Ted Bundy Victims - Washington State

Karen Lee Sparks (21) - 4325 8th Avenue NE, Seattle

Date : January 04, 1974

Ted battered Karen while she was asleep in her bed. She was found the following evening by her roommates. She suffered internal injuries and brain damages but she survived. (no picture available)

Karen’s room after the attack.

Linda Ann Healy (21) - 5517 12th Avenue NE, Seattle 

Date : February 01, 1974

Ted abducted her from her basement bedroom. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain, 20 miles east of Seattle. Ted dismembered her head and took it home. Forensic indication : bludgeoned. Linda was the morning voice of radio listeners. Every morning she announced the ski conditions for the west Washington area.

Donna Gail Mason (19) - Evergreen State College, Olympia

Date : March 12, 1974

Donna disappeared between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm that night as she was on her way to a jazz concert on campus. Her body was never found. Ted told Bob Keppel that he burned her skull to ashes in Liz’s fireplace.

Susan Elaine Rancourt (18) - Central Washington State College, Ellensburg

Date: April 17, 1974.

Ted abducted Susan around 10:00pm that night. She was on her way to a meeting at Munson Hall and was planning to see a German movie afterward. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Roberta Kathleen Parks (20) - Oregon State University Campus, Corvallis

Date : May 06, 1974

Ted abducted Roberta around 11:00pm that night. The circumstances of her abduction are unknown. Ted probably lured her to his car. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Brenda Carol Ball (22) - Flame Tavern, Burien

Date : June 01, 1974

Brenda was seen at the Flame Tavern by people who knew her where she stayed until closing time at 2:00 am. She was last seen on the parking lot speaking with a handsome brown-haired man who had his arm in a sling. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Georgeann Hawkins (18) - Seattle University District

Date : June 12, 1974

Georgeann was known as George by her friends and had a Spanish test coming up. That’s the informations Ted learned during the time Georgeann was in his car. Ted lured her by using a briefcase and some crutches. She agreed to help him carry his briefcase to his car, which she did. He then knocked her unconscious with the crowbar. He dumped her body at the Issaquah site.

Map drawn by Ted of her dump site.

The afterward of the murder.

Janice Ann Ott (24) - Lake Sammamish State Park

Date : July 14, 1974

Janice was a juvenile probation caseworker at the King County Juvenile Court in Seattle at the time of her disappearance. Ted was seen by multiple witnesses talking to Janice on the beach. She followed him willingly to his car to help him with his sailboat after asking him if there was room for her bike. Skeletal remains were found at the Issaquah site.

Newspapers articles related to her disappearance.

Denise Naslund (19) - Lake Sammamish State Park

Date : July 14, 1974

Denise was at the park with her boyfriend and a few friends that day. She was accosted by Ted to the toilet block only a few hours after Janice Ott abduction. She was last seen around 4:30 pm, leaving with a man. Remains were found at the Issaquah site.

Newspapers articles related to her disappearance.

Utah State Victims

Peterick Reclist


“we could make beautiful music together - 18 (Glenview)” - iphignia939

SUMMARY: It’s NOT okay to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

“i like finger instruments and mouth organs” – 18 (glenview) - iphignia939

SUMMARY: Your pic gets mine.

Suppose For a Moment - iphignia939

SUMMARY: “Remember? A couple weeks ago, William called and told you he ran into his evil twin?”

just like Virginia Woolf - iphignia939

SUMMARY:  "Okay. So you’re a chick.“

"Okay,” Pete said after a very long time. “So you’re a chick.”

“No shit,” Patrick snapped, but he still looked green.

dare - iphignia939

SUMMARY: “Pete, you kiss guys, right?”

Nothing Like a Doll at All - iphignia939

SUMMARY: Pete Wentz and the Endless.

a five-letter word meaning ardor - iphignia939

SUMMARY: Oh, like you’ve never had a crush on someone you work with?

Patricksitting - adellyna

SUMMARY: “I’m here for Patricksitting. I assume you’re the Patrick?”

Let the Record Show - adellyna

SUMMARY: Van days, Patrick maybe gets a little drunk. Pete’s mama didn’t raise no fool. Also, video camera shenanigans.

The Million Things We Never Were - adellyna

SUMMARY: Sometimes your suddenly sentient action figures need to teach you valuable life lessons. Just saying.

Did You Clean Those Pants With Windex? (Because I Can Practically See Myself In Them) - adellyna

SUMMARY: Patrick works at the local library! Pete would kind of like to hold his hand.

I Hope He Is A Gentleman - thewordsgetyou

SUMMARY: One day Pete corners Patrick after school…

A Mess Of Youthful Innocence - thewordsgetyou

SUMMARY: Patrick wakes up way too early on Saturday morning to the incessant beeping of his cell phone.

I’ve Got Headaches and Bad Luck (But They Don’t Touch You) - high on life

SUMMARY: Patrick just wants to get laid! Is that really too much to ask?

Happy with the Consequence - high on life

SUMMARY:  Usually, when they come off-stage, it’s Pete attaching himself to Patrick, arm around his shoulders, face pushed into his neck.

Woobies. Just woobies. - femmequixotic

SUMMARY:  This was ridiculous, Pete decided, this living in the house together, barely speaking, occupying other rooms, and if Patrick was going to be a dick about it then fine. That didn’t mean Pete had to take his shit.

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - femmequixotic

SUMMARY:  It’s Christmas Eve and Patrick is feeling decidedly Scroogish, which makes him feel guilty because, hell, it’s the fucking holidays—peace on earth, goodwill to man and all that shit—but his feet are swollen, and his fucking kidneys are bruised from the damn kid kicking nonstop and this is entirely Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the fucking III’s fault.

