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Inspired by this post, a small fic on Bad Bob just trying to be the best dad he can be. Could also be seen as a companion to Coach. Also on AO3…  

Bob had grown up in locker rooms. The majority of his life was spent surrounded by the sweaty stink of post-game adrenaline, the raucous laughter, the camaraderie. And he loved it… for the most part.

There was the part of it, however, he didn’t like, didn’t particularly care to join in on. Prejudice of any kind had no place in Bob Zimmermann’s heart. When a distasteful joke was made, he retreated into himself. Excused himself to go shower or meet his parents – and later, Alicia.

Alicia was quite vocal many times saying, “If you had been a stereotypical jock I would never have given you the time of day.”

Bob nodded, and didn’t think he was being or not being anything in particular. He just preferred to judge people by their actions and their heart – and nothing else.

Alicia loved his gentle nature, which was a stark contrast to the person he was on the ice. While he was Bad Bob Zimmermann on the ice, off the ice Bob opened doors for little old ladies, he stopped to pet random dogs on the street, he called his parents every Sunday, made corny jokes, and enjoyed cooking for the people he loved.

When Jack came along one hot August morning, Bob held his newborn son as tears flowed freely down his face.

“He’s perfect, Alicia,” Bob murmured as he pressed a kiss onto the baby’s head.

Alicia hummed and closed her eyes, full of exhaustion and bliss.

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pls i want to hear all bob-kent family headcanons

Didn’t anyone tell you to be careful what you wish for?  Okay, fine, but you asked for it.  Where do I start?

  • Kent and Bob officially first met at some team picnic thing that the Zimmermanns do every year for Jack’s team before the season starts
    • Kent totally played it cool by calling Bob “Mr. Zimm’s Dad”
    • “Son, I’ll have you know that I was Zimms before Jack was Zimms.”
    • Kent just calls him Mr. Z
  • By some twist of fate, the Zimmermanns ended up being Kent’s billet family
    • He would basically pick up all of Bob’s bad habits
      • Walking around the house in his boxers
      • Eating dry cereal from the box
      • Feet on the coffee table
    • Kent laughs at Bob’s jokes, which is a terrible development for Alicia and Jack.
  • Bob taught Kent a few basic cooking tips, like how to hold a knife and how to properly chop an onion
    • Bob tried to teach Kent how to juggle knives, but Alicia put a stop to that pretty quickly
    • Kent still can’t cook, but he as least knows how to add pork, carrots, and celery to some top ramen to give it some “pizzazz”.
    • (That’s Bob’s word.  He keeps trying to make it stick, but it’s just embarrassing for everyone, especially when he does the jazz hands)
  • Kent’s favorite food is Bob’s Lasagna
    • Seriously, he would sell his Stanley Cup Ring for a tray of that shit
    • Bob also makes the best sugar pie on the planet and this is ABSOLUTELY NOT UP FOR DEBATE
  • Bob was the first person Kent came out to.
    • He did it at the end of the season, the day before he was headed back to New York. He figured if things didn’t work out, he could just not come back.
    • Kent seriously thought about quitting because hockey wasn’t for “people like him”.
    • Bob squashed that idea pretty damn fast and gave Kent the biggest, warmest hug he’s ever known. 
    • Kent cried like a baby
    • “So, is there someone on the team you like?” *nudge nudge*
    • Kent wouldn’t know the answer to that for another year.
  • Bad Bob did NOT teach Kent how to drive.  There are a couple of important reasons for this:
    • Bob cannot drive.  Yes, the government gave him a license, but you do not want this man behind the wheel of a 1-ton vehicle.
    • Besides, he was too busy teaching Jack.
    • Alicia teaches Kent how to drive, and this is why Kent can shift gears like he’s 2 Fast 2 Furious.
  • Kent accidentally calls him “Dad” exactly once.
  • The last thing Kent heard from Bob was a voicemail saying, “This is not your fault.”
    • Kent still has this saved on his phone
  • Kent’s watch isn’t new. Bob sent it to him as a gift after the 2009 draft.
    • Engraved on the back, it says: Your Team is Your Family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten
    • (Jack has a matching watch, but he… didn’t keep it)
OMGCP characters as things my parents have said or done
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Bitty:</b> "Can you help me find the old peanut jar we cleaned out? I made chrysanthemum tea and need to give some to your cousin but can't use a good container because Lord knows that that girl never gives back anything we lend her."<p/><b>Jack:</b> "If I tell your mom that this rock is a fossil do you think she'll let me keep it? ... No, it's not really a fossil I just think it's pretty."<p/><b>Shitty:</b> *Dad walks down the stairs shirtless, makes eye contact with me* "Well it's not like I actually need a shirt right now." *Walks away* <p/><b>Lardo:</b> *Mom walks up behind Dad with a pair of scissors as he washes the dishes and cuts straight up the back of his shirt* "This shirt was way too old. It was time for it to die."<p/><b>Ransom:</b> "Honey, did you update the freezer inventory spreadsheet? I'm missing a fish and have an undocumented loaf of bread."<p/><b>Holster:</b> *Dad knocks on my closed bedroom door* "I have finally found your snow gloves, you have no excuse. Do you want to build a snowman?"<p/><b>Nursey:</b> "I don't understand why your mom is so worked up - the snow was going to be shoveled anyways, why couldn't we lie in it first? I mean, it's fluffy."<p/><b>Dex:</b> "Have you seen the mini staple gun? I need it to fix the water filter because your mother cranked it too hard and it broke again. Duct tape only works for so long."<p/><b>Chowder:</b> *Mom, 40+, gets carded at the liquor store* "While I'm flattered, I can't tell if you're joking or just blind."<p/><b>Bad Bob:</b> "Are you ready for bed? Good. Let's see how many of the NHL team names you can get right before you fall asleep. Go on, get under the covers and let's start on the west coast."<p/><b>Alicia:</b> "Mom, I look like a lumpy potato" "A very cute lumpy potato, now, let me send this baby picture to all your relatives."<p/><b>Kent:</b> *Dad rolls down the windows and blares Celine Dion* "My heart will, go on and ooooooooooooon"<p/></p><b>Tater:</b> "Dad, mom's making fried rice for dinner." *Dad, exaggerating to make fun of his own accent* "Ah yes, fly lice. Very good. Gahlic Fly Lice"<p/><p/></p>
Alicia and Bob, Part Two


