Stevie Nicks & restaurant owner/chef Bob Longhi in Maui with George Harrison the day he wrote Soft Hearted Hana which he dedicated to his long time friend, Bob. This photo was taken in the late 1970s by Stevie’s friend Mary DeVitto & is very special to Stevie. Bob is the one who arranged the meeting as he was going to visit George & Stevie came along with him. Stevie said of this moment:

“The photo was taken by my best friend, Mary DeVitto,She had given me a copy of it a long time ago, and I had it made into an 8 x 10 and put in a little frame. When I go on the road it goes right on my makeup mirror, so before I go on stage, whether it’s with Fleetwood Mac or me in my solo career, the three of us are looking back at me and that has been my inspiration every single night. There’s lots of nights where you kind of go, I wish I didn’t have to go on stage tonight, I’m tired, I don’t feel like doing it, and I look at George Harrison and look at Longhi and look at me and I go, well, you just have to, because it’s important, it’s important to make people happy, so get out of your chair, put on your boots and go out there and do your thing.”