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I had to repost this, if your an old guy like me you get the movie reference lol 👍😂😂😂 so my Canadian friends check out @electrasyncleanser , and as for here in the states they will be here in Baltimore Maryland for the @villainarts convention this weekend
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Take off, eh?! #Electrasyn is finally available in #Canada!
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Electrasyn isn’t a ‘Strange Brew’, but it is Pure. F#%king. Magic in a bottle! Which is our way of saying to Canadians that it’s kind of like being better than:
A Timmy’s double-double, with a side of poutine, and some maple syrup snow-taffy, during a good 'ol hockey game, while sitting on your chesterfield, wearing your favourite toque, & wrapped in a Hudson’s Bay blanket. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the 2-4 of beer and some Kraft Dinner on the side too, eh?
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Bob and Doug McKenzie (played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) were a comedy duo that began on SCTV on CBC in the early 1980s, originally created as a filler segment to fulfill Canadian broadcasting requirements. They epitomized Canadian hoser fashion, as illustrated by this style guide.