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I Object // Law AU  Lance Hunter was a pain in the ass. He was always arguing, never stopped complaining, and never dressed appropriately. But, if there were two things Bobbi Morse knew about her client, it was that:

                1. He was innocent, and

                2. She was in love with him

What's So Great About Bobbi Morse?

The very first time we saw her, she was different to how we know her now. I’m not just talking about the hair colour. She’s shown having psychic abilities.

This isn’t brought up again until the end Nick Spencer’s Secret Avengers run.

We’ve seen Bobbi as an Avenger,

A spy,

A scientist,

And an average Joe, until recently when she became a super soldier.

She was part of Project Gladiator along with her friend and mentor, Doctor Wilma Calvin, and Ted Sallis, which was set up to recreate super soldier serum. Ted later became Man-Thing.

Although Kate Bishop carries the Hawkeye name, people often forget she originally modeled herself after both Clint and Bobbi, wearing Bobbi’s mask and arming herself with Bobbi’s staves. The Young Avengers jokingly called her “Hawkingbird”.

During Secret Invasion, Bobbi appeared with the Skrulls after being dead for years. Clint, wanting to believe it really was her, made her tell him about October 12th, the day the baby they lost was due.

But, when Reed Richards used his Skrull detector, it turned out she was a Skrull. Clint, devastated, killed her. And more Skrulls, vowing to kill every last one of them. When the battle was over, the ship with the Skrulls’ prisoners crashed, with the real Bobbi on board.

In New Avengers: Reunion, it was revealed she was one of the first they took. Purely because she had no powers. She was easier for them to replace.

She’s shown struggling to come to terms with how much she’s missed over the years she was held prisoner. We saw her when she was a prisoner, realising something was wrong, escaping and blending in. They don’t call her Mockingbird for no reason.

She became the “The Robed Witch”, their version of the monster in the closet.

And she can spot a Skrull a mile away!

After her return from being a prisoner to the Skrulls, she set up the World Counter Terrorism Agency, (WCA), that gave other SHIELD agents who had been prisoners during Secret Invasion, like herself, a job when no one else would.

After being shot by Superia, Clint demanded Fury Sr. give Bobbi a serum that would make her a cross between Fury Sr. himself and Captain America.

We haven’t seen just how far her new super human abilities can go.

Even when Bobbi was losing her memory with a headache that had Clint helping her walk, she still managed to slip her camotech onto Yelena Belova and escape.

In Nick Spencer’s Secret Avengers run, Bobbi was revealed to have been a member of the Cult of Entropy. When her memories came back, she seemed to be struggling with who she was. Two separate personalities, Bobbi and Barbara. One not wanting to talk to Andrew Forson, the other wanting to. Forson told her she killed SHIELD agents, people she knew, and Bobbi struggled with it. She swore to get out of there and kill him. Barbara and Bobbi, two very different people, decided together that Forson had to die. In the end, it was Bobbi who won.

Remember when Natasha used a piece of technology to disguise herself as a member of the WSC?

Bobbi’s favourite toy in Secret Avengers!

Not to mention her baby!

Look at that scowl!

He has his mother’s brains and his father’s trickery. The perfect mix of both his parents!

With Bobbi being announced in MCU, Spencer carrying on Bobbi’s story with Francis in Avengers World, I’m looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for Bobbi!

Reading list with links

I’ll break it down— when I got into Marvel fandom I basically suffocated under the weight of Steve/Tony. There were more fics about Tony’s four-panel lady AU alter ego “Natasha Stark” than there were of Jan, or Carol, or Natasha or any of the obvious underlined female Avengers. It was obvious and uncomfortable. I didn’t like seeing my favs legated to the background of the Steve and Tony show that was the 616 circa Civil War, I didn’t like seeing that perpetuated in fanworks, either.

What I was told, was to write it all better, to be whatever change I wished to see in fandom, because it was unfair to blame other fans for falling into whatever they liked. It is true that under these criticisms of fandom’s focus on m/m slash and its side effects there’s often a lurking distaste for whatever teenage girls find enjoyable. I’m sure my bitter memories of those early days are turned by my own tastes, and that they are not entirely fair.

Yet we still write about our love of women characters, and how they are mistreated by canon, but less about the characters themselves, we see less meaning in the fall of their hair, their nervous ticks repeated in gifsets, less about the pain of their origins or the terrible specificity of their triumphs. There is just less written about female characters, on the whole. And I’m not really comfortable grinding my gears at canon while giving fandom a free pass. If being a fan means being critical of the source material, surely we have to watch ourselves, too. Being a fan is wonderful, but it is not sacred.

I was told to be whatever change I wished to see in fandom, and I’ve tried. I have made over 2,000 posts here, and maybe they are not all good, but I have tried. And I have seen this fandom grow and I have seen more and more enthusiasm about women characters. Bobbi Morse appreciation week! A new Storm ongoing! The #carol corps! And on and on forever and ever amen, I am grateful.

But for all this, the most popular post I have ever made is only popular because someone added cute spur-of-the-moment Tom Hiddleston tags to it, because tumblr used it to talk about Thor. And that is something worth thinking about.

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Bobbi to Fitz about his clothing probably "When you get Jemma back, you're gonna wanna look good for her and you never know when that is going to be sooooo".

Bobbi is totally keeping tabs on how many times Jemma does a double-take at Fitz’s outfits. she’s got separate a separate column for whenever Jemma checks out his ass, and double-points if there’s a head-tilt involved.

Day 3: Favorite Scenes

HOW DO I CHOOSE????? HOW DO I CHOOSE???? I guess I’ll try to think of things I didn’t talk about last year, because they are still favorites of mine.

Bobbi’s fight scenes in AOS have been EPIC this season. God, I’m in love.

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Jemma’s entire storyline during 3A. I just…. *clutches heart* Elizabeth should get an Emmy nom.

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The Dottie and Peggy smackdown! (Followed by Dottie being so gay for Peggy).

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Yeah these were some good scenes that happened over the past year.