Robert Iger Extends Contract as Disney CEO Through Mid-2019

Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger has extended his contract as the company’s chief executive by one year, through July 2, 2019, a move that had been expected as Disney continues its long search for his successor.

“Given Bob Iger’s outstanding leadership, his record of success in a changing media landscape, and his clear strategic vision for Disney’s future, it is obvious that the company and its shareholders will be best served by his continued leadership as the board conducts the robust process of identifying a successor and ensuring a smooth transition,” said Orin C. Smith, who is the lead independent director of Disney’s board.

The pact calls for Iger to serve as consultant to Disney for three years following his exit as CEO. He’s held the top job at the Mouse House since succeeding Michael Eisner in early 2005.

“Mr. Iger has led the Walt Disney Company to unprecedented success during his 11 years as CEO, driving Disney to new creative heights, expanding the company’s global reach, fostering technological innovation, and delivering year-after-year of record financial results,” Smith said. “During his tenure, Mr. Iger has created enormous value for shareholders, with total shareholder return of 448%, compared to 144% for the S&P 500, and a dramatic increase in the company’s market capitalization to $177 billion from $46 billion.”

Ok but consider this. The Tipton Hotel of Terror. The last thing you hear on the way down is “NO RUNNING IN MY LOBBY!”

Bob Iger Talks Star Wars Future

At an event at the University of Southern California, Bob Iger gave some details about the future of the Star Wars Universe.  One of the biggest questions out there since the passing of Carrie Fisher is how the franchise would handle the General Leia story line going forward. Iger said:

“We’re not changing” [”The Last Jedi”] Her performance, which we’re really pleased with, remains as it was.” 

Iger went on to address what the Han Solo movie would cover:

[The movie will cover Solo] “acquiring a certain vehicle and meeting a certain Wookie…You’ll also discover how he got his name.

How he got his name?  What was his name before?  Intriguing.  “The Last Jedi” hits theaters December 15.  The Han Solo Movie is currently scheduled for May 2018.

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Disney Replaces Entire Animation Department With Constable-Frozen

In a bold move, Disney announced today that it would lay off its entire animation department and replace it with tumblr icon, constable-frozen

In a statement, Disney CEO Bob Iger slowly rocked back and forth on the floor muttering, “Frozen, Frozen,” continuously until he had to be sedated.  

The transition is expected to happen later this year.

Breaking News: Disney Buys Itself

Adding to a string of recent acquisitions, the Walt Disney Company has announced its intention of purchasing itself for the amount of $105.5 billion. 

This will be the company’s most significant purchase since its acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012. This deal is expected to cede the entirety of both Disney’s intellectual property and numerous subsidies to to Disney.

In a statement, Disney CEO Bob Iger simply stated, “AT&T and Time Warner? PLEASE. The only thing worth more than Disney is Disney. After this deal, I will be eternal. I will become the Alpha CEO.“(x).

Bye Beastly (?) (Again)

It’s cute that tumblr is randomly seeing my old post about the rumored demise of Avatarland. It’s almost bittersweet because both Joe Rohde (lead designer of Animal Kingdom) and Bob Iger (Disney CEO) confirmed the “land” is still very much in development. I guess it’s time for another goodbye Beastly Kingdom…how unfortunate.

Me too Pikachu, me too.

Hackers Claim to Have Stolen Upcoming Disney Movie

THR reports: Have real-life pirates taken aim at Disney?Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed Monday that hackers claiming to have access to a Disney movie threatened to release it unless the studio paid a ransom. Iger didn’t disclose the name of the film, but said Disney is refusing to pay. The studio is working with federal investigators.

“We’re deeply saddened by the loss of Robin Williams, a wonderfully gifted man who touched our hearts and never failed to make us laugh. An incredible actor and a comedic genius, Robin will always be remembered for bringing some of the world’s favorite characters to life, from his zany alien on ABC’s Mork & Mindy to the irascible genie in Disney’s Aladdin. He was a true Disney Legend, a beloved member of our family, and he will be sorely missed. We join Robin’s friends and fans everywhere in mourning, and offer our thoughts and condolences to his family during this difficult time.

- Robert A. Iger, chairman and chief executive officer, The Walt Disney Company.”

Disney Announces Next Batch of Disney Legends…

…and HALF of them have barely done anything ‘Disney’

On Friday, July 14, Disney CEO Bob Iger will host D23′s ‘Disney Legends ceremony’. According to the official press release, this year’s inductees include:

  • Mark Hamill || Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
  • Carrie Fisher || Princess Leia in Star Wars
  • Stan Lee || Comics Creator, Current Marvel mascot
  • Garry Marshall || Film Director (Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries)
  • Oprah Winfrey || …cuz she voiced Tiana’s mom?
  • Wayne Jackson || Imagineer
  • Clyde “Gerry ” Geronimi* || Animator, 1931-1959
  • Manuel Gonzales || Animator + Comics Artist, 1936-1981
  • Julie Taymor || The Lion King Broadway Director

So now we’re calling folks ‘Disney Legends’ who did their most ‘legendary’ work while NOT at Disney? Seems so!

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are NOT ‘legends’ for their work in The Force Awakens. They are ‘legends for Star Wars eps IV - VI. 

Stan Lee is NOT a legend for his jarring, break-up-your-suspension-of-disbelief cameos in the Marvel movies. He’s a ‘legend’ for co-creating damned near every comic book character folks love today!

Garry Marshall is NOT a legend, full stop. He was a director of middling, mindless, mass-market movies. He was not a film auteur, and he is definitely NOT a film legend.

Okay, so Oprah Winfrey may have voiced Tiana’s mother in The Princess and the Frog (good, but not great voice-acting), and she will star in Disney’s upcoming adaption of A Wrinkle In Time, but that does NOT make her a ‘Disney Legend’. Her legendary TV show, Oprah, DOES – but it was NOT produced by Disney.

That leaves Imagineer Wayne Jackson, animator Clyde Geronimi, Disney comics artist Manuel Gonzales and The Lion King‘s original Broadway director, Julie Taymor – ALL INCREDIBLY DESERVING CANDIDATES. That said, having the stars of Star Wars, Stan Lee and Oprah Winfrey on stage at the same time will surely diminish the well-earned attention and press that these folks might have otherwise received. Hell, this very post is proof of that!
Disney is looking at creating ‘another decade and a half of Star Wars stories’ after Episode IX
At the Scale: The Future of Tech and Entertainment conference in Santa Monica, California, Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke on a variety of topics, from his tenure at Disney, the next installments of the Star Wars franchise, and that the company is looking at what comes after 2019’s Episode IX.
By Andrew Liptak

Hopefully we can get an Old Republic trilogy or something like that in there somewhere.