go for her arm, she resits but you roll her up for a pin. Taynara kicks out, you go back to her arm. 

She kicks out again as you roll her up, she reverses and once you get up, she heel kicks you. She climbs on top of you screaming, holding onto your head as she slams it into the mat. The ref gets her off, you kick her down and cover her for a two count. 

The men on the outside clap, cheering both of the women in the ring on. The fans go along with them. Taynara stands on her feet, giving you a forearm and a knee. 

She takes advantage of your arm and then throws you over her head.
She covers you for a two count, she gets you up and clotheslines you before covering you again. You kick out of two. 

Taynara grabs onto you bringing you on the ropes, beginning to choke you with them. You cough and slip away from the ropes, catching your breath. But as you turn, Taynara is there ready to give a kick. She drags you into the ring, slipping in after you. 

 Taynara gives you a knee to the ribs, then picks you up and throws you over her head again. She pins but you kick out, she growls looking at Adam, Kyle and Bobby. They cheer her on telling her she’s got this. She lets go get up, before she runs but you are ready, swinging her into a neck breaker, followed by a powerslam.

 Taynara gets up and you set her for your finisher, Light’s Out ( just like AJ’s Styles finisher). You pick up the win over her, the ref raises your hand as you hold onto your neck panting. You feel another pair of arms around you, one one side Pete and on the other was Tyler, clapping his hands. 

Pete raises your hand once more, Trent is clapping behind you. But your eyes catch Bobby comforting Taynara, as he helps her on the ramp. Taynara notices that your watches, what she does doesn’t only surprise you but surprises Bobby. She cups his face with both her hands, before pulling his face close to her and laying a sloppy kiss on him. 

You can’t help it but look on and it breaks your heart inside, you don’t show it but the three men in the ring pull you away. You come face to face with Trent, “ Don’t watch that. Yeh better than that.”

You nod, slipping out the ring with them behind you heading backstage. You couldn’t wait to shower and spend time with your daughter. After telling the boys you’ll see them later, you headed to the locker room where you saw Ruby holding Iris in her arms.

“ What happened to Aliester?” you ask. She looks up, seeing you. 

“ Look who’s back, it’s mama” Ruby cooed to Iris who was gurgling. You smile down at her, she was the cutest. “ He said something about talking to Regal about something” you nod, walking over to her. Leaning down, you kiss on top of Iris’s small head. 

“ Did you watch my match?” Ruby nods.

“She got what she deserved, you were badass” 

“ Ruby!” you shout motioning to Iris. Ruby mumbles a sorry before her nose twitches in disgust, “ go shower stinky” she says. You roll your eyes but grab some stuff before heading to the bathroom. After you were done, you headed out and thanked Ruby for watching her before parting ways. Thank god, you put a car seat in the back for Iris. As you were heading down to the parking lot, you stopped in your tracks seeing Bobby leaning on the car. What did he want now? You sigh walking over to him holding Iris in your arms.

“ Can I help you Fish?” you ask him. He rose his head meeting your gaze then it falls onto Iris, he smiles seeing her. She was in a little hat, a coat and pants with little converse on her feet. 

“ I was wondering if I could catch you before you left” He said. 

“ For what reason?” you ask, adjusting Iris in your arms. 

“ I wanted to see you and Iris” 

“ Well you saw her and me, now leave” He shook his head getting off the car as he took a step back. You took one step back not wanting to get any closer to you or Iris. 

“ Please Y/N, you have to let me into her life. Don’t you want her to have a father in her life?” 

“ I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want her to do. She has Aliester, her god father. Trent, Pete and Tyler. There are plenty more she can look up to. But not you, I will not let her know you”

“ Why? Because I broke your heart?” you nod. 

“ That’s ridiculous and you know it, just because I hurt you doesn’t mean I won’t hurt her” 

“ I don’t trust you Bobby” He sighs. 

“ What can I do to get you to trust me?” 

“ I don’t want you to be back in my life” you ignored his question. Iris has fallen asleep on your shoulder, you were trying to be quite but Bobby looked like he wasn’t having it. 

“ The past is the past Y/N, it’s not like you cheated on me..” you scoffed. 

“ I never cheated on you. I loved you with all my heart, you were my best friend and my boyfriend. I wanted us to have a future. But instead you ran off with her. What did she have that I didn’t?” 

“ I don’t know” He says, hanging his head feeling like he was losing. He already lost you, and there was no way he was getting close to Iris. 

“ You should leave” you heard a voice behind you. You could see the shining of the lip ring, it was Aliester. Bobby glared at him, then looked at you then looked back at him.

“ I’m leaving, but I will be back” He points to you. “ I am not giving up on her” He points to Iris in your arms. 

