bobbi morse week

love is a battlefield- all songs with war and battle in the title that can describe Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse’s relationship

1. heartbreak warfare - john mayer | 2. love is war - american young | 3.a love like war - all time low | 4. battlefield - jordin sparks | 5. battle scars - lupe fiasco & guy sebastian | 6. battleships - daughtry | 7. war paint - kelly clarkson | 8. battlefield - lea michele |

Day 3: Favorite Scenes

HOW DO I CHOOSE????? HOW DO I CHOOSE???? I guess I’ll try to think of things I didn’t talk about last year, because they are still favorites of mine.

Bobbi’s fight scenes in AOS have been EPIC this season. God, I’m in love.

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Jemma’s entire storyline during 3A. I just…. *clutches heart* Elizabeth should get an Emmy nom.

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The Dottie and Peggy smackdown! (Followed by Dottie being so gay for Peggy).

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Yeah these were some good scenes that happened over the past year.