If We’re Talking Bodies (Jeremy/Michael)

Summary: Michael is insecure about his stretch marks, but Jeremy loves them. (Me, chanting: TRANS MICHAEL MELL, TRANS MICHAEL MELL! Shoutout to @the-kin-and-i for helping me make sure I didn’t accidentally say something unintentionally offensive or anything while writing a trans character! And thanks to @bigirlgiggles who asked for some Jeremy kissing Michael’s tum content…Hope you enjoy!)

Warnings for mentions of body image issues, including dysphoria, and brief mention of transphobic parents.

Michael had never liked his body. Way before he even knew he was trans, he’d just…hated it. Not even just the biological part of it all, but everything from his stomach to his thighs was ugly to him.

His body was covered in birthmarks, scars, stretch marks, and so many symbols of the fact that he’d lived. But those symbols were what made him hate it. In his eyes, they only made his skin ugly.

Jeremy had always loved Michael’s body. Always wishing he was as tall or as strong or had a cool scar from falling off a skateboard like Michael did.

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Squip Squad style headcanons!

Just what I think the BMC cast would wear~

Jeremy: turtlenecks, mom jeans, converse, cardigans, crop tops!!!, denim shorts :’)

Michael: graphic tees, joggers/sweatpants, those shoes teenage boys obsess over, patched jackets ofc, probably has a large collection of bob marley shirts, beanies

Rich: muscle tees, button ups, jeans, combat boots, snapbacks, joggers

Jake: gym shorts, plain t-shirts, vans, those fuckin minecraft creeper jackets, bomber jackets too

Christine: collared dresses, skater skirts, sandals, sweaters

Chloe: high-wasted shorts, bodysuits, rompers!!, flip flops, bomber jackets, bralettes

Jenna: crop tops, skinny jeans, converse, PINK/Nike sweatshirts

Brooke: t-shirts with random slogans, any type of skirts, slip dresses

Quiet Lover

(Pretty long Fanfic,, 1617 words)

Game night, the best night of the week for these two besties. And no, not football or something like that. Every Saturday, Jeremy races to Michael’s house and have the night of their lives together. Video games, junk food, smoking weed, everything the two bond best together with. They’ve been keeping this a weekly tradition for the past 4 years, and along the time they have spent, Jeremy has grown weak for the Filipino guy. The look of excitement in Michael’s eyes when seeing Jeremy in his doorway makes Jeremy’s heart flutter. Michael is, with no doubt in his mind, the one Jeremy couldn’t live without. And that’s why he could never express his feelings. Though he knows Michael is a flamming homosexual, he’s never shown any signs of romantic attraction to him or if he did, Jeremy was completely oblivious.

Tonight was they’re game night but Jeremy decided to go the extra mile to show he cared by buying a few little gifts with the help of Jake and his very mature looks. Taking a deep breath with the bags in hand, he knocked at Michael’s front door.
His heart raced a bit faster than usual and his palms grew moist. The door quickly swung open and before Jeremy could react, a shorter body slammed into him with a tight grip around him. Looking down at the one who glomped him, he sees the widest smile on Michael’s face with a small scent of pot in the air. “Heh.. Starting without me, huh Mr. Smokey?” Michael giggled at the nickname and released the taller male. “Yeah, you were later than usual, dude! You know how easily I get antsy!” Then Michael noticed the many bags in Jeremy’s hands, making him raise a brow. “What’s all this?” Jeremy, somewhat sheepishly responded. “These?? W-Well uh.. I just thought I’d pick up some stuff for tonight. Snacks, soda, and I got ya a little gift too..” He couldn’t help but blush as Michael’s eyes practically had stars glimmering in them. “R-Really?! Dude, you didn’t have too! Let’s go downstairs and unload our munchies and stuff!” The excited, bouncy young male dragged along Jeremy as they headed into the basement, which Michael basically lives in.

Everything was already set up. Beanbag chairs in front of the TV, some chips and mountain dew on the coffee table, and a big blanket fort with a mattress inside for them to sleep together on. And not to mention a few joints beside the food. Michael plopped onto his red beanbag chair and looked up to Jeremy to sat down in the blue one, placing the bags in between them. “So, why did you get me something? My birthday isn’t for a few more months.” He grinned over to Jeremy, trying to calm his excitement. “Well.. You’re always doing shit for me and just being there for me-.. Even though I hurt you.. But I wanted to show in some way that I care, y-ya know?” He rummaged through one bag and pulled a box out from the bottom. “That is the mooshiest, most dorky thing you’ve ever said to me.” The comment made Jeremy blush as he handed him the box. Thrilled to have the box in his hands, he quickly opened it up, tossing the lid across the room absentmindedly and his eyes quickly lit up when seeing a Bob Marley t-shirt and a bowl with little weed designs on it.

