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Trevelyn Bloo | 6 years old | Isolation, Abandoned, Hallucinations, Depression, Anxiety | Face claim: Bobby Coleman | OPEN

He’s an old soul; he’s figured it out.

Trevelyn Bloo never had a normal life. Being put up for adoption at the tender age of one, he was then put in foster care, and was constantly moved from house to house. Trevelyn never learned how to be part of a family, and several doctors think that his deprived childhood and loss of family love is the reason he became isolated. Because of his isolated and anxious personality, every family who have tried to adopt him, always send him back to the foster home, abandoning him further. The little boy quickly decided he was a Martian, a being from another planet, and since he didn’t understand humans, he quickly became a hermit, avoiding them all together. At the foster home, Trevelyn avoided talking to the other kids and instead, spent all day in a box with a polaroid camera, taking pictures of the Earth, and learning how to be a “human.” When an administrator from the foster home found Trevelyn on the edge of the roof, waiting for the Martians to come and get them in their spaceship, she quickly decided the little boy wasn’t fit to stay in foster care. He, and his cardboard box, were taken to St. Britten’s that same night.

Now at St. Britten’s, Trevelyn still believes he is a martian child. He finds comfort in his box and polaroid camera, and is usually in the facilities garden, taking pictures of animals, insects and people. He is slowly warming up to a few of the other patients, but remains in his box for most of the day.