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Friar is constantly trying to snuggle with Juliet and it’s adorable and hilarious and a little sad because he can’t sit still long enough and she eventually gets irritated and gives him a warning growl which scares the crap out of him every single time.

“i must to sit with my sister and Best Friend because i, a Friar Boy, am a brave and a good.”

“i do not come too close but i must to touch your Butt with my Butt. i think u will find that it is a good Butt that does good things, and is very Warme for your warmings.”

“please do not be Alarm. i have simply turning around so that u can see that i, a good and wholesome and True Friar Boy, have a kind face. and perhaps also, a Good licks?”

“oh. perhaps not.”


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April/May 2015

Track list:

1. Jamie xx - I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) Feat. Young Thug & Popcaan

2. Bobby Raps & Corbin - Frozen Tundra

3. Belly - Might Not Feat. The Weeknd

4. Tory Lanez - In For It

5. Danny Seth - Never Forget Feat. Jimmy Johnson

6. Kehlani & Ambré - Preach (Drake Cover)

7. Post Malone - Whats Up Feat. 1st

8. Allan Kingdom - Keep It Easy

9. Lil Uzi Vert - Horse

10. Lolawolf - Bitch

11. MØ - Say You’ll Be There (Spice Girls Cover)

12. Dolphin Tears - Drip

13. Baby E. - Finnesin

14. Bridge - Roll My Weed Feat. ScHoolboy Q

15. Lil Shadow - Blowin My Smokey

16. Samaria - Better Off Alone

17. Sofi de la Torre - Give Up At 2

18. Astronauts, etc. - No Justice

19. Flume - Some Minds Feat. Andrew Wyatt

20. Roy Wood$ - All Of You

21. Audio Push - Heavy Feat. OG Maco

22. Dowrong & Eric Dingus - Houston Feat. Nicole Ariana

23. Kehlani - Runnin’

24. Cashmere Cat - Adore Feat. Ariana Grande

25. Blink-182 - Feelin’ This (Hemsworth Sees Aliens Too Version)

If u trying to beat the Juneeee glooooom … simply #Listen2this *Kanye West bday edition* compilation… rinse & REPEAT 🌷🌷🌷

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All Because of One Kiss

Genre: smut

Group/Member: iKON/Bobby

Warning: Sexual 

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Note: This is my attempt at smut so I apologize in advance if it is bad.

summary: a group of friends playing a game that is a mixture of spin the bottle & truth or dare. a player can choose two people that they want to kiss, but if those two people back out there will be a bad consequence. if the two people do agree to kiss, they have passed that round. 

Hanbin was smirking as he was looking around. Tonight was game night, which was when all of your friends and all of Bobby’s friends gathered up to have a great time. 

On this night specifically, they had chosen to play a game that Hanbin had made up at Bobby’s house. It was a “mixture of spin the bottle and truth or dare”, as he explained. 

You glanced over at Bobby. He seemed eager to see who Hanbin was going to pick for this round. It made you very anxious since you and Bobby have been close friends since grade school. You did not want him to kiss any other girl in your friend group. Even though you never admitted it, you had always had a crush on Bobby. He was a really attractive guy with a amazing personality, what could you expect? 

Hanbin smirked as his eyes landed on you. 

“Y/n, I want you to kiss Bobby for one minute.“ 


Here you were, facing Bobby, about to kiss him because you did not want to go streaking on the main street. You acted like you didn’t want to kiss him, but actually, you secretly wished that this would happen.

“On the count of three!” Hanbin announced. 

“One! Two! Three!” everyone chanted. 

Bobby immediately cupped your face and smashed his lips onto yours. Your heart started to beat faster as you started to kiss back. You did not expect his lips to be that soft. The synchronization was perfect. 

Bobby had slowly moved his hands, both down on both sides of your waist, pushing your body closer to his. As a reflex you swung your arms around his neck. You felt a swipe of wetness on your bottom lip. Smirking, you opened your mouth just a bit, as Bobby’s tongue darted right through the small space.

You could hear everyone else cheering Bobby on, and others crying in disgust, but you did not care. You both continued to fight for dominance until Hanbin told you both to stop. 

Hanbin gave out a low whistle. “You two need to get a room." 

Glancing over, you saw Bobby breathing heavily. Your face immediately flushed. 

The night was about to get more interesting. 