(and then the notes came out, so…)

“I think I’m in shock,” Alicia says later, holding her wine glass to her cheek, leaning against the kitchen island while Bob washes produce. “Not that he’s with Eric. but that he told us. Just like that.”

“Just like that,” Bob agrees. He turns off the sink and dumps a handful of carrots on a dish towel. “Though…he did keep it quiet, didn’t he?”

Alicia laughs, nods, “For months!”

“Since the summer!” Bob counters, taking up a knife and moving celery to the cutting board.

Alicia marvels, “Over half a year.”

Bob shakes his head. “Since Graduation!”

Alicia ignores the muttered knew it and says, “Bobby…he’s serious about this.”

Bob looks up from his chopping. “Seems like it. How serious do you think?”

“I…” Alicia shrugs. She empties her glass and crosses to refill it from the bottle behind her. She looks out the kitchen window at the back yard rolling down to the practice rink, and the trees beyond. “He’s going to bring that boy here. And soon. Now that we know, and now that I’ve seen Jack’s face… I’m surprised he wasn’t here for Christmas this year.”

“Jack said Eric’s parents don’t know. I’m sure that has something to do with it,” Bob says. “How would he explain wanting to come here?”

Alicia sighs, returns to Bob’s side. “That lovely boy,” she says. “I can’t imagine his parents reacting poorly. Suzanne seemed just as sweet as him when we met.”

“There’s no way to know how people really feel,” Bob says. “If he comes out to them and it doesn’t go well… Can Jack handle that? Can either of them? What then?”

“God,” Alicia says. “Jack would have Eric moved in with him the next day. He’d be frantic to arrange that boy’s life so he never had to worry about a thing. I confess I only know Eric from two short meetings in person and his social media but… He wouldn’t allow it. But he would need something. Some kind of support. Poor thing. I hope it doesn’t go that way.”

Bob shrugs. “Kent Parson practically lived here the summer before…well. And Jack never bothered to clue us in to that situation until after the fact. I still get a phone call from that boy on my birthday.”


“And Kent was never going to be the be-all end-all for Jack, but I still care for him like he was ours, in a way, whether Jack still keeps in touch with him or not. I’d do damn near anything for someone who turned our kid into the person we just saw. Anything.”

Alicia leans into his side. Bob tilts his head obligingly so she can press a kiss to his temple. “You’re pretty decent, as fathers and husbands go, have I mentioned?”

“High praise,” Bob jokes.

Alicia gooses him on the way past him and out of the kitchen. “I’m going to go take five minutes to cry a little and then I’ll set the table.”

“Good plan,” Bob says, amusement in his voice. “When you come back we should probably come up with the nicest way to tell Jack he can’t propose to a twenty year old college junior, because if I’m honest, this is a concern I have.”

Alicia holds her hand to her heart. “Bobby, I can’t take it.”

“I know,” he says. “Isn’t it great?”

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More tidbits pls? Gonna put your blog on notify. :D

haha sure! i mean, i’m just recalling snippets of things she said while she was sketching but

