The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
Dir: Wes Anderson
DOP: Robert Yeoman
“Did he just throw my cat out the window?”

While I love Jack, Mark, Wade, and Bob, I think my favorite thing about them all being friends is that each of their names are also verbs


Previews from the “Like a Rolling Stone: A Rock & Roll Reflection" art show, opening Saturday, February 22nd 2014, at Gallery Nucleus

Deliver Me from Nowhere by Ghostco - Giclee print, available HERE.

Hendrix & Bowie by David Mack - Giclee prints, available HERE.

Thriller by James Jirat Patradoon - 18” X 24" GITD print, available HERE.

Radio Radio by Oliver Akuin

Black Sabbath 13 by Edward Kinsella

Rock & Roll by Hermann Mejia


I’m getting married!