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Yesterday at Disney’s D23 Expo, the main event was the presentation on Disney & Pixar’s upcoming films, and we got so many details from the event! However, trailers, clips, & featurettes were shown at the presentation that AREN’T available online at the time I posted this. If they get posted online soon, I will update this post (otherwise, I’ll just made a new post). 


A lot of new clips of Coco were shown at the animation panel!🎶 As we know the film will be Pixar’s first musical, and one of the songs from the movie was performed live at the panel; the new song titled “Remember Me” will be written by the Frozen songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez. We also got this new still of the main characters Coco and Hector!
“Coco” will hit theaters November 22, 2017.🎶


The actors have just started recording sessions for Frozen 2, so there weren’t any clips from the movie shown, but we did get a behind the scenes look at the team working on the movie.❄️
Josh Gad & Kristen Bell also made a special appearance to sing a song from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, titled “That Time of Year”, which will be one of the four songs in the short. FYI: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be the Disney short playing before Coco this November.❄️

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Time for Toy Story 4!☁️
The audience at D23 were shown a clip that shows the behind the scenes work being done on the movie! We know that the first line of the movie will be the aliens saying “Oooooh” and that there will be a character named Lulu who is a “paper-doll”! It’s also been announced that Josh Cooley will be the sole director of the film (John Lasseter isn’t directing anymore). The plot will essentially revolve around Woody, Buzz, and the gang taking a road-trip to reunite Woody & Bo Peep.
“Toy Story 4” will be released June 21, 2019.☁️

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The trailer for Wreck It Ralph 2 was shown at the animation panel, as well as a new clip from the movie!👾
The movie is titled “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 “ and it will take place six years following the events of the first film; the story will center on Ralph’s adventures in the Internet data space when a WiFi router gets plugged into the arcade.👾
There will be a new character in the movies named “Yesss” voiced by Taraji P Henson, who is an expert on the latest trends for the website “Buzzaholic”; Yesss will take Ralph & Vanellope on a tour of the World Wide Web!👾
In the new clip from the movie that was shown, Yesss takes them to the Oh My Disney site, which looks like Disneyland! On the Oh My Disney site, we see Ralph & Vanellope interact with all of the Disney princesses (who are voiced by their original voice actors), and meet C3PO, stormtroopers, tsum tsums, and Stan Lee!
All the voice actresses for every single Disney princesses were on stage to show this clip to the audience!👾💕
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 will hit theaters November 2018!👾


Incredibles 2 will take place immediately after the events of the first movie!💥
The beginning of the movie will begin with an action sequence against the Underminer, & Elastigirl will be the star of the action while Bob takes care of Jack Jack at home.💥
John Lasseter, Pixar CCO has said “It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on. You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where [we] start this movie.”💥
Bob doesn’t even know that Jack Jack has powers yet! In the movie the Parr family will get a new house “that’s a cross between a dream house and a super lair.“ Samuel L. Jackson has also appeared at the panel and will be back to voice Frozone!💥
A new clip from the movie has also been shown at the panel, which revolves around Jack Jack & his superpowers!💥
The Incredibles 2 is slated to hit theaters on June 15, 2018.💥

We also got this great video featurette of Edna Mode, the fashion mogul.

The Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar

On August 23, 1912, four-year-old Bobby Dunbar (pictured, left) travelled with his parents and two siblings to Lake Swayze, Louisiana, for a picnic. Bobby became separated from his parents when he went off to explore the swamp, and simply vanished.

The Dunbar family were rich and influential, and for the next two days over 100 volunteers and 30 policemen combed the area for the missing boy. The short list of leads the police produced were fruitless, but Bobby’s parents continued to privately investigate his disappearance.

Eight months later, on a sunny May morning in Mississippi, a police officer flagged down a man and a young child walking along the road. The officer took the man for a vagrant, and didn’t believe his story that the boy -who looked around four or five years old - was his nephew, Bruce.

William Walter’s wasn’t a vagrant - he was a trained piano repairman, and he travelled by foot to his daily appointments. He insisted that the boys mother, Julia Anderson, had willingly given him Bruce to care for while she laboured on a nearby farm. His words fell on deaf ears. Walters was promptly arrested for kidnapping, and ‘Bruce’ (who the police officer suspected was actually the missing Bobby Dunbar) was taken into state custody. Lessie Dunbar immediately travelled to Mississippi to be reuinted with her son, amid much media fanfare.

Although reports vary, one nespaper stated that the newly rescued 'Bobby’ burst into tears when approached by Mrs Dunbar, and did not seem to recognize his siblings or any of his possessions when he returned to his house. Though he quickly adjusted to the Dunbar family, 'Bobby’ had no memory of his supposed abduction, nor of his trip to Lake Swayze. However, Lessie Dunbar was convinced the boy was her son due to similiar scars on his right foot, and moles on his hip.

