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FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 6]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, family, angst, possibly make you cry, ft. Mafia!Bobby

WORDS: 1921

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A/N: Rewritten as of 8th Sept ‘16.

“Y/N would you like anything?”

“No thanks.”

“Can I get you something to drink? Maybe some tea?”

“Really Eunmi, I’m fine.”

“Maybe something to eat?”

“I’m good,” you said quietly, curling up tighter into a ball. The girl in front of you frowned. “Come on Y/N, you need to eat something. Soonyoung will kill me if we don’t take care of you right.”

“I just don’t want to burden you guys.”

“You’re not–”

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anonymous asked:

why do vegans not consume dairy?

because we don’t want the moo moos to be separated from the baby moos because they get sad and cry and then the mummy moos have to keep being raped and they’re saddies :(

“Cow’s milk is designed to grow an 85 pound calf into a 600-1000 pound cow, not for human consumption.

In terms of the ethical aspect, I’ve answered numerous questions on this, so here’s a compilation of answers.

Cows needing to be milked is a common misconception.

Like humans, cows only produce milk following pregnancy. The only reason they ‘need to be milked’ is because they have their offspring taken from them at birth. 

To make them continually produce milk, cows are artificially inseminated which is cruel and unnatural. Without this, cows would not produce more milk and thus be worthless to the dairy industry.

Also, once they stop producing milk, cows are transferred to the meat industry and slaughtered.

(links are for Australia, other countries have similar if not worse practices)

·   general information on the meat, milk and leather industries:

·   the true face of milk:

·   animals australia:

·   milk sucks campaign (focuses more on the unnaturalness of milk):

·   here’s a company which actually performs artificial insemination on cows in australia: ” ~ extract from my vegan faq (