Наша группа переводчиков с очень крутым американским преподавателем Бобаком / Our group of interpreters with very cool American professor Bobak 🇺🇸👍 by e_zhdannet

First b&m review, hope you like it.Had to go to Vancouver for a work thing. The day I landed I had some time to kill, so of course I looked up some local vape shops. I found the only one I would need to visit during my stay just down the street from my hotel on Burrard street called ‘Clouds Electronic Cigarette Boutique’. I walked in and was immediately greeted by two really great guys, Dan and Bobak(kabob spelled backwards, he’s a funny guy). This already beat my last new shop experience back home where the guy behind the counter couldn’t even look up from his coil build to greet me.The shop is a decent size, clean, well lit and ventilated and has a welcoming feel to it. Small but decent tasting bar on a really nice wooden counter top, a few glass counters full of nice gear and some seating in the corner around a big screen tv. The tasting bar had a bunch of Atlantis tanks and some older ego tanks but most of their drippable juices were available to drip on the counter. One of the owners Dan explained to me how he personally had ripped out the old drop ceiling when they were opening the shop and installed clean wiring, ventilation, lights and painted the raised ceiling black, job well done.The selection of juices ranged from local stuff to imported, premium brands including the popular ones like ANML, Suicide bunny, Sovereign and a few unique brands. I missed out on a bottle of Jazzy Boba a jasmine bubble tea, don’t know why I didn’t grab it the first time I visited, sold out when I returned. Hardware included both authentics and clones and the prices were reasonable for the items I inquired about. These ranged from newbie setups to a nice selection of mechs, regulateds and rbas as well as a slew of accessories, batts, chargers, drip tips and such. They even had a bunch of dna40 devices, mechanical boxes like a cherry bomber and the new and I’m told final version of the Slug.I hung out for quite a while, admittedly I didn’t have much to do the first night I was there and they welcomed me to stay as long as I wanted and to come back any time during my stay. Even the locals visiting the shop were really nice and I made small talk with a number of them, shoutout to Roy and Spencer!On my first trip I picked up a couple of bottles of 100% VG juice by a company called Purity(amazing stuff!!), a bottle of Madrina(an old fav) and a Goblin rta. My second visit I got another bottle of Purity(cause damn!) and a really nice drip tip that Bobak helped my colour blind ass pick out. The guys there made me feel really comfortable and by the second visit I was getting my balls busted by Bobak like I’ve know him for 20 years. Great guys!Currently their site is just a place holder with some basic info but Dan plans on sorting that out very soon with an online shop as well as plans to open a new b&m in the next year.While I was there, there were several customers that came in wanting to make the switch and Dan patiently explained everything needed to them, even when a guy came in saying he wanted a 'mechanical dripper’ that his friend suggested he get as his first setup. It wasn’t so much the shop as the experience, I would recommend this place in heart beat to anyone in the area or if you’re planning on a visit to Vancouver. For me it’s exactly what a good vape shop experience should be like. I could keep going but this is becoming a;dr: had a great b&m experience, it’s just nowhere near where I live via /r/Canadian_ecigarette

The benefits of breathing less polluted air? Moms give birth to heavier (and presumably healthier) babies.

(Photo credit: “Beijing smog comparison August 2005” by Bobak. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.)


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