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Bobby Munson - No Deal


Bobby asks to marry you, but you freak out because you don’t want a wedding.

You had been in the kitchen cooking some nice Southern comfort food for you and Bobby. That is to say up until your little freak out you had when he popped the question of marriage. You were always one who didn’t want a wedding, and Bobby had been with you long enough to know that it was a touchy subject.

So much so that he had to figure out a way to calm you down before you went into full blown panic attack.

That’s how you found yourself laid back on the kitchen table with Bobby’s head stuffed between your legs.

You were crying out and whining feeling his tongue lapping over you. You had completely forgotten your near anxiety attack at this point and instead focused your attention to gripping his hair with your fingers.

You came quickly all the pent up emotions coming out with your orgasm. You swore to God Bobby was the best at oral. Sighing deeply and trying to regain your composure you heard him chuckling. Glancing down you raised a brow trying to figure out what was so funny.

“Maybe I should bring up weddings more often if I get to do this everytime.”

anonymous asked:

Would any of the love interests be "insecure" -- for the lack of a better word -- when dealing with Bobby? I mean they know it's an irrational thing, since MC and them are pretty much not on the best of terms (or indifferent at best) but lowkey bothered? I'm not sure how to best explain it myself but I hope you get what I'm asking

Hm, good question. I think when Bobby and the vampires finally meet is something quite a few people are looking forward to :D

I think there might be a slight uncertainty for some of the vampires- not that some of them would let it show…

If the MC and Bobby are old flames or old friends, then there’s a history there that the RO just doesn’t have with the MC yet- and that could make them a bit unsure about the situation.

Probably a lot less so if Bobby is only an annoying journalist to the MC, lol.

Thank you so much for the question :)