Still frowning

Hey Tumble-Bees,

I hope you liked the photos I posted over the last couple of days of my new Kit Lane Jacabob, Spot, and the little scarf I knitted him. I know Kit saw them and seemed to like the scarf so I’m very proud :). Problem is, my wishlist for other Bobbaloos just keeps growing and the temptation to get another is hard to resist!

But at least I have not gone completely head-over-heels for them like some other people I’ve seen. One customer, Pia, has (by my count, anyway) at least 30 Bobbaloos. I’m rather jealous! Maybe I’ll expand my collection by one when my next payday comes around…

In other news, I’m still ill. It’s been a week since I first had a temperature and whilst that went away pretty swiftly, the sore throat and other aches and pains are just not going. I may have to go to the doctor’s tomorrow. I only just found out that the reason I haven’t been sleeping well is due to the medicinal honey and lemon drinks, as I didn’t have any yesterday and last night slept without nightmares for the first time all week! (I still keep having the sore-throat-induced snoring though, occasionally it even wakes me up).

I’m hoping this will go away soon, anyway. It makes going to work very tough, espcially making conversation with people when I sound like a broken dalek who was only built last week. Plus it means I don’t have the energy to do anything when I’m at home. I want to get on with some crafting!

So, all you lovely followers, please look after yourselves so you don’t get this sick, or go to the doctor’s sooner instead of being silly like me and just assuming it will go away in a day or two. Wish me well and hopefully I’ll soon get better enough to make things again and have photos to pop on my Tumbly-wotsit.

Bye for now!

M x