  • coach’s first name is richard and that is indeed why bitty’s middle name is richard
  • jack is loosely based off of sidney crosby in that ngozi wanted to see what it would be like if she ruined his life (sort of, see previous post)
  • bad bob is supposed to be wayne gretzky, basically
  • pretty much everyone on the team comes from some sort of privilege because let’s face it hockey is an expensive sport. even the bittles are distinctly not-poor because coach is a football coach in the south and that is a thing
  • ransom’s parents are super educated; i think at least his mother is a scientist
  • lardo is a first generation american; chowder is not. his parents met at samwell
  • shitty’s parents met at andover and immediately fell in love; shitty’s childhood was a push-pull of her, very liberal, wanting to make sure he grew up aware of his privilege and him, rich legacy, wanting shitty to uphold that legacy
  • zimmermann is spelled with two ‘n’s to make him distinct from george zimmerman
  • bitty was originally supposed to be a prep school kid from connecticut (laughing so hard because i am in fact from connecticut)
  • bitty grew less intense and jack grew more intense during the conception phase
  • there was a fascinating discussion about jack and kent’s names and nicknames: they each sort of have three tiers from casual to intimate (zimmermann - jack - zimms and kent - parse - kenny, i believe). when they usually talk they are in the middle at jack & parse. when they are pissed at each other it’s zimmermann & kent. when they are having more intimate conversation it’s zimms & kenny
  • from last livestream: bitty would be something like a jigglypuff if he were a pokemon. if he were a trainer he would totally have like a level 70 charmander he wouldn’t make evolve. jack would have something like a growlithe and also a gyarados and would probably legitimately think gyarados was cute. he’d think it was weird bitty didn’t have a charizard by now and his team would be mostly intimidating pokemon. (i may or may not have spent like 3 solid hours trying to make jack and bitty’s perfect teams from the original 150 because who has time for anything else now really)
  • parse is a slytherin
  • jack is not that good at photography and probably knows it, but he doesn’t care
  • bad bob’s friends actually call him ‘bobby’
  • holster and ransom have a fuck-ton of sisters between them lol
  • jack has a hard time letting anyone in and that includes shitty (i.e. there are things about him even shitty does not know)

but probably the best and most important piece of information is that, in the spirit of stanford’s tree, samwell’s mascot is a fucking dancing well. like the kind you draw water from. idk how canon ngozi actually intended that to be, but the sketch she drew was PRICELESS (and she said it’d go up somewhere)

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my new neighbor is really fucking attractive but i’m terrible at social interaction so i’ve been avoiding them until one day we’re forced to talk when we get stuck in the elevator together and dammit i just want to jump your bones

Actor/Florist AU. First time writing Patater, hope y’all enjoy! 

In the weeks since Kent Parson had come out as gay and also admitted he had been seeking help for mental health issues, things had been rough but good. The initial response to his announcements had been mostly positive with a lot of Kent’s fellow actors and actresses, as well as his fans, wishing him well, and he’d even managed to hire a new agent who was helping him find the right parts. Before that, he’d been offered plenty of roles, and even though they were all essentially the same character, Kent had been bored and miserable, but comfortable.

Checking his phone one last time for any messages from his agent, Kent plodded toward the elevators. It had been a long day of auditions and while he had one call back for later in the week, he was also exhausted. Usually, in an effort to stay fit, he would take the stairs, but tonight he just wanted to get home and crash.  Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long for the elevator and it was only as he was stepping inside that he realised he was not alone.

“Hello, Kenny.”

Swallowing hard because he was going to have to share the elevator with his neighbor and crush, Kent tried to smile. “Hey, Alexei.”

Alexei smiled. “How long before you call me Tater, like everyone else?”

“I like Alexei.”

The smile that Kent got after those words left his mouth was incandescent and Kent felt his heart start to beat harder in his chest.

“Okay, but only you, Kenny.”

Kent could feel his cheeks flush as he tried to find something to say. He’d been crushing on Alexei pretty much since he’d moved in and other than a somewhat disastrous first meeting where Kent had been hiding in one of his asshole jock roles, just about every chance he had to actually talk to the man, he’d ended up a stuttering, tongue-tied mess.

Alexei “Tater” Mashkov had moved into the building a year ago and had quickly gone about making friends with almost everyone on their floor and in the building. He’d done it by bringing everyone flowers from his shop and by being genuinely nice. When he’d showed up at Kent’s door with a bouquet of pansies and yellow carnations, Kent had been stunned by the handsome man at his door with flowers and had stupidly given his thanks in a snide, haughty tone. Seeing the large Russian man’s face harden as he turned on his heel to leave had been the beginning of Kent’s wake up call.

He’d shown up at Alexei’s door the next day with his attempt at making muffins and an apology. He blustered a bit, making excuses about how he was preparing for his next role and started walking back to his apartment when Alexei had just stood there silently staring.

Kent had not been prepared for the Russian man to call after him with a broad smile and a hand out to shake. Kent had taken it and mumbled a quiet thanks before escaping into his apartment and sinking to the floor, back against the door. Kit, his cat, had trotted up and rubbed his head into Kent’s hand.

After that, Kent had done his best to avoid his good look neighbor. He’d been able to get away with quick greetings and rushed small talk for the most part, but now with Alexei smiling at him, Kent knew he’d have to make actual conversation.

“Alexei, I’ve always wanted to ask.”

Alexei shifted a little closer to Kent, and leaned back against the wall. “Yes?”

“Um..” Before he could finish his question, the elevator shuddered and groaned and then jerked to halt, making them both stumble. “What just happened?”

Alexei reached for Kent, hand landing on his elbow. “Kenny? You are okay, yes?”

Feeling very aware of the hand wrapped around his arm, Kent could only nod at first. “I’m okay. What about, what about you? Are you okay?”

Alexei smiled at Kent again, eyes sparkling. “I am very okay. Glad to be stuck here with you and not with mean old lady who lives down hall.”

