Benedict Cumberbatch & Steven Moffat - The Bob Edwards Show, Part ½. 

No. I will never become tired of listening to Benedict and Steven talking about Sherlock. 


100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #53

Mark English (1933-)

Robert Heindel (1938-2005)

Country: United States

Famous for: English; Various Magazine publications, The Illustration Academy. Heindel; Magazine publications, Book covers, Fine Art

Influenced: Illustration Instruction, Magazine Design, American Illustration as a whole, possibly Brad Holland, Sterling Hundley, Edward Kinsella, John English, Jeffrey Alan Love

Influenced by: Presumably Gustav Klimt, Edward Degas, other American Illustrators of the time, Fine Arts, possibly Sergio Toppi, possibly Ludwig Hohlwein, Norman Rockwell, presumably Howard Pyle and N.C Wyeth

Mark English is an award-winning and influential American illustrator, best known for his work in publications such as Redbook, Sports Illustrated, McCalls, Atlantic Monthly, TIME and more. His work is characterized by its use of patterning and fine-arts ideas and aesthetics, and while much in the same energetic and graphic vein as other master illustrators of the time like Bob Peak and Bernie Fuchs, is a bit tighter in style. Mark and his son John English, also a renowned illustrator, teach at the Illustration Academy in Kansas city, Kansas, along with other talents such as Edward Kinsella, Sterling Hundley and George Pratt, among others. English was inducted into the Society of Illustrators’ Hall of Fame in 1983. 

Robert Heindel was an American illustrator and fine artist, who, like Mark English is best known for his often risk-taking fine-arts approach to his illustration work. Like English, Heindel illustrated for many of the leading magazine publications such as TIME and Sports Illustrated, as well as paperback novel covers, musicals, and more but turned to a more fine art gallery oriented career as time went on. It is during this career move that Heindel would create some of his most well-remembered imagery of Ballet Dancers among other subjects. Heindel also joined legends such as Mark English, Bernie Fuchs, and Bob Peak to form the core faculty of the Illustrator’s Workshop, and climbed the ranks of the top illustrators of his day. Heindel was inducted into the Society of Illustrators’ Hall of Fame in 2011.  


Benedict Cumberbatch & Steven Moffat - The Bob Edwards Show, part 2/2. 

I am in love. That is all. 



All three members of @pointfocusflash were together this past weekend for the 2011 National Book Festival on the National Mall. 

I heard some amazing authors speak such as Toni Morrison, Gregory Maguire, Terry McMillanBob Edwards and even caught a sighting of Julianne Moore!
Spotify: Anthony DeCurtis's Best Tracks of 2011

heard this on bob edwards today – anthony decurtis (rolling stone contributing editor) put together a list of his top ten albums of 2011 and the best tracks from them. i put those tracks on a spotify playlist to peruse, since i shamefully hadn’t heard half of them. they’re pretty swell. 

hard to believe it’s “best of [another year]” season again! it’s been a grand one, though.

Happy Birthday, Bob Edwards - When Solomon said that there was a time and a place for everything he had not encountered the problem of parking an automobile.