Bob Kent,Dtm,Bossy,Tymer,Swagga,Myk J- Cypher 2 [2elveFilms] (by 2elveFilms)

check please mob au where jack is the son of the head of the mafia and bitty has just been recruited by “Bad Bob” Zimmerman to join because of his speed and ability to handle a gun. But when Bitty starts he has trouble fitting in so Jack takes it upon himself to help Bitty find his place. Jack is always under pressure to fulfill his dad’s wish of him taking over the mafia and impress everyone so they will take him seriously. Kent Parson was once apart of the Zimmerman mob but left to join a bigger, more well known gang. 


♫ TiK ToK, on the clock but the party don’t stop

Clock Tower, [Manifold Street], Camperdown. John T. Collins.

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General Post Office clock tower, Melbourne. Bob Kent.

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Bryant & May clock tower, Richmond.  E.H. Turnor Pty. Ltd.

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Pedestrians on Princes Bridge and clocktower.

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