Laughing, Kent noticed that Alexei still had a grip on Kent’s arm, thumb moving in circles over Kent’s skin “She is mean. Yelled at me for my cat getting out when I first moved in.” Alexei kept smiling and Kent could feel his cheeks heating. “Should we, umm, should we try the emergency button?”

When he let go of Kent, Alexei’s fingers dragged over the bare skin of his arm making him shiver. “You stay here, I will push. I’m sure it’s fine.”

Kent bobbed his head and let Alexei go over and talk to emergency services while he slid down the wall and checked his phone. Thankfully he did have service so they could call out if they needed to.

“Kenny? Are you okay? Are you, what is word? Closed spaces? Scared?”

“Hmm? No, just not sure how long we’ll be here so thought I’d sit. Get comfortable, you know?”

“I join?”

“Sure.” Kent shifted a bit, trying to leave more space for the larger man. “Did they say how long it will take to get us going?”

Alexei took a seat next to Kent, shoulders brushing. “Not long, Kenny. We talk? Yes?”

Swallowing hard, Kent tried to rein in his nerves. “Sure, sounds good.”

“Perfect.” Alexei nudged Kent with his shoulder. “You had question, ask it.”

“Oh, right. It was about the flowers when you first moved in. I’ve always wanted to know why the yellow carnation and the pansies.”

“Do you know flower language?”

Kent shook his head and settled a little closer to Alexei, enjoying the heat the other man put off.

Alexei chuckled. “Well, pansies are like a hug, and friendly.” He lowered his voice then and leaned closer to Kent. “I also like how bright they are.”

“And the carnations?”

“They have many meanings, but yellow is friendship. I wanted to extend friendship to the building.”

“That’s really nice, Alexei. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m still sorry for what an ass I was when you brought the flowers.”

“Is okay, Kenny. I liked the muffins you made. Very good.”

“Really? I thought for sure they were awful. They barely rose at all. I don’t know how Eric Bittle does it,” Kent shrugged, “but I’ve always wanted to try one of his recipes.”

“I am glad you tried. They were very tasty.”

“Thanks.” Kent felt his cheeks heat again and wondered if he would ever stop blushing. “I’ve watched him since he was on Youtube, and now that he has an actual show, I’m really excited. He’s actually the reason, I, I, actually, you don’t need to hear this. Forget I said anything.”

Before he could say more, Alexei took his hand and laced their fingers together. “No, I want to know.”

Closing his eyes, Kent took a deep breath in and let it out slowly like he’d learned in therapy. “He’s the reason I finally came out. Him and his husband, Jack, Jack Zimmermann, the hockey player?”

Alexei nodded and smiled at Kent again. “I know Zimboni. I did the flowers for their wedding.”

Opening his eyes, Kent studied Alexei. “You did?”

Bringing their joined hands into his lap, Alexei nodded again. “B wanted lots of flowers. Flowers everywhere. And so much food. I was completely stuffed.”

Kent laughed. “What kinds of flowers?”

“Daisies, for the happiness of laugh. Sunflowers for adoration, and gladiolus for strength.”

“Sounds lovely.”

“I was proud of my work that day. B and Zimboni love each other so much. I want that.”

Kent could hear the earnestness in Alexei’s voice and he could understand. “I do too. Seeing those two come through the fire of coming out stronger, together, was the push I needed.”

“Was it hard?”

“Coming out?”


“It was. Most were good and kind about it, but there were some,” Kent shivered and let Alexei pull him closer. “I was just so tired of pretending. It was making me anxious and mean and all anyone wanted me for was to play snobby assholes. I thought maybe if that’s what everyone saw, maybe it’s how I should be. It’s part of why I was such a jerk to you. I got used to hiding in that role.”

“Oh, Kenny. Is okay. You are brave. Is hard to be yourself. I had to leave home because I could not be me.”

Looking up through his lashes at Alexei, Kent could see the pain there. “That had to be hard, Alexei.”

“I miss my family, but is better here. I like being me.”

“I like you too.”

Alexei chuckled and bumped Kent with his shoulder. “I like you too. You work hard and try to you and it’s good.”

“Thank you. It’s hard work, but I am determined to be better. My therapist helps a lot.”

They both laughed and continued to talk for a little longer until the elevator finally started up again. When it made it to their floor, they both stood and walked out, hand in hand.

At Kent’s door, they stopped and Alexei bent down to kiss his cheek. “ спокойная ночь, Kenny.”

Kent went into his apartment and dropped his keys in the bowl near the door. Kit came running up, meowing about his missed dinner. On autopilot, Kent fed him and then walked down the hall to his bedroom. He changed and crawled under the covers and finally let himself think about the fact that he’d been kissed, by Alexei. Even though it was just on the cheek, Kent would swear he still felt the press of Alexei’s lips on his cheek. As he fell asleep, he hoped for dreams of his neighbor with more than just kisses on the cheek.

The next day, since he had nothing pressing, Kent slept in and after feeding Kit, he steeled himself and swore he’d go next door and ask Alexei on a date.

When he stepped out the door, however, there was a small pot with a single orchid growing inside with a note attached.

