bobbin's art

Welcome to QuiltFest Jacksonville! I’ll open with my own “Bobbin, the Bold” which won Second Place in the challenge category. Though this isn’t the best picture of it, I’m so happy to have gotten it into the show with all of the challenges Hurricane Irma brought.

Thanks to Irma, 50 quilts didn’t make it into the show (including my miniature of Moonswept), but I was so happy to see the challenge category so well represented.

Usually the challenge category has a few really well done quilts, and a lot of craft projects, but the level of craftsmanship this year really raised the bar. It was obvious that everyone really had fun with this challenge.

Photo taken at QuiltFest Jacksonville, 2017.

I got quite a bit of “Bobbin, the Bold” stippled this afternoon. It’s definitely bringing out the text. I wish I’d had more time, though, since today is my only day off work for the next two weeks. Retail during Back to School is worse than Christmas.

On a happier note, my quilt arrived in Houston this afternoon. I am breathing a lot easier knowing it made it!

“Bobbin, the Bold” with its finished binding!

I still have a few things to add (the challenge rules state that an element had to extend off the edge, and I finally think I know how I’ll do that), in addition to the sleeve and label, of course. Still, I’m feeling a lot better about my chances of getting it turned in on time this Saturday.


Free motion quilting doesn’t have to be about beautiful swirls and feathers (Good thing, really, as I’m not so good at feathers). Using more simple stitches to support your main motif makes sure the stitching doesn’t steal the show when you don’t want it too.

The wood training on the door behind “Bobbin” was just a series of slightly wavy lines. For the hat I wanted a few stars, but I drew them into angled echo lines to support the shape of the hat.

The robe is even easier, just vertical lines to suggest the drape of the fabric.

I’ll need to add some supporting stitching to Bobbin’s face, but that’ll need to look like fur.


After another day of marathon stippling, I’ve finished the background of “Bobbin, the Bold.”

Though I didn’t want to quilt it this densely, I’m pleased with how it made the illuminated letters stand out.

There’s still more to do, of course. I need to finish the details on Bobbin. And I think I’ll need to do some support stitching on the stones under Bobbin’s feet. Such a large, unquilted area is making a puffy, distorted shelf. That should be easy to fix, and I think I’ll make my deadline.


“Bobbin, the Bold” with all three layers (background, raw edge applique pieces and monoprinted organza) assembled and fused together.

My quilt top for the QuiltFest Jacksonville Challenge is finished and ready to be sandwiched. Before I do that, I’ll need to decide exactly how I’m going to finish the edges and how I’m going to quilt it.

I have never had the luxury of this much time before a deadline, so I’m going to use it well and sketch out my quilting designs before committing to them.

In the mean time, my quilt top is safely tucked away while I return to working on “Vincent.”


I don’t usually have this much bling on my quilts, but “Bobbin, the Bold” is going to practically glow in the dark by the time I’m done.

Gold paint, metallic threads, and lots of crystals should complete my fairy tale illuminated manuscript.

I have to say though, working with metallic threads can be a pain. Even good ones shred occasionally, especially when you’ve been sewing for more than 8 hours and your needle is getting dull.

Still, I managed to stitch around all of my corner filligrees, scrolls and tool appliques before the thread gave up.