Dark Confidant


Dark Confidant is Bob Maher’s Invitational card from 2004. It was originally printed as a rare in Ravnica: City of Guilds and is now to be reprinted as a a mythic rare in the up and coming set Modern Masters. Dark Confidant is also referred to as “Bob” because of it being Bob Maher’s invitational card. Which, the flavor text of Dark Confidant also refers to Bob Maher’s nickname, “The Great One,” in the flavor text, “Greatness, at any cost.”

Dark Confidant is both a Legacy and Modern staple in practically any deck that is running black. Jund, Esper Deathblade on some occasions, even in some IsoSceptor builds.

The card is established as part of the 2 Drop power house cycle set across the MtG universe in various sets. Tarmogoyf from Time Spiral, Arcbound Ravager from Darksteel, Snapcaster Mage from Innistrad and Stoneforge Mystic from Zendikar. Each of these cards have absolutely strong abilities with very basic stats.

Dark Confidant’s greatest ability as a whole, in my opinion, would have to be it being a creature. The ability grants a second card to be drawn during the turn as a costly amount sometimes. It also costs 2, being very splashable and cheap in any build. The card advantage and cheapness of the card are great and hit right before some of the most important turns, but can also make a game very suicidal if you’re playing in the red zone. It being a creature gives it more of an advantage over Phyrexian Arena and Dark Tutelage because it is easier to get rid of and can also get in for a simple 2.

The downside of playing Dark Confidant is the ability to fall into the red zone really quick. Life doesn’t matter as much since it is more of a utility than anything, but falling into the red zone can open up vulnerability. Always keep track of the amount of cards that cost more than 4. I suggest never running anymore than 4 cards that cost 4 and never go above that CMC. Some people have been very successful with running Thudermaw Hellkite in their Jund Builds during dailies along side Dark Confidant, so being adventurous can always have an upside. Even in Junk Builds on the field control route run Batterskull along with Dark Confidant. 

Dark Confidant is an overwhelmingly powerful card that gives you advantage every turn, which is powerful against control and combo decks more than aggro decks. It being a creature establishes it strong points more than anything also since getting rid of it when it would hurt more than it would help is a great strong point. Even if, the chance is that the triggered is missed if having at least one creature on the field would help out more.


The Despicable Charm of the New Confidant

Famous Tournament player Bob Maher showed off the Modern Masters reprint of his Invitational card Dark Confidant last May. He talked about its history (The final draft was WAY better than his initial submission), its impact on tournaments (not to mention players’ wallets), and the appeal of Scott M. Fischer’s new art compared to Ron Spears’s version (he’s game to sign copies of the new Confidant).


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