Kenny, orchids mean romantic interest. I would like to take you to dinner. Tonight?

There was a number included and Kent picked up the orchid and brought it inside. Setting it on the counter, he grabbed his phone and called Alexei.


“I would love to go to dinner.”

“ молодец . I am glad. I will pick you up at 7?”



спокойная ночь: Goodnight

молодец: Perfect

Edited with help from @shrewreadings giving me better translations

this holiday season, i’m eternally grateful that alicia and bob knew about kent, because that means they’ve been in jack’s corner in every way since then

i’m eternally grateful they told jack explicitly, or at least acted effusive enough, that he truly thinks they “love the idea that [they’re] together”

i’m eternally grateful that jack is now 100% himself with his parents, can love bitty out in the open within most of their circle, and is thinking about coming out to all the people who he thinks should know

he’s in the nhl, he’s got an a, he’s in love, and he’s out to most of the people who matter to him. what a year for jack zimmermann! bless us every one

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I know we hate each other but it's Christmas eve and your flight was cancelled pls come inside

Bitty stares at the tweet on his phone. Kent is here. In Montréal…alone on Christmas Eve. Under any other circumstance, Bitty could’ve turned a blind eye because what Kent Parson does is none of his business. He’s a grown man and he can take care of himself.

But no one should be alone on Christmas Eve.


He knows Bob and Alicia will be fine with this, and they do have more food than it’s possible to eat. They’re comfortable with Kent. That leaves his dear and lovely boyfriend to be convinced.

“Are you watching a cat die?”

Bitty jolts. “Good lord!” Speaking of the dev—wait, “What?”

Jack chuckles, running a towel through his wet hair. Unfortunately for Bitty, he’s already all dressed in dark jeans and a sweater. How dare Jack be so decent on Christmas Eve in his parents’ house!

“You look sad, babe,” Jack leans in for a kiss and smiles when Bitty winds his arms around his neck. One sweeping move and Jack is holding Bitty up against him, swallowing Bitty’s squeal with his wicked, wicked tongue.

“You’re in a good mood,” Bitty manages out, breathless.

“I’m spending another Christmas with you, what’s not to love?”

Sap,” Bitty chirps while internally groaning. It isn’t that Jack and Kent hate each other. No, not at all these past few years. Their relationship has been on the mend. It’s just not— “Kent’s in Montréal,” Bitty blurts out.

Jack stills. Fuck. “Now?”


Jack moves to sit on the bed, Bitty in his lap, studiously following the dips of the curtains by the window.

Jack sighs. “You want to invite him here.” A statement, not a question. As if it’s obvious. Bitty never thought he’d find someone who knows him like this.

Bitty smiles, looking at Jack and falling in love again because he knows Jack too. He knows Jack’s gonna say yes. Because Jack is kind, strong, brave and loving. Yet, Bitty says, “No one should spend Christmas alone.”

“No.” Jack steals another kiss. “Have you talked to Maman and Papa yet?”

Bitty leans into the crook in Jack’s neck. “No. I don’t think they’d mind though.”

Jack snorts. “Probably not.”

Alicia is nervous. The realization hits swiftly and Bitty finds himself more nervous than before.

“Eric, may I talk to you for a moment?” She still manages a bright smile on her immaculate face.

“C'est quoi ça?” Jack looks up from his phone.

“Camme toé. Just a moment,” she replies.

“Oh. Before that, um…” Jack brows furrow together lightly and Bitty’s fingers itch to smoothen it out like he’s done a thousand times before. “Kent’s in town. The airport is shut down because of the storm and Bitty and I were thinking we should invite him over. Is that, uh, okay?”

Alicia and Bob exchange looks before Alicia sags and Bob grins.

“That’s wonderful, honey.” Alicia moves to rest her head on Jack’s shoulder. “That’s actually what I was gonna talk to Bitty about.”

Bitty exhales slowly.

Jack grins at Bitty. “You know how Bitty is with twitter.”

“Oh, yes, we do,” Bob chimes in, throwing an arm around Bitty and handing him a glass of eggnog.

“We could have Suzanne and Richard pick him up. Didn’t they say they’d be done by now?”

Alicia straightens with a hop. “I’ll call Suzanne right now.”

“And I’ll call Kent,” Jack volunteers.

“You’re being weird.” Bitty hands Kent a cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream and sits beside him on the bench. It’s freezing. What the fuck, Kent.

Kent sneers, then sighs. “I know, Bits.”

“You’re gonna tell me why?”

Kent licks at the whipped cream in his cup, bidding time. “I…” He exhales and grits his teeth. A familiar yet recently rare scowl appears on Kent’s face and Bitty sits up, turning slightly to look at Kent fully.

“Kent, are you okay? What is it?”

Kent blows out a huge breath and it billows around him like smoke. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

Kent doesn’t reply.

Bitty shifts closer. “Do what, Kent?”

“Let yourself love someone.”

Bitty freezes. Puzzle pieces slide into place and Bitty leans back. When he can’t think of a good answer, “why would you not?”