William Walters was charged with a single count of child kidnapping and found guilty, despite the testimony of Julia Anderson who tearfully insisted 'Bobby’ was her son, and Walters was his paternal uncle. She admitted to having all her children out of wedlock, and that she had little money, and that was all it took; the judge sentenced Walters to life in prison, and Julia was ordered back to her home in Mississippi, where she was treated like an outcast.

Fortunately, Walters was released from prison after two years when his attorney convinced a judge to overturn his charge. The rescued Bobby Dunbar grew up well-to-do and eventually had four children. His granddaughter - who was fascinated about his disappearance - did a little genealogical research and noticed discrepencies in age between the missing Bobby and the recovered child. She also discovered a few members of the family who remembered Bobby’s disappearance, many of whom voiced their long held suspicion that the child recovered in Mississippi in 1913 wasnt their Bobby Dunbar.

It was only in 2006 that a DNA test was conducted on the recovered Bobby Dunbar’s son, and a cousin of the Dunbar family. The results were frighteningly clear; the child found in 1913 wasn’t Bobby Dunbar, but Bruce Anderson. The police had literally stolen another woman’s child, and imprisoned an innocent man for kidnapping. As a final sad reminder, the actual Bobby Dunbar has still never been found.

Pink Hair {Harrison Webb}

Summary: You surprise your boyfriend Harrison by dyeing your hair pink.

Warnings: None :)

A/N: This imagine is based off a video that Corrina posted on her twitter with Harrison. 

“Good morning love,” I smiled as the feeling of Harrison’s arms wrapped themselves around my waist, pulling me closer into his warm body. I hummed in satisfaction, nuzzling my face into his neck as his hand rubbed up and down my arm. I closed my eyes, taking in the peaceful moment that ended way too soon… “Get up love birds!” Kian yelled, throwing a pillow at us, “Harry, we gotta leave! Right now!” Kian yelled once more before slamming the door shut. I groaned, rolling out of Harrison’s arms, “Do you have to film with them today?” 

He chuckled, getting out of the bed, “It’s for their Friday video. You know I would stay here all day if I could.” With a quick peck on the lips, my boyfriend was off for the day, while I was stuck at the house with Bobby. I sleepily made my way out into the living room, seeing Bobby sitting on the couch all snuggled up with Dicaprio. “Morning boobie!” I joke, taking a seat next to him and scratching Dicaprio on the head. Bobby playfully rolls his eyes at the nickname that Franny and I liked to tease him with as he greets me back.

 “Do you think you could drive me to the store? I want to pick up some of the groceries since everyone else is busy today.” I politely asked Bobby. It’s an ongoing joke in the house that Kian and him are the designated drivers, since they are constantly being asked to pick up and drop off everyone else. “Ya sure I’ll take you y/n.” Bobby agreed getting up to grab his car keys. 

I followed him out to the car, hopping into the passenger seat. I immediately took the aux cord and plugged in my phone. The whole drive to Target Bobby and I sang at the top of our lungs, very off key might I add. “Target time!” Bobby yelled as he put the car in park. I laughed at him, getting out of the car and proceeding towards the entrance.

 We walked in and grabbed a cart, “Wait, take this,” I demanded, stopping in my tracks and pulling out my phone. Bobby gave me a confused look as I swiped up on the screen, opening the camera. I hit record and turned my phone around to face Bobby and I, “Hey guys! Bobby and I are at Target right now because we needed to pick up some groceries for the house and I thought that I would just do I quick little vlog since I always see comments saying you like the vlogging videos I do.” I continued to vlog as we walked around the store, every once in awhile making a stupid pun that makes us laugh like idiots, very David Dobrik and Liza Koshy-esque. 

I turned down the next aisle and immediately my eyes widened. “Y/n? Are you okay?” Bobby asked, placing his hand on my back. “I just had the best idea.” I murmured, walking closer to the variety of colorful cardboard boxes displayed on the shelf. My eyes scanned over tons of hair coloring boxes. I have wanted to dye my hair a fun color for a decent amount of time but have always kept the idea in the back of my mind. 

For some reason my eyes were drawn to a hot pink color, “What do you think of the pink Bobby?” I asked him, picking it up off the shelf and turning the box around to read more about it. “It’s…pink.” He stated, confusion laced in his voice. “I think I’m going to get it. Do you think Harrison would like it?” All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with worry. I love Harrison, he is the most supportive, caring, and of course, loving boyfriend I have ever had, but I have never done anything this drastic to my hair. What if he hated it?

 Bobby took the box out of my hand, “I think that he loves you no matter what.” I sighed in relief as I realized that Bobby was right, “Thanks Bobby.” He smiled, pulling me into a side hug, “Of course.”

I couldn’t stop smiling as Bobby pulled into our driveway. I looked back down at the pink hair dye box in my hand and began to think of what everyone’s reaction would be like. I walked into my shared bathroom and began to rip open the box, pouring the contents out onto the counter. I read the instructions and pulled on the black gloves that the kit came with. I started to squeeze the dye onto my hand, mesmerized by the gooey pink dye that came out. I began to rake the color through my h/c (hair color) hair and soon enough finished covering it, roots and all.