Setting it aside carefully, he practically tackled Jeremy and held him tightly. A bit too tight. Air is lovely to have and Jeremy lacked it. “Holy fuckin shit dude!!! Ahh!! I love it!!” Michael ecstatically nuzzled Jeremy, making Jeremy go red as ever as he hugged back as well as he could. “I-I’m glad you like it- but I need air dude-..!” He let out a weak laugh before taking in deep breaths on his release. “Sorry, I just- Ah!!” He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. Grabbing the t-shirt, Michael strips himself of his huge red sweater and undershirt. Jeremy averted his eyes for a brief moment but couldn’t help but stare at Michael’s body. He’s never actually gotten to see it before or at least this bare. Michael then slipped on the shirt and looked down at himself and then Jeremy. “It’s so baggy- I love it!!” Words couldn’t describe how seeing Michael so happy made him feel. He ended up somewhat spacing out while looking at those big brown eyes of his. After a few moments, he snaps back into reality as a hand waved in front of his face. “Jeremy, you in there buddy?” Jeremy ruffled his own hair a bit and smiled. “Yeah sorry, kinda.. Zoned out for a bit.. I-I’m really glad you like it, Michael.” Michael sat back in his beanbag chair with a happy sigh. “You’re great, dude. Wanna get stoned and play video games?” He picked up his new bowl, still in shock how Jeremy managed to get. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

The pale boy had did some research on bowls and bongs in the past and how they give a better, smoother hit than joints. Now will he not smoke a joint if offered? No, weed is weed is weed. Michael dug under his beanbag chair and pulled out a small nug of weed. “This isn’t a lot of weed to do it puff puff pass style sooo.. Wanna try shotgunning?” “Shotgunning??” Jeremy raised an eyebrow, having heard the phrase but never asked about it. “Basically, I take a hit from the bowl and instead of just blowing into the air, I blow into your mouth and you get a hit as well.” Wait, into Jeremy’s mouth,, meaning.. They are gonna get all up close and personal?? Jeremy nodded despite his mind making him flustered at the thought. As Michael was packing up the bowl, Jeremy was trying to make himself calmed and relaxed. He didn’t wanna fuck up and make this all awkward, but knowing himself, he always finds a way to embarrass himself. First with Christine and now Michael.

“You ready dude? She’s all packed.” Michael examined Jeremy’s face for a moment. He’s so red right now.. And that sweet nervous smile on his face made it all the better. Lighting his lighter, Michael began taking his hit as Jeremy scooted a bit closer for an easier transition. Michael turned to his friend before slipping off his glasses, his own cheek having a dust of color as he leaned in, his mouth opened ever so slightly. Jeremy’s heart was pounding like when he has to do a mile jog in P.E.. He eyed at Michael’s lips as they grew closer and if he didn’t have more control, he would try having a taste of those full lips but nevertheless, he opened his own mouth and inhaled as Michael blew out the smoke. Holding in the smoke for a few moments, he blew it out softly with a small smile. He can /definitely/ feel his high growing. Michael lightly bit his lip before going back to giving Jeremy his space, a bit reluctantly. “So, how ya feeling dude?” Michael eyed his bestie and Jeremy chuckled softly. “High, but I mean.. I could go for another try. Maybe this time I can shotgun you..?” His words grew softer as his sentence ended, just wanting another chance to get that close to Michael again though as teasing as it felt.

“Oh sure, I’d never pass up a stronger high.” He passed Jeremy the bowl and lighter, turning to face him so it’d be easier. Jeremy did the same as Michael did, taking in the smoke like a pro stoner. With a small trace of hesitation, he leaned in close to Michael, both their eyes closing slightly. Jeremy got much closer than Michael did with their lips almost grazing against one another as he blow out the smoke and Michael took it in. Jeremy’s hand was gently placed on the other’s neck whist Michael’s hands rested on Jeremy’s chest, lightly griping the blueish toned sweater.

Once Michael blew out the smoke, the two didn’t dare to move as they both didn’t want to lose this moment. This utterly blissful moment. Michael’s now reddening eyes gazed into Jeremy’s bright blue eyes. “I.. I uh..” He felt as if something was holding him back from saying a word. But words weren’t gonna be able to express his feelings. Only actions. Before Michael could attempt to udder another syllable, soft lips had gently pressed onto Michael’s. On the inside he was shocked but he didn’t dare to waste another moment. With their lips pressing and moving together, Jeremy’s heart has slowed the once rapid beating, feeling better now that his desire was fulfilled. After a few minutes flew by like seconds, the two had ended up on each other with Michael laid back on the beanbag chair and Jeremy on top before they both broke the kiss panting. A weak chuckle came from Michael as he covered his wide spread grin with his hand. Jeremy pressed a small kiss on Michael’s forehead, feeling the most content then ever before.