“Because they always leave. And I’m not—” Kent clears his throat. “I’m not accusing Jack or blaming him. I know he had his reasons and I respect those. It’s just…” Kent gives a helpless little shrug.

“He still left,” Bitty finishes.

Kent droops, his head hanging between his knees. Bitty moves to rest his head on his shoulder and asks, “Was it worth it? Loving Jack? Do you regret it?”


“Then that’s it. Yes, they might leave you or you might leave them, but that’s true for everyone. So the best you can do it find someone who’s worth it.”

The whipped cream in Kent’s cup melts to mush and finally, Kent smiles. “You should have your own show, Bits.”

“Nah, I’m perfectly happy caring for my friends. In fact, I’m even happier when my friends tell me who we’re talking about loving.”

Kent’s smile widens into a grin and he winks at Bitty. “It was a hypothetical question, Bits.”

Bitty sticks his tongue out like a mature adult. “You’re stuck here for a days, Mr. Parson. I’ll get it out of you. Just watch.” Bitty grabs his own hot chocolate and heads to the patio door.

“Wait…I—” Bitty swivels at Kent’s words. “If I tell you, do you promise not to tell Jack?”

“Why not?”

Kent rolls his eyes. “He’ll make it weird.”

Bitty raises his eyebrows. “It’s someone he knows?”

“He actually introduced us.” Kent’s finger trails the rim of his cup and holy shit, is he blushing?? Warmth threatens to choke Bitty as he hurries back to his seat.

“I won’t tell him. I promise.”

Kent pulls his cup closer to him. “It’s, uh…Alexei. Mashkov,” he adds as if Bitty didn’t know who Alexei is.

“Jack’s Captain Alexei Mashkov?” Bitty repeats.


“Holy shit.” Bitty laughs. “Yeah, okay, Jack would be so weird.”

Kent lifts his eyebrow in agreement.

It takes a bit for Bitty to take it all in and he does it with a smile because Tater is possibly the sweetest, huggiest, happiest person Bitty knows and Kent totally deserves someone like that.

“Okay, so, like, has he told you?” Bitty blurts out, officially settling into gossip mode.

“He told me what?”

“That he loves you!”

“Oh, um…no.”

“But you love him.”


Bitty stares Kent down unimpressed. “So you just made me sit here in the freezing cold and watch you waste that perfection of a hot chocolate for nothing?”



Note: Bitty is not above whining when it comes to his friends’ happiness.

“Look, I haven’t…I haven’t…processed it yet, okay? I mean, I just.” Kent growls out of a sigh. “I was gonna go spend Christmas with him and relax because it’s chill and that’s what we are, we’re chill and then, the flights got cancelled and…I don’t know. I just felt upset! And I haven’t left that upset since…a long time and I—I just thought it meant…you know.” Kent gestures randomly as if his confession of love is an object on the table before them.

“So are yo—wait, are you two even dating?”

Kent shrugs.

Good lord.

“But you wanna be.”

“Kinda. Yeah.”

“Then ask him out.” Even though you love him already.

“I don’t know. We have a good thing going right now.”

“Of not talking? Because that’s not a proper relationship and we both know it.”

Kent sighs. “I know. It’s just…scary.”

“Good,” Bitty presses. “That means you care.”

Kent smiles and he gets that tender look in his eyes again. “I do.”

“So do it!”

Kent stares at him in shock. “Right now?”

No, but… “Yes! Do it right now. Call him.”

“What if—”

“Nope. You two were gonna spend Christmas together. That doesn’t happen unless he really likes you. So call him. Right now.”

“Um…” Kent flushes. “O-okay.” He sits back to get his phone from his pocket and looks at Bitty with a helpless look.

Bitty does not smile. Nope. “I’m gonna go inside and wait by the kitchen counter and you are going to call Alexei and talk to him. Cool?”

“Hmhhhm.” Kent takes a deep breath.

Bitty may or may not swoon a little bit. Oh, young love…

To Alyosha:

can i call u

Kent’s phone vibrates and he almost drops it in the process of picking it up.

“Is something wrong?” Alexei’s warm, deep voice is a little higher than usual and Kent melts at his worry.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just…I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh. Are Zimmbonis boring, huh?”

Kent smiles at Alexei’s teasing and the fact that he calls Zimms ‘Zimmboni.’ Hilarious. “Nah, they’re good.” I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you I love you. “What are you up to?”

“Snowy’s here. He hear about the storm and came to keep company. We’re watching that stupid…ahhh, what you call, ah, opera?”

“Opera?” Kent raises his eyebrows. “Like singing opera or the talk show Oprah?”

“No. No. The very, very long TV show opera.”

Oh my god. “Soap opera? You’re watching soap operas with Snowy?” Kent bites his lip as he snickers.

“Yes, that. Don’t laugh. Is pretty good.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“We also have Chinese. With the little cookie. Oh, let me tell you something, yeah.” Alexei’s voice lowers and Kent finds himself leaning forward as if Alexei is in front of him. If only… “My cookie said there is great happiness in my future.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. Is why I’m glad you called.”


“Because now I’m greatly happy.”

