Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah are two of the sweetest ladies you’d ever meet. All the boys respected the hell out of them and everybody rolled out the red carpet whenever they were on the show. By 2000, they’d already got over 100 years of in-ring experience between them, so that tells you how old they were. But they would still get in the ring now and then when they were given the chance. On one show, Crash and I were booked to do a tag team match against them, so we sat down in catering together to go over the match. Out of respect for them, I took myself out of the equation and told them we would do whatever they wanted to do. Mae planned a spot where she would be in the ring with Crash and I’d sneak in behind her. She would turn around and I’d clothesline her. I said to her, “Mae, I’ve got all the respect in the world for you but if you’re asking me to clothesline you, you need to know that I lay it in there.” She said, “Sure I know that, I want you to clothesline me.” I said, “No, you don’t understand – when I clothesline somebody, I try to rip their head off. It’s TV, I don’t want it to look bad but I don’t want to hurt you.” This nearly 80-year-old woman just looked at me and said, “Bring it, motherfucker.”

- Bob Holly

RIP Mae Young (1923 - 2014)

I love this guy. He is the best talent. He has everything it takes to be number one. They (WWE) sit there and their always preaching that you gotta have the heart, desire and will. You gotta work your butt off and on and on and it’s like Sheamus was the world champion within six months. How did he deserve to be world champion? Don’t insult the fans intelligence by telling them it takes this this this and this to make it to the top when it doesn’t. It’s Hunter’s choice or whoever is at the round table. It’s their choice, but Dolph Ziggler does sells tickets. How many times does Dolph Ziggler have to step it up and say hey look at me? Every time he’s stepping in the ring he’s saying look at me look what i can do. That guy steals the show every single night at house shows, I will guarantee it.

- Bob Holly on Dolph Ziggler



This is what I’ve been working on for the past 4 months. It is something I thought of after making the Hairvolutions. I’ve always loved drawing dragons and right now a great part of my spare time is ocupated by these wonderful youtubers.

I originally made only Jack. then I decided I should do Mark too…. but then I felt bad, because I watched the Grumps a lot, so I kinda guilted myself to do Arin and Danny as well. And then I felt bad because of Bob and Wade, because not that many people do fanart of them!…. the last picture are four sketches of some of the remaining Grumps… I can’t do more as full pictures… I can’t … one takes like 18-30 hours….

// Firealpaca, Wacom intuos pro M,  120+ hours

in order: comparison-all, @therealjacksepticeye, @markiplier, Arin egoraptor Hanson, Danny sexbang Avidan, @muyskerm, @lordminion, @pewdie, in the sketch: @flapflaps, @commanderholly, @rubberninja, Ninja Brian PhD 

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Rene Dupree speaks about the Bob Holly incident
[September 2016]

In 2004, Rene Dupree was involved a match against Bob Holly which was basically a set up to alleviate heat on Rene (which is a nice way to put it) due to a debt Rene owed. The incident left Rene with a concussion, a gashed open head, and led to a future incident on an airplane. Stories like these are what keeps me frustrated toward so many people who have no respect for the amount of garbage wrestlers have to endure, simply to bring the best product forth for the fans. Whether Holly was fined or even reprimanded for his actions, I’m not sure, but nobody deserves to have a near-death experience when they’ve done anything they could to solve a problem.

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