Michael moved his hand, sighing joyfully. “I.. Wow..! And here I thought my day couldn’t get any better.” Jeremy cupped Michael’s face, thinking why he didn’t realized how amazing Michael was when he was all upset about being alone and without Christine. Things worked out for the better as Jeremy laid his head on Michael’s chest, listening to the soft rythem from his heart. The two spent the rest of the evening cuddling together on their beanbag chairs and whispered small compliments and sweet nothings to each other.

Have You Been Drinking Again

a:n// YOOOO, I’M ALIVE. but for real, I promised I’d have one up tonight so here it is. A lovely request for a lovely anon. I hope you like it, and I’m so sorry for the long wait. I hope you guys like it a lot and I’m also dead ass tired so if it’s kinda poopy it’s cause I was like half asleep writing this. So sorry if it sucks. Love you all. I’ll get better at posting I promise.


Another pointless date, with another random guy. This is the 4th date I’ve been on this week. And no, it wasn’t a sex thing, where we go out, go home together and have sex. I ended every date with a hug and just never contacting them again.

I just couldn’t. Literally every conversation we had, I couldn’t find anything to spark my interest. Clearly the guys had a nice time, the excitement in their voice and body language as they talked all about themselves and their lives, and they all seemed boring to me quite frankly. There was just no connection.

The reason why I’m in this situation? It’s kinda complicated. Prior to this dating spree I had this guy I was kinda seeing. We met through a mutual friend, Nate. I worked the boards in his studio sessions, and he did a song with his best friend. The one and only Sammy Wilk.

Sammy and I really hit it off and we became really close. As my relationship with Nate grew, so did my friendship with Sammy. I started hanging out with them more and more and then Sammy and I just kinda became a thing.

Fans found out and shipped us hard, and well neither of us were the relationship type, so we just didn’t really label it. He called me his, and only his and I called him mine. Yeah we were together, but just not labeled. Unofficially, official. And things were good for the longest time. A year and a half, calling each other babe and baby, lots of I love you’s and a great sex life.

But then one night I showed up to his place for a party he was having. I had a late night at the studio, so I had arrived like 3 hours after the party started. I was greeted by people, all my friends since becoming so close with the boys, but I couldn’t find Sammy. Nate said he thought he was outside, so I went out looking for him, only to find him sitting by the fire, Stassie straddling him and she was whispering to him, and I started walking over there, but then her lips were on his, and I felt my heart shatter.

“hey (y/n) what’s up?” Gilinsky spoke from next to Sammy, who pulled back from Stassie panic written on his face.

“hey G” I replied, and then turned around, getting ready to leave.

I heard Sammy calling out behind me as I moved through the crowd of people. I was done with this. Stassie was always all over Sammy, and he never did anything to like, push her away. She always talked about how hot he was and the things she would do to him, literally right in front of me when she knew Sammy and I were like, a thing.

He caught up to me, grabbing my elbow, spinning me around to face him. I had tears in my eyes cause I love him. He tried to explain, but I was just too stubborn and too caught up in the moment. I was yelling at him, screaming at him, tears streaming down my face.

Johnson came out and pulled me away from Sammy, G and Nate grabbing Sam and taking him back inside. Johnson drove me home and let me cry about it the whole way home. He listened to everything I had to say and he just really helped me, talking me through it.

Well the next day Sammy showed up, but I was still pissed. We fought. I was screaming at him, and he would yell at me because ‘I wasn’t listening’ but I didn’t care. I wanted him to know exactly how I felt. I threw a plate at him when he called me a bitch, which caused us to fight even more. And I finally had enough. I told him to get out and leave and that I never wanted to see him again, tears staining my cheeks, and Sammy’s face softened at the sight before he sighed and left.

So after that, I just needed a few days to cool down. Sammy would still text me, ask me if I was okay, if we could talk, but I ended up just ignoring them. I needed some time to think things over. But then I saw pictures of him at the studio with the boys, and fucking Stassie.

So after crying to my friends about it they told me to ‘get the fuck over it and show him what he’s missing’ so that’s why I’m on these little dates. And I tried to have fun, and have a nice time, but these guys were just all duds. It’s been a month, and I haven’t found one guy that sparks my interest.

“(y/n), are you even listening?” my date, Evan asked.

“oh, uh, yeah sorry. I’m just not feeling that well. I think I’m gonna go home. I’m sorry.” I flashed a sympathetic smile and grabbed my stuff, kissing him on the cheek and thanking him and headed home.

When I got home I took a bath, the warmth relaxing me. I lost track of time and next thing I know it’s midnight, but I was so relaxed. I had actually fallen asleep I was so comfortable. I got out and dried off, changing into a pair of black booty shorts and a bob marley tee shirt I stole from Sammy, but he let me keep it cause ‘I look so cute in them’ according to him.