Alexei says it so simply, casually like Kent’s heart doesn’t feel like it’s about to burst. “I—um, I’m glad to hear that.” Ask him. Say it. Ask him. “Hey, Alexei?”

“Yes, Kenny?”

“This storm…it’ll pass over soon and we still have a few days before…um, any games and the airline promised to reschedule our, uh, tickets and, um, I—I was wondering if you know, if you’d possibly, you know, like,”

“Kenny,” Alexei interrupts gently. “Breathe.”



“What was that?”

Fuck you, man. “Do you…want to go…on a date? With me.”

Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

“Kenny.” Alexei sighs.


“What you think we have done all time? I take you to little restaurant by ocean. You come over for pizza. We go to the carnival. Disney! Together.”

What. “But I—we, I thought we were hanging out!”

Alexei sighs exasperatedly. “Kenny, we kiss.”

Yeah, we had sex too. But…” Oh my god, they’ve dating, haven’t they? For months…

“But what, Kenny?” Alexei’s voice has that lilt again. The one he gets when he’s teasing.

Kent huffs. “But nothing. I can’t believe you sneak-dated me.”

Alexei laughs and Kent pushes down the butterflies fluttering in his ribcage for slight annoyance. “From what I remember, you were there too. For everything.” Kent can almost see him waggling his eyebrows like an idiot. But he’s not the idiot, is he? Kent is. “You even enjoyed it a lot.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Kent says because he doesn’t have anything to say. Well, no… “Fine, okay. We’ve been dating the whole thing, but we’re still going out when I get to Providence.”

“Okay. No problem.”

“Okay. I…I should go before someone comes looking.”


“Bye.” I love you.

“Bye bye, Kenny.”

Kent ends the call and stares at himself on the glass before him.

He’s been dating someone. Alexei. For months. He basically has a boyfriend. Him.

Kent Parson.

Holy fuck.

ITH Holiday Special 2016 posts

PB&J headcanons because I love those dweebs

  • One year for hallowe’en Bitty sat on Kent’s shoulders under a really long coat because they decided to dress as a tall person just so they could chirp Jack for once
  • Jack is getting increasingly more nervous about Kent’s demon cat. He checks under sofas before he sits down because he doesn’t want his ankles scratched that much again
  • Kent says swawesome. It’s how the Falcs worked out that he and Jack were together, but they all thought they were the only one to know so they respectfully kept it quiet
  • Bitty sometimes ends up on those “hockey wives” type things that I keep hearing about from y’all and am still not convinced are real
    • Oh man I bet there’s some Falcs/Aces rivalry at some point and Bitty’s in the middle like “I just hope everyone has fun and no one fights”
    • Sometimes Kent shows up because “I’ve got a famous hockey boyfriend too”. He’s great on reality TV
  • When Kent is watching tape, Jack will do everything in his power (up to and including neck kisses) to distract him. Until he finally gives in and decides making out is a better plan, at which point Jack will look at the TV and go “actually this was a really good game” and completely ignore Kent
  • Kent and Bitty have a competition on twitter where they try to take and post the most photos of Jack while Jack is taking a photo of something hipstery
  • Bad Bob pretends to be the disapproving future father-in-law type about Kent because he thinks its funny
    • But only Kent
    • “Mr Zimmermann, what do you think about your son dating two men?” “Well, I’m glad he’s happy. Y’know, Eric is so good for him and they’re going to be so happy together it’s wonderful. And Kent’s alright too I guess.”
    • Jack makes Bob give Kent a special “sorry I pretended to hate you for a joke” cake and absolutely refuses to let him put the word “pretended” in scare quotes
  • All of Kent’s pet names for Bitty are foods. “Cupcake”, “shortbread”, “apple pie”. Sometimes he calls Jack “maple syrup”
  • Sometimes they go on road trips between Providence and Vegas, but they have to avoid the entire midwest because Kent is scared of tornadoes
    • Jack’s like “fine, then we have to avoid the south because I’m scared of republicans.”
    • And Bitty says, “If we’re ruling out states, I’m not going anywhere where we’ll see nothing but corn for more than five hours at once”
    • They have to cross into Canada to make it work
  • Kent and Bitty throw the best forth of july party every year, partly because it’s Kent’s birthday, partly to annoy Jack
  • French. Bitty is competing with Kent to get better at it. Kent actually sucks at french but he is great at fake french and Bits can’t tell the difference it’s actually hilarious
  • No one knows which baseball caps belong to who anymore, they just grab the nearest one and put it on
    • They’re everywhere in their houses
    • Sometimes Jack and Kent end up accidentally wearing merch from the wrong hockey team
  • Kent is a little intimidated that both his boyfriends went to college
  • Joking arguments about the weather. “It’s only because you’re from Georgia” “Nuh uh. Canada is just too cold. Kenny, tell him.” “It’s too cold. Should be illegal” “You live IN A DESERT”
  • If asked, Bitty says he’s only dating two hockey players to double his chances of getting to take a selfie with the Stanley Cup. Or he’s hedging his bets in case one of them loses too many teeth. Sometimes he says he’s just doing it to annoy his grandparents. He’s got a lot of bullshit reasons it’s become a running joke in the media
  • “Don’t you want to live in the same city as your boyfriend?” says the Falcs or Aces GM, every time Kent or Jack are close to free agency. They’re desperate to get the two on the same team again so they can win lots of games and make the third guy on their line feel awkward
  • Bitty beats them all at air hockey
the smh marching band au you’ve been waiting for

Eric Bittle—former captain of his high school’s color guard, vlogger extraordinaire, and amateur pâtissier—is starting his freshman year participating in the prestigious Samwell University Wellie Marching Band. It’s nothing like his small underfunded band in the South. For one? They have the money to buy proper equipment–the stuff that Bitty has only dreamed about.

