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My Mind 2

Title: my mind 2 (dean x reader)

Warning: angst, a little cussing, (in the future) a tiny bit of smut.

Notes: I will be posting the other part of this very soon, I just wanted to end this one because it was getting a little long. Sorry for the angst there will be a lot more happiness in the next part. (Which I will be posting tomorrow or the day after)

Summary: while on a hunt dean gets a spell cast on him….

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Deans pov:

(y/n) was laying on the bed with her eyes shut peacefully. Dean sat on the chair across the room, his brother walked out of the bathroom, “I’m gonna go to the library Dean, we need to talk later ok?”. Sam walked out of the motel shutting the door with a slam, quickly dean turned his head to see if it woke you. You were still fast asleep, he sighed and looked back down at his beer. Dean pulled the bottle up and stared at the bottom of the bottle before taking a swig. A few boring minutes went by silently, dean stood from his chair and headed to the bathroom.

A little while later he came out and walked to the chair across the room again. He looked over and saw you had woken up, “hey, your up”. “Oh my god look at that, I am” you said sarcastically making him smirk at you. You grabbed your duffle bag and walked into the bathroom with crazy hair. You came out in an unbuttoned red flannel, Your hair was a little curly at the bottom but otherwise looked better from before you walked into the bathroom, dean made eye contact as you walked to the chair across from him before sitting down at the book you were reading before you feel asleep.

“Should I turn the radio on or should I ask him first? I don’t want to bother him”.

He put his beer down and turned the radio on without looking up from the book in front of him, he turned on the rock Channel and turned it up. This made you chuckle aloud, “you read my mind, I was gonna turn the rock channel on, too”. He nodded his head turning the page of his book creating an awkward silence.

You looked at him for a second before staring down at the page you had left the book open too a few hours ago when you decided to take a nap.

“I can tell Sam is worried about him, he said something about a spell the witch could have casted on him. I hope that’s what he’s doing right now. I kind of feel bad about going behind deans back like this”.

He pursed his lips. Behind his back, you guys were trying to help him without letting him know your going to help him. That’s sabotage, what if he didn’t want to be helped. He looked up again with a small glare but as soon as you lifted your eyes to meet his he flipped it to a small smile until you looked away again. Ugh, those two never told him anything, maybe it would help him to be able to read minds.


You looked down to your book again. Chills washed over you, gosh you hated it when he gave you that look, what a jerk, how could he just sit there looking like that and smile at you like that when he should know that it hurts your heart when he does it. You hated yourself for loving him but there was absolutely no way to stop it from happening. You cursed him for being so perfect and from the corner of your eye you saw him lift his head quickly. You looked up at him and saw his quick face of shock disappear into a calm somber expression but you could see just the tiniest bit of heat rising to his face before he looked down to the book again.

This only worried you more.


You held the phone close to your ear and looked at the door to the motel room, you sat on the edge of baby’s hood. “Have you found anything?” You asked into the phone worriedly your foot tapped with anxiousness. “I’m looking as fast as I can y/n you need to calm down”, you stopped tapping and stood up. You walked over towards the small playground that sat empty in front of your western style motel room, when you saw dean open the door and start walking towards you.

“Dean is practically reading our thoughts and you expect me to be calm, hurry up, he’s coming over to me so I have to go, bye”. You spoke quickly before hanging up and walking towards dean who was practically sprinting towards you. “Geez, who are you talking to for that long?”, you scoffed and sat down on the curb by the playground. “I was talking to Kevin, he was just giving me some information about the last murder”. He nodded and sat down next to you.

You tried so hard not to think about how close he had been sitting to you but it obviously was the first thing to pop into your head. You couldn’t contain the heat rising to your cheeks knowing that he probably knew what you were thinking about.

He cleared his throat and looked up at the grey sky and the last bit of sun going behind the hill far out and then down to your leather jacket and then looked down to the wood chips that filled the small playground. “So….uh… what did Sam say about the spell thing”, you looked at him in shock and your blood ran cold. “Umm…. what are you-” dean laughed and looked down at you. “I can read minds and you expect me not to know what’s going on. What did he say?”. You just looked to your feet, he’s probably read all the things you have thought about him.

“He’s looking but he hasn’t found anything yet, he said it might take a while and he will call me when he finds anything.” You just looked down and refused to make any kind of eye contact with him. Just thinking about how he probably knew all the stuff you thought about him made some dirty things rise to the top of your thoughts, your cursed yourself mentally and turned just the slightest bit to avoid letting dean see the heat in your face.

All you could do was ask, you cleared your throat and tried to think of the words to put together. “So… you Can read minds?”, he scoffed and looked down at the side of your face. “Yeah, I can” his brooding voice plus the heart breaking words sent shivers to your bones, he knew and your knew that. For sure he had seen all the lengths your imagination had gone when thinking about him. You wouldn’t be Surprised if he hated you know or didn’t want to be around you.

You sighed a little too loud and stood up, “I’m going to go… inside, I’m sorry”. You didn’t know if you were apologizing for leaving him in the cold or for making him see all that stuff and learn your feelings when there was a big possibility that he saw you as a sister. You could feel the tears gathering around the brims of your eyes and a painful lump rose to your throats making it difficult to swallow the anxiety of it all.