Eurovision + text posts (forever ‘til the end of time, 5/?)

Bill Briggs (of The Remains), George Harrison and Neil Aspinall on the tarmac at Boone County Airport, Kentucky, prior to boarding their flight to St. Louis, Missouri, 21 August 1966.

Photo: Bob Bonis

“I remember smoking pot with George on the tarmac outside the plane. A big circle would form and someone would take out pre-rolled African pot with a cardboard filter inserted in the end. Good s***.” - Bill Briggs, Ticket To Ride: The Extraordinary Diary of The Beatles’ Last Tour by Barry Tashian

Okay, here I did Morgan (father: Gauis) as an outlaw with some miner changes to the default class look (colour and bits and bobs here and there). 

In my fantasy (or dream lets say) is if Morgan travels with Inigo, Owain and Severa to Nohr but in my mind he would be neutral like Silas and Kaze, side with Corrin no matter what path they take. I think Marc (his japanese counterpart name I believe) would be the name he will address himself or I like to.

As you can see, I drew him with Gaius hair. It made sense that his class change would be that or similar of his father (even so it is annoying that outlaw class can only use a bow) and I want to believe that Morgan has Gaius sweet tooth. 

My fave husbado are as follows; 1) Gaius, 2) Lon’Qu, 3) Chrom and 4) Stahl 

I am going to try drawing Morgan as a swordmaster or samurai or probably more lord Morgan