  • Bitty is flipping his shit internally because he knows that college marching band is a whole ‘nother level than high school and it’s not just any college band it’s Samwell, possibly one of the best college marching bands in the states
  • and when he shows up at Samwell that summer for band camp he meets:
  • Jack, a phenomenal trumpet player of legend, not to mention the band’s drum major
    • the son of Bad Bob Zimmerman, the greatest trumpet player in the history of Drum Corps International (basically pro marching band)
  • Shitty, the half naked, obscene, and open minded center snare and drum line captain 
  • Ransom (who is one of too many tuba players) and Holster (who one of the few mellophone players) are the gung ho bro brass captains 
    • they have section headbands and everything, brass players are very enthusiastic 
  • Nursey and Dex, are the woodwind captains who never stop bickering
    • it literally drives everyone nuts
    • the band places bets on how long it will be until they start up another argument 
  • Nursey went to Juliard  as a kid and is a literal clarinet god and owns like seven custom clarinets from France and Dex hates him everyday for it because he’s still beautifully *honking* away at his old middle school saxophone
    • which is not saying much because Dex is the best sax player Nursey’s ever met, and he studied at Julliard  for Christ’s sake. imagine what would happen if he ditched his old Yamaha??!? the world would bow to his feet
  • Lardo, the piccolo player and other drum major who keeps the whole band more organized and in control than Hall and Murray combined
  • and Chowder the sweet innocent flute player who has a vibrato strong enough to make even the manliest men cry

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jack-manpain-zimmerman’s Fic Rec Art: A Wall Around Me

Some fandom newbie like me hardly needs to sit here and recommend @angryspace-ravenclaw. Her writing has the same heart to it that canon has, and going into her fics feels like a natural continuation of the story. It’s why I was so surprised that a sugar daddy AU ended up feeling so damn natural. There’s  so much sympathy and warmth created because of the strange situation in which everyone finds themselves.

Bitty and Jack have two distinct personal journeys that happen throughout the fic but without vying for interest. So much happens but the slow burn gives a lot of attention to how they’re both feeling. Added to that is how much we learn about Bob as a person. I dare anyone to not fall in love with him in this fic. Bitty could have ended up at the mercy of so many wrong people but his kindness led him to the kindest man he could ever meet.

Anyway I think I’ve reread this about ten times since joining fandom and I couldn’t possibly pick just one or two characters to draw. I decided going with Bob, Alicia, Kent, Jack and Bitty would represent the emotional hub around which the turning point of the fic happens, ultimately with Bitty being the person first and foremost. As he is in the story.

Common (Head?)canon: #BadBobKnewFirst

Reverse Headcanon: #BadBobKnewLast


Bob: Wait, you’re dating that Bitty boy?  Since when?

Jack: Since graduation. Remember when you told me to “say goodbye” to him  at the ceremony?

Bob: I thought we were talking about that cute tennis girl. I didn’t even know you liked boys!

Jack: Really?  Even when Kent and I were together?

Bob: You and Kent were together?! Alicia, did you know about this?

Alicia: Honey, ESPN knew about that.

Bob: Why didn’t you tell me????

sad kent parson time kiddies

tw: abuse, happy ending though dw

- kent can’t figure out how new friends and new hockey fixed up jack after The Incident 
- because new friends and new hockey didn’t help him
- jack can’t figure out why kent seems to still be struggling
- they bonded over being closeted and having, at the time, what they called shit fathers
- jack always talked about the pressure from bad bob
- kent never talked about why he didn’t like his own dad
- his dad abused him
- mainly rib and thigh punches
- places where they could be mistaken for hockey
- thats why kent liked hockey so much to begin with
- it helped him hide
- and, to him, it felt like it made him stronger
- nothing about his dad really ever surfaces now
- he plays hockey more for the joy it gives him and because he is good
- he doesn’t really understand that the second he is off the ice the feeling he is feeling is depression and anxiety and a little bit of ptsd 
- anyways, so as far as kent is concerned, he’s doing fine
- then they play the falconers 
- kent doesn’t want to be, but he is jealous of jack
- he thinks its more because of the bittle kid
- it doesn’t occur to him that he’s jealous because jack is happy
- so he’s already on edge all game
- then there’s a fight
- and suddenly a booming voice is calling him a rat
- and he’s flashed back to his dad breaking three of his ribs, calling him a useless rat
- and kent can’t breath
- he stays on the ice
- the falconers win
- the aces can tell something is up with their captain
- they think he’s just annoyed about the loss

under a cut cause this got long af

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