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NASA’s “Mohawk Guy” wants you to STAY WITH IT!



Day 3 of PAX Prime was filled with magical moments of random awesome. We got an introduction to the new indie publishing arm of Majesco, Midnight City by checking out a few of their upcoming releases: VIDEOBALL, The Bridge, Blood of the Werewolf and Organic Panic.

We also checked out a few other games on the showfloor:

XCOM: Enemy Within 

As if playing video games all day wasn’t the best gift Seattle could give us, we also ran into NASA Systems Engineer Bobak Ferdowski who touched mohawks with me and it was as magical as it sounds.  

Stay tuned to more impressions on the awesome things we see and experience here at PAX Prime as we head into Day 4.


Man, did we have amazing guests drop by at San Diego Comic-Con! Bravest Warriors’ Sam Lavagnino and Michael-Leon Wooley, Star Trek artist Juan Ortiz, Fionna & Cake creator Natasha Allegri; Adventure Time’s Jessica DiCicco and Justin Roiland; Team Unicorn (and their pal, JPL’s own “Mohawk Guy” Bobak Ferdowsi who just came by to say hello!)… plus an incredible surprise appearance by Clark Gregg! Now that’s a weekend. ;) 

Read more about our special Comic-Con guests at our SDCC Feature Page, plus get our exclusives for a limited time only!


NASA’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ on the Search for Signs of Life on Mars

NASA’s “Engineer with a Mohawk” has become a pop culture phenom (62,000 Twitter followers isn’t too shabby). But under that comb beats the heart of a true explorer, as we found when he dropped by for a visit at KQED.

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