iKON React to Their Girl/friend Speaking a Lot of Languages

Request: How would exo and ikon react to their friend/girlfriend first language being English but she taught herself how to speak Portuguese, French, Korean and a little bit of Irish and she wants to learn more languages. Thank you 

Jinhwan: ‘Ah Jagi, can you say that again?’

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I feel like Jinhwan would really love hearing you speak all your languages. He’d support you when you want to learn more, and will try to be of service. He’ll just listen to you speak to yourself in French, Portuguese and Gaelic(?). 

Yun Hyeong: *When he hears you speak French for the first time* ‘That sounds really weird, are you an alien?’

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Ah, little Yunnie, I feel like he would react normally with your Korean and English. When you’re on the phone with your French friend, he might try to eavesdrop and all he hears is gibberish.

 Bobby: ‘What is this?’

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You and Bobby would usually talk in Korean anyway, and occasionally in English. Like Yunhyeong, I feel like he would try and eavesdrop on your conversation but hearing your Portuguese would freak him out.

Hanbin: *Loves it*

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Not saying that anyone else wouldn’t like hearing you speak another language, but I feel like B.I would love hearing you speak. He’ll always listen to you speak another language, as well as appreciate that an English teen/young adult would take the time to learn Korean.

Donghyuk: #superimpressed

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When he first met you, Donghyuk-kie would probably have expected you to be English based off your accent in Korean.  The last thing he thought was that you knew more, and hoping to know even more languages. He’ll enjoy listening to you, especially when you jump around the house singing to French or Portuguese songs.

Junhoe: ‘Shoot.’

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My sassy-vocalist over here would both really love hearing you speak the language, and be a little jealous. You sound amazing, but at the same time he really wishes he had the skill.

Chanwoo: Giggling as you tell jokes in Korean.

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Like Hanbin and Donghyuk, he’ll just love hearing you speak it and be amazed at how well you speak in a small period of time. Also would probably want you to teach him some words.

[TRANS] 160211 Ryu Jun Yeol interview - Ilgan Sports

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R88’s Ryu Junyeol “‘Madam Cheetah’ Ra Mi Ran, next time to meet as lovers”

Actor Ryu Junyeol (30) who partnered as Mom-and-Son with ‘Madam Cheetah’ Ra Mi Ran, hinted a special affection.

Ryu Jun Yeol, in an interview with Ilgan Sports on the noon of February 11, has said about his on-screen Mom, Ra Mi Ran, “my mom is the best mom among the Ssangmundong moms. Madam Cheetah is the best,” while he raised up his thumb as praise.

Today, Ryu Junyeol said, “She was a senior who was determined all throughout the ‘Reply 1988’ series. She also told me many good advices.” He added, “I want to meet her again through another project. I think it will be funny if I meet her as Mom. I think we can also meet as lovers,” while smiling very brightly.


“‘Battle with Bobby on ‘Introduce My Ugly Friend 2’? He is cooler than me”

Ryu Junyeol conveyed about his feelings about appearing on MBC ‘Infinity Challenge - MotChinSo Festival 2 (Introduce My Ugly Friend). “It was fascinating and I feel proud.”

Ryu Junyeol said, “I watched MotChinSo Season 1, but it was fun to have appeared on Season 2. I am thankful that the popular program talked about me and even wanted to see me. If there is an opportunity, I really do want to meet ‘Infinity Challenge’ members.”

About the appearance battle with Ikon’s Bobby, Ryu Junyeol explained “Win or lose, it is just for laughs. To be honest, Bobby is cooler than me. I saw Bobby doing rap on stage and have always thought that Bobby is very cool. He is a cool guy.”

Through ‘Reply 1988’, Ryu Junyeol who gained endearment as ‘EoNamRyu’ (The husband is Ryu Jun Yeol anyways) also gained his own enthusiastic fandom. He is the one who captivates the small screen through his ‘Tsundere Man’ charm, and will step on his first step on real variety show through TvN’s “Youth Over Flowers in Africa’, their Namibia trip, that will air  on Feb 19th.

iKon: You never get jealous

Request: Aish! Why are you so good and so fast! Don’t kill me like this! Anyway, here’s an embarrassing one! This is my first ask ever so I am sorry if it is weird >.< How would iKON react if they realized you didn’t get jealous at all? Who would start getting insecure? For example, they’re filming something with a girl and after you say  "She’s so pretty!“ without caring. Oh, and you’re dating. I hope you understand! Thank you!! I love you soooo much! Seriously. Do you want to get married? ~anon

B.I: Hanbin would be slightly bewildered at first, because he would not have expected that. He would find it slightly weird that you didn’t care at all and would be quite sceptical about it. He would still look at you a little worried whenever he had to be close to a girl, for example during a photo shoot, but you would always not look concerned at all, which would help him focus on the shoot completely. He’d ask if there was really nothing that would make you jealous.

Bobby: I feel like Bobby would make it his personal challenge to make you jealous. He would obviously not go too far but he would often say positive things about other women and would watch you closely to see some kind of reaction. He wouldn’t exactly be subtle about it, so you would quickly realize what he was trying to do. When you asked him about it, he would think he succeeded in making you jealous, which would make him proud of himself.

Jinhwan: Jinhwan would be releived to hear that you weren’t jealous, but opposite to Bobby, he wouldn’t try pushing his luck. Deep down he would still feel like he could make something to make you jealous and he would not want to go there, especially because that would mean he had gone too far. He would still often ask if it was okay with you that he was suppossed to act like a couple with somebody else for a video and would feel insecure at times.

Yunhyeong: Yunhyeong would be really happy about this, actually. He would like that he didn’t have to worry about you making a big deal out of him filming with other women or similar occassions. He would think that jealousy would just be in the way of your relationship and would make you guys fight for no reason. He would love that you were so chill about it. He would be happy that you didn’t mind him shooting with other women, which would make him more relaxed.

Junhoe: Junhoe wouldn’t beleive it, he would think you were just acting like you didn’t care. When he came to the realization that you really weren’t jealous, he would feel slightly insecure, since he thought it was obvious to be jealous of whoever he was shooting with at the moment. I see Junhoe as the type to like it when his girlfriend got jealous over him, because he could tease her for it and it would also boost his ego a lot. He wouldn’t really like it that much.

Donghyuk: Even though Donghyuk would try being happy about it, he would probably end up wishing you got jealous sometimes. You not being jealous would make him feel very insecure at times. He would feel like it’s a part of a relationship to be protective of the partner and be jealous. He would be the most insecure out of the members. Even though he would not like it when his girlfriend was possessive, he would want her to feel slightly jealous at times.

Chanwoo: Chanwoo might think you were just acting like you weren’t jealous at first, so when you said something like “She’s really pretty” about an actress in iKon’s music video, he would think at first that you wanted to test him if he would agree or say something like “Not half as pretty as you”, when he noticed that wasn’t the case, he would think you were being sarcastic. If that also turned out to be wrong, he would just accept it and not see it as a big deal.