“ Go to hell Bobby” you spat to him. He chuckles slipping past you before he does, he lays a kiss on your cheek which you try to get away from. Before he leaves again, “ Nice match tonight. Although this isn’t over, far from it. The Undisputed Era is just getting started Y/N” then he leaves leaving you with Alister. 

“ You should of called me and I would of come and knock his teeth down his throat right away”

“ Thanks, but I go it” Alister throws you a look like he doesn’t believe you before taking Iris from you as he puts her in the car seat. He was going to be driving with you to the hotel, you had a long night. 

You were also rooming with him, he didn’t mind. He loved helping you with Iris and he loved spending time with you. 

On the way to the hotel, you two talked about your match. He mentions the look on your face when you watch her kiss Bobby.

“ I don’t feel anything for him anymore” you say looking out the window. He glances over to you then back to the road. “ Keep telling yourself that Y/N but I saw the look you had tonight, you were jealous.” 

“ Jealous? Of her? No, not even. The only thing is so great about her is that she’s a Black Belt. That’s it. She’s might be a pretty face but I’m the fox. I’ll paint the walls with her face before she utters a word about me” 

“ Woah Y/N, heel” Alister jokes. You roll your eyes but hold a smile on your face. “ Tonight was just a test, I feel like there is something coming” 

“ You feel what Bobby said may be something to deal with that?” you nod. “ I know him and Kyle like the back of my hand. Knowing Adam too, he has always a plan” 

“ You have nothing to worry about”

“ I hope not” you glance back at the sleeping Iris, kissing your fingers before placing it on the skin that was showing on her leg.

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 24: The Devil’s in the Details

Sam Winchester x Reader

2100 Words

Chapter Summary: In the city of Detroit, Sam says his goodbyes before going after Lucifer.

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Detroit. It was a city you had never been to, and never really had thought about visiting. It housed some history, but now with the appending apocalypse it just seemed dark, dirty and sad. As Dean drove through the streets, you saw broken window after broken window, young kids huddling under street lamps, and thugs selling drugs on the corners.

Dean pulled to a stop in an alley way, and you stayed inside the Impala, afraid to get out of the car. You were scared for more than one reason. You knew there were probably threats out there, like gangsters, and those down on their luck, but it was also the thought that this was it. You were here, and now Sam was going to say yes to Lucifer, and you would never see him again. The moment you stepped out of this car, your life would change, and you weren’t ready for it. You might have lived thousands of years, but this moment scared you more than anything else you had ever seen or done.

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Bobby,Junhwe and Donghyuk's reaction when you mix up your languages out of exhaustion?? I.e when you speak in korean but end up using a chinese phrase or two in the sentence..

Bobby: Though he’d be surprised at first and say something along the lines of “Wait, what?”, he’d quickly come around and realize that what you said was, in fact, not in Korean. After he does so, he’ll get really excited and ask you if you can speak some more phrases in your other language, even though he won’t understand a thing you’re saying. He might even ask you to teach him some phrases, and will continually tease you about “the time you accidentally started speaking to him in another language mid-sentence”.

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Junhoe: He won’t realize that you’re speaking in another language, at first, and try to interpret your phrase as being in Korean, which may lead to an odd/misleading situation. After you clear things up by telling him that you had accidentally spoken in another language, he’ll try to laugh off his own foolishness by trying to change the subject to why you would do such a thing in the first place. Once he realizes that you did it out of exhaustion, he’ll express a bit of concern, and, if he knows a phrase or two in your language related to sleep, he’ll say those as he rushes you back to your room so that you two can take a nap.

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Donghyuk: He’d just stare at you for a few moments, trying to figure out what the heck you just said. It would then dawn on him that you had just spoken to him in a different language, and he’d be both amused and confused. If he has a basic understanding of the language you accidentally spoke to him in, he’ll respond with some words from that language, before laughing and asking if you messed up your languages because you’re tired. Once you admit that that is indeed the case, he’ll sigh and tell you to get some more rest, using aegyo to convince you to let him treat you on a date or take you somewhere else where you can relax.

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In My Time of Dying- Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,196

Warnings: Typical Supernatural violence, angst, language, blood, you know the usual, panic attacks

Author’s Note: Out of Season 2, this is one of my favorites to write. This is angsty as hell but it’s worth it. I would love to hear what you think about it. Anything you thought would be really appreciated.

I do not own anything from Supernatural. All credit goes to their respective owners. Please, if you want to be tagged for this series, let me know and I’ll add you! If you want to be tagged for my other fics, I’ll add you! I want to hear what you guys think about this. If you want something requested, send it in!

Feedback is always appreciated

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