MUSICAL ALPHABET” by Graja is currently one of the highest scoring designs in our Music design challenge! Graja was nice enough to put together a key for his design:

B Bob Marley
C The Cure
D David Bowie
E Elvis Presley
F Pink Floyd
G Guns n’ Roses
H Jimi Hendrix
I Ian Curtis 
J Michael Jackson
K Kiss
L John Lennon
M Madonna
N Nirvana 
O Sinead O'connor
P Prince
Q Queen
R The Rolling Stones
S Carlos Santana
T Tina Turner
U U2
V Van Halen
W Stevie Wonder
X Sex Pistols
Y Iggy Pop
Z Led Zeppelin

Score some designs from this challenge and help us decide which designer will be our grand prize winner!


✨miamialien giveaway✨

I made a new tumblr and thought this would be a good chance to get some followers + I don’t want any of this stuff anymore and selling it is too much work

Nintendo DS Super Princess Peach game
Nintendo DS Super Princess Peach case
Guns N Roses iPhone 5/5s case
Rolling Stones iPhone 5/5s case
Rilakkuma & Winnie the Pooh iPhone 3GS case (fits iPods & iPhone 4)
2 Bob Marley shirts
Drake Take Care shirt
Pierce the Veil shirt
Falling in Reverse shirt
Pink Floyd shirt
Johnny Cash shirt
Guns N Roses shirt
Cinderella shirt
Def Leppard shirt
Rolling Stones shirt
Strawberry ring
GNR/Grateful Dead buttons
Aliens & Egyptian stones

-must be following me
-likes & reblogs count (as many as you want)
-ends on February 14th
-I’ll ship anywhere


I took part in designing a T-shirt for dreadheads, I hope that you all like it as much as I do! ^_^

Most dreadheads will experience this at some point when meeting someone new:
The stranger asks: “Do you like Bob Marley?” and sings“♪ No woman, no cry ♪”

This shirt says it in a fun way, to gently make fun of people who do this. Even though our hair is similar to Bob Marley’s and we might be inspired by him, we are not Bob! There is only one Bob Marley.

Do you think this shirt is cool, you can get one over at:

Over the next 12 days you can get 15% DISCOUNT just fill in the code ‘dreadhead’ at the checkout!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!