bob: part 7

Old Souls (Part 7)

Summary: Your aunt runs an antique shop in the lower parts of Manhattan, and asks you to work in her shop once a week. You happily take the job, but then on your first day you have a strange encounter with an unusual customer - Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Things ensue as the two of you end up becoming friends - and maybe even more - as you reminisce about the old things that you love as well as your mysterious pasts.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader  

Word Count: 1,863

Warnings: Angst, a gun, descriptions of blood

A/N: Hold on to your asses because I’m about to cause mayhem.

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Your passion fills you up, starting at the toes & rising up like the tide. I’m left admiring each threshold the burning desire surpasses asking if there is a limit to your smile. Ask me what I hear when you speak your wishes & I’d say that only little kids’ voices ever sounded so sweet. Ask me why I’m tearing up at the way your voice resonates with a longing for achievement & in between sniffles I’d tell you that I’m proud to be with a man whose vision completes his heart. Please ask me to be a part of accomplishing your dream so I can let no heartbeat, no blink, no breath escape before I say “yes”

sooOO me n m’pals at HVAG decided that it would be a GREAT idea ta make a shitty ass jojo meme so Enjoy our shitty ass art

in order: @galaxythenightwing, me, @theyadda, @fioran-conspirator,aaand @ugin-the-spirit-dragon