 I set my timer for forty minutes and then started to vlog again, “So, I decided to dye my hair pink. The only person that knows i’m doing this is Bobby and I’m going to surprise everyone else when we go and pick them up a little later. Hopefully it turns out okay!” 

After forty minutes was finally up, I washed out my hair, watching as the water that went down the drain was a tinted pink. Next, I took out my hair dyer and plugged it in. Once it was all dry, I was in awe. I ran my fingers through it, I loved it. My phone buzzed and I looked to see that it was from Harrison. 

We are done filming babe, let me know when you are on your way xx

I quickly responded back as I walked out of the bathroom to tell Bobby that they were done filming and were ready to get picked up.

We are about to leave :) 

My heart was racing as we pulled up to the location they were filming at. My phone was in my hand ready to capture everyone’s reaction when they got into the car. Harrison was the first one to reach the car, I could hear him laughing at something Jc said as he pulled open the door. He began to sit down when he noticed my hair, “Oh my god…” he said under his breath. 

His mouth hung open as he scooted over to the middle seat so he could sit by me. “Oh God- You hate it…” I turned my camera off and began to look out the window. I felt him gently take some of my hair into his hands, “What are you talking about y/n? I love it. You look beautiful.” He spoke softly continuing to play with my hair. I felt my heart flutter as I turned my head back to look at him and see him smiling uncontrollably. He switched his focus on my hair to my eyes, taking hold of my hands and lightly squeezing them, reassuring me that he did indeed love my hair.

 Once we started on our way back to the house, I pulled out my phone once more, opening up snapchat. I began to take a video, showing off my hair, when Harrison started to speak, “So frickin cute…Look at her with the pink hair. Oh-My-God. Jesus Chri-” I cut him off, “Wanna make out?” I asked him jokingly. Even though I was joking, he obviously wasn’t, as he placed his hand on the side of my face and pulled me in for a long kiss. I closed my eyes as his soft, warm lips captured my own. 

When we pulled apart I couldn’t help but laugh, a little embarrassed that all of our friends just watched us kiss in the backseat of Bobby’s car. I hid my face in the crook of Harrison’s neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. “God- I love you.” He stated, placing a kiss on top of my head. “I love you too Harrison.” And I truly did mean it.

pity party || kian lawley

I lay on my bed, a cigarette in my hand. I sigh and lift the cigarette to my lips and take a long drag. I sigh and watch as the smoke pours out of my lips. My arm flops over the side of my bed and I to the ashtray. I tap the end of the sticks and release the ashes onto the table, missing the tray.

I’m jolted out of my thoughts by a loud knock on my front door. I just turn over and close my eyes in an attempt to block it out. I hear some muffled yelling and then the lock turning. I can hear the door open, and footsteps frantically entering my house.

“Y/N…. ARE YOU HERE?” It’s Kian. He sounds frantic. I just pull the cigarette to my mouth and inhale deeply. My bedroom door slams open and I turn over to see a scattered looking Kian.

“Where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking for you all day. Why haven’t you been answering me? You have no idea how worried I’ve been. You can’t do that. What the hella am I supposed to think when my best friend doesn’t answer my texts for two days.” He walks over to you and snatches the cigarette from your hand and smashes it in the ashtray. “I thought you quit smoking.”

“I did but I’m celebrating.” You grab another cigarette and light it. Kian gives you a confused look.

“What do you mean celebrating?” He takes the cigarette again.

“I’m having a party to commemorate my demise.” I take the stick back and put it to my lips.

“What do you mean your demise?” I scoff.

“Franny didn’t tell you?” He looks at me curiously.

“He broke up with me.” Kian’s face falls but there’s something in his eyes that I can’t quite decipher.

“I walked in on him and Franny hooking up at his apartment. I mean, how do you think that makes a person feel? Ya know, walking in and seeing your boyfriend sticking his dick in your best friend? Like I think I deserve a pity party.” He sits down on the bed and looks at me in disbelief.

“Y/n…” I shake my head.

“Don’t say anything. It’s meaningless to me. Everyone says, ‘oh my gosh I’m so sorry he didn’t deserve you.’ It doesn’t help me at all.”

I go to lift my cigarette to my mouth, Kian plucks it from my fingers and sets it in the ashtray. He grabs my hands and pulls me into a sitting position. He looks at me for a second and then envelopes me in his warmth. I lay my head on his shoulder and he rests his chin on the top of my head. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to hold in a sob, but it slips out. Kian pulls me closer to him.

We sit there for a while, me crying into his arms, him whispering soothing things into my ears. He finally pulls back a little. He looks down at my face and give me a look I don’t quite understand until, he tips my chin up and gently presses his lips against mine. Just for a second. And then pulls back and gives me a tentative look. I cock my head to the side and give him a confused look. Before he has time to say anything I smirk and say, “I thought you don’t kiss girls who smoke.”

He chuckles, “I’m making an exception.”