Sometimes I just don’t have the words. It feels like sadness has its hands wrapped tightly around my throat. I get tired of trying to break its grip. Sometimes I just want to let it have its way with me. That’s okay, isn’t it? Shattering once in a while? Maybe twice? Maybe more than that? I’m sorry if it isn’t, but when I get this way its hold only gets tighter with each passing second. I just don’t have the energy left for much else. I’m sorry.
—  NaPoWriMo Day 27 - Suffocation // Maxwell Diawuoh

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anonymous asked:

When does Yuuri start calling Viktor 'Vitya' and/or 'Vitenka' and how close is Viktor to dying when he does

Yuuri starts doing it pretty soon after chapter 14 when he asks Viktor why Yakov calls him Vitya and Viktor explains about Russian pet names. Yuuri asks if he wants him to call him Vitya and Viktor blushes really hard, so Yuuri takes that as a solid yes and calls him that from that point on

theropodtheroblogs  asked:

Have you ever read His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman? The one where everyone's sole manifests as an animal beside them and until puberty can shift between forms and then settles on a single shape at puberty? Setting aside the kind of bizarre zoo that would inevitably turn the rebellion into, what sort of animal soul things do you think DAV characters would have? I'm dead curious about your thoughts :D

I have never read His Dark Materials but I’m familiar with the concept of daemons and how they work, so, here you go.

  • Leia’s daemon, appropriately enough, settled as a dragon. Her parents were always pretty unnerved by this, and Leia herself found it odd since there are no dragon species native to Alderaan. When she first meets Luke in that Death Star cell, he’s momentarily stunned into silence because there’s the Princess sitting there calm as you please with a Krayt dragon.
  • Luke’s daemon settled as a kokaru, a cliff-dwelling bird of prey native to Tatooine and known for its steep dives and incredibly acrobatic flight patterns. He’s immensely proud of this fact after Obi-Wan told him that his father’s daemon was also a kokaru.
  • Anakin’s daemon was indeed a kokaru, and still is, but Luke could be forgiven for not recognizing Vader’s daemon. When Anakin burned so did his daemon, and now she’s scarred and wingless. It would be a mistake to think that means she’s any less ferocious, though.
  • Han’s daemon, to his everlasting embarrassment, settled as a nerf. This is only made worse by the fact that Chewie’s daemon is a varactyl.
  • Ahsoka’s daemon is a moonmoth, an insect native to Coruscant. During the day it usually remains still, sunning itself, and is active at night, when its wings glow with reflected light.
  • Kadee’s daemon popped into rather startled existence the first time she said, “I own myself,” and pretty quickly settled as an anooba, a ferociously loyal pack animal native to Tatooine. Her anooba regards Kadee, Anakin, and Anakin’s kokaru as the members of its pack.
  • Palpatine probably killed his daemon years ago because that’s the kind of person he is.