"Y/n, could you stay back for a bit.” Bobby called out to you, grabbing your wrist as you tried to leave his apartment quick. 

Turning around, you didn’t want things to get awkward between the two of you. 

“Uh, I have to get home.” you said, gesturing to your car. 

“Please. I need to talk to you.” Bobby pleaded, as he tried to pull you inside again. 

Readjusting your bag onto your shoulder, you finally gave in and walked back into his apartment. Bobby closed the door behind you and now you both were standing about a feet away from each other. The silence rose. You could feel the tension that was bubbling between the two of you. 

“Can we try that again?” Bobby whispered loudly enough to hear. 

“Try what again?” Your breath got caught in your throat. 

“This.” He took a step forward and collided his lips with yours once again. Your hands found its own way to tangle up in his hair, pulling and tugging at it gently, as he pushed you over and pinned you up against the wall. 

“I can stop if you want to.” he nipped at the weak spots on the side of your neck. 

You shook your head while letting out a small moan. “Please, don’t stop." 

He hungrily found your lips again, mumbling "ok” against them. He ripped off your bag from your shoulder and threw it to the side. You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his hips. One of his hands found their way to the lower part of your back, while the other held onto your thigh, supporting you so you wouldn’t fall. He pulled away so he could carry you into his room. 

Burying your head in his neck, you started sucking at his skin. You smirked as you heard him trying to hold in his groan of pleasure in by panting. He slammed the door shut with his foot and dropped you on his bed, pushing you down roughly to a laying position. 

You were on the bottom, he was on top. Reaching up, you tried to kiss him again, but he smirked while shaking his head. “Oh, no more kissing. I want to get to the fun part." 

He started to unbutton your flannel slowly. You were shocked. Bobby never showed this dominant side of him before. You never expected this to happen.

Your stomach started to bubble eagerly, as he finally unbuttoned and ripped your flannel off of your body. All you had on now was a bra and jeans. Your hands moved to the ends of his shirt. You pulled his shirt off quickly. Gasping at the sight of him, your hands lightly touched his body. 

His skin felt hot underneath your hands, as Bobby started to kiss your chest area. Arching your back, his hands darted behind to unhook your bra. He clumped it up and chucked it away. You moaned quietly as his hand massaged your breast. He continued to kiss down to your stomach, ending at the edge of your pants. Carefully unbuttoning, he slid the jeans down your legs, leaving you with only underwear on. He immediately took off his pants as well.

You were soaking and it seemed like he could tell as well. The smirk plastered on his face showed what he was thinking. 

His back muscles were moving up and down, as he moved down to your inner thigh. He placed quick kisses, moving upwards until he was directly breathing directly in the middle of your thighs.

"You’re so wet y/n,” he teased as he played around with the rim of your panties. 

“Fuck, just take it off already.” you groaned impatiently.

He dragged your panties down your leg, and leaned in closer. His tongue swiped up and then down, sending shivers up your spine. Your stomach started to build up pleasure. You let out small moans whenever licked your clit upwards. 

You were getting close to an orgasm, but he pulled away, leaving you stunned. 

“Y/n, you taste very good.” he said, licking his plump lips.

“Why did you stop,” you whined, while your face turned beet red. 

“Because, I am going to make you feel much more better.” Bobby smirked while sliding down his boxers. 

You eyes widened as his member fell out. You did not expect him to be that big. 

He leaned down once more, using his arms to support him so he wouldn’t fall on you. Then he slowly entered inside you. Bobby let out a loud moan, as he continued to go in and out. Your hands were around his neck, pushing his head into the crook of your neck. His thrusts became sloppier and sloppier as he got closer to coming. 

Your moans echoed throughout the entire apartment, as Bobby sucked at the skin above your collarbone. 

“Moan louder for me baby.” he whispered in your ear. 

You gasped as the pleasure was building up again once more. You were close. He continued to thrust faster. The mixture of the moans filled the silent air, getting even louder by the minute. You let out one last groan before you came, and he did the same. 

He was now laying beside you, panting and glistening with sweat. “This was a good idea, was it not?” 

Catching your breath, you shrugged slightly. “It depends. Did you think it was a good idea?” 

Bobby nodded in response. “That was pretty amazing.” 

You turned over to look at him. “Then next time, let me take care of you.” 

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