I was now in bed, watching the boy. I hadn’t seen it yet, but I heard it was good. Now I love scary movies, but it was nearly 1 in the morning. It was getting pretty intense, you know how scary movies go, the dramatic, suspenseful music starts playing, so you know something is gonna happen, so I was just waiting. My phone starts ringing, making me jump and fall out of bed.

I climbed up off the floor, picking up my phone and answering it.

Hello? I asked, my voice a little shaky.

‘(y/n), what’s up babe?’

Sam…. I sighed.

‘baby girl. Come here.’

Sam…it’s 1:30 in the morning.

‘so what baby, I just wanna see you. Please. Baby, it’s been so long since I seen you. Please. I love you.’

Sammy…have you been drinking again? I sighed.

‘aye ma, you know me so well’ he laughed and then I heard a thud.

Sammy? No response. Sammy are you there? And I heard nothing.

Despite what he did, I still cared about him. I still loved him. I hated to admit it, but I did. I can’t just unlove him ya know? We went through so much together, and I don’t regret it.

I got out of bed, not bothering to put on a bra and change, sliding on my boots on. I rushed out to my car and sped off to Sammy’s. I ran inside, knowing where he kept the key.

“Sammy!” I called out, panicking. I was about to run upstairs when I saw Sammy stumble out of the kitchen with a taco in his hand. He saw me and smiled his cute little smile he has when he’s high.

“baby. You came.” He smiled.

“Sammy, what the hell?”

“what babe?” he asked, setting his now empty plate on the table and walking over to me, throwing his arms around me.

“baby, I’ve missed you so much.” He mumbled in my ear.

“Sammy, I thought you got hurt.” I sighed, rubbing his back.

“I’m sorry I scared you baby girl” he sighed, caressing my face.

I couldn’t look away from him. His eyes were mesmerizing, and I haven’t looked in them in forever. A month or so. And I just couldn’t look away. Sammy pulled away, and started to walk to the couch, stumbling and running into the table and nearly falling. I caught him and we both laughed.

I helped him up to bed, laughing when he fell and crawled up the stairs. It was quite the sight. And then I helped him into bed, and I was getting ready to leave when he grabbed my arm.

“baby, stay.”

“Sammy.” I sighed, but smiled at his dopey little smile.

“please baby. I miss waking up with you in my arms. I love you so much (y/n)”

I rolled my eyes. He knew I could never resist him, or say no to him really. I relaxed in his grip and he smiled, scooting over and opening his arms for me to crawl into them. As soon as I crawled into his arms, not even 2 minutes later I heard Sammy’s little snores. I smiled to myself and ended up falling asleep, and finally I was able to get some good sleep.

I woke up the next morning, and felt two things. Firstly, was Sammy’s arm wrapped around me, and his even breathing, signaling he was awake. The second thing I felt was a little further south.

“Sammy.” I laughed

“hmm?” he hummed, pulling me closer into him.

“um, you have a slight situation.” I muttered awkwardly, only to have Sammy laugh and readjust.

“hey, it’s not like you’ve never seen it or felt it before.” He said so nonchalantly.

“Sammy” I sighed, turning to face him.

“what?” he asked.

“don’t do this. Don’t start talking about the past and try to make everything okay by thinking about it.”

“she came onto me.” He said, staring up at the ceiling.


“Stassie. Every time you saw photos and shit, she came onto me. That night of the party I tried to avoid her, but a few drinks and a few hits later I was done trying to hide and avoid her. I mean, it was my house and my party for fucks sake, so I went out and I knew you would be there soon. I was out smoking by the fire and she walked up with my sister and they sat down. And Stass decided to sit on my lap, and then she started saying all this shit in my ear and the next thing I know she’s kissing me.”

“Sammy…” I sighed.

“no please you have to believe me. (y/n) I still love you. And I would go back and change that moment in a heartbeat. Please babe. Can we just try one more time? I’m so sorry for what happened and everything that got blown out of proportion. Please.” he spoke.

I looked over at him and looked in his eyes, and they were full of sympathy. Yeah, it was one mistake, and we weren’t ‘together’ but it still hurt. Maybe I was wrong. But I mean, I still love him, I shouldn’t let that one little hiccup get in the way.

I love him and he makes me happy, why wouldn’t I be with him?

“well.” I started, Sammy looking hopeful. “I think it’d be hard to say no to that when you’ve already got me in your bed.” I giggled.

“so you forgive me?”

“yeah.” I smiled.

“good, cause I missed waking up next to my girlfriend.” He said as he grabbed my face and turned me towards him and connected our lips.

“I love you.” He muttered as we pulled away, our foreheads resting against one another’s.

“I love you too Sammy.” I muttered before snuggling back into him.