I Know You Like What’s On My Mind - ribbonsonwrists

SUMMARY: I am a man, a man, I’ll give ya somethin’ that ya won’t forget. I said ya shouldn’t have worn that dress. I said ya shouldn’t have worn that dress, worn that dress.

and the baroque is over - clumsygyrl

SUMMARY: When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature. –ernest hemingway

Better With A Pen (But Alright In Bed Too) - bluejbird

SUMMARY: Pete likes to draw on Patrick’s skin. This leads to porn. Obviously.

The city lights are always brighter in your eyes -  romanculus_ex

SUMMARY: From New York to Chicago, they’re not quite in love, but it’s something.

Got It Bad, Got It Bad - dare-to-forget

SUMMARY: Pete and Patrick try something new.


Fifty ways to leave your lover - euphrasie

SUMMARY: Pete got three text messages in the space of a week.

Bruised to black - euphrasie

SUMMARY: Patrick’s throat clicks loudly and it can’t be about having fingers in his ass, that happens enough, but he’s got a thumb over his dick and he’s staring at Pete like he’s turned on and pissed off all at once. It’s a stark shade of fury, coiled up tight into a small little package of a man. PWPish.

Handball - euphrasie

SUMMARY: Patrick had asked for this months ago. PWP.

Sympathy In The Form Of You - frais

SUMMARY: Pete moves into the apartment three months after his divorce is finalized.

Love Is Like A Sin, My Love - frais

SUMMARY: Detective AU, but not really. Patrick takes the job in a hope that he’ll forget everything that happened two months ago. Part 1 of Clarity

Skipping Heartbeats - frais

SUMMARY: Patrick and Vicky leave Florida with an extra man and a brand new addiction. Part 2 of Clarity

For You I Was A Flame - frais

SUMMARY: Pete thinks about ending it for his own sanity, to stop the heartbreak before it develops, but then Patrick will text him some stupid piece of trivia about the fucking Bermuda Triangle, or a demo of a new song and Pete chickens out. This will be good enough; it will be enough.

Papi Pacify - frais

SUMMARY: Patrick’s eyes are focused down on himself, cheeks flushed and lips bitten plumper than normal. His bleached hair has grown out in recent months, back to reddish blond, and Pete’s sort of in love with it; with how he looks right now. He doesn’t even care that he can’t touch.

After Paris - frais

SUMMARY: After Paris, everything changes. Sequel to For You I Was A Flame

Ortus/Occasum - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: Patrick graduates from high school. Pete climbs through a window. They watch a sunset and kiss under a concrete dock near a beach in downtown Chicago. And somewhere along the way, they realize what Patrick’s mom and Joe have already accepted: that they’re destined to be together.

spasm to the sounds - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: We’ve got work in the morning
But it’s nearly five a.m.
Is this really what we envisioned
We won’t be 21 again

According To Your Heart (It’s Our Time Now) - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: Pete pitches an idea for the “The Kids Aren’t Alright” music video. It’s misinterpreted. And while he might not mind so much, Patrick definitely does.

Lead Me, Guide Me - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: Patrick looks up at Pete and smirks a little, eyes sparkling. “Hey there,” he says, offering Pete the pen. “Liked the tour so much you decided to do it again, huh?”

shake to the beat (with a barrel down your throat) - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: He can’t get sick. He just can’t. The band just got back together two months ago, and they’ve got gigs all next month, as well as a summer tour lined up. If something happens with Patrick’s voice now, he’ll never forgive himself. He’d jeopardized the band once, and he refuses to do it again.

pull a breath (if you can) - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: Pete is an overprotective boyfriend who just wants Patrick to be safe, even when Patrick thinks he’s being ridiculous. Pete always knew it would pay off eventually, though.

The Last (Only) Thing I Want To See - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: Pete and Patrick haven’t spoken in a year. Patrick’s miserable, but he just feels too guilty to even attempt at making amends. When Chicago–and Pete–is throttled by a huge blizzard two days before Christmas, all thoughts of guilt and regret go flying out the window of a rental car as Patrick scrambles to get to his ex-best-friend and make sure he’s okay. The trip…doesn’t exactly go as planned, but maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing.

Crash and Burn - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY:  Patrick gets a little needy before the CMA performance, and Pete feels obligated to give him what he wants.

i’d cast a spell - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: “I, um…I-I was pretty big, before. Remember?”

“Not that it’s ever mattered to me at all, but yeah, I remember,” Pete says with a nod.

“Well, even though I managed to lose the sixty pounds, I, uh, I-I didn’t lose…everything.”

Cue All The Love - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: Pete’s life has become a bad horror flick. Only there’s no pause button, and the 3D is way too fucking realistic.

Gift of the Broke, Lovesick Idiots - fanatic_by_definition

SUMMARY: “And here I have lamely related to you the uneventful chronicle of two foolish children in a flat who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house. But in a last word to the wise of these days, let it be said that of all who give gifts, these two were the wisest.”

Like a Virgin (Touched for the Very First Time) - Kittypatch

SUMMARY: After a bad breakup Patrick decides reclaiming his virginity is the best thing to do. Then he meets Pete.

The Other Side of Fear - kittypatch

SUMMARY: It took Pete three minutes of convincing by a nurse that it was legit, that Patrick had asked for him. Patrick, the best friend he didn’t speak to anymore, wanted him at the hospital after an emergency.

Everything You Love - kittypatch

SUMMARY: Pete assumed that once they got together everything else would just fall into place. Sequel to The Other Side of Fear

Choose Love or Sympathy - kittypatch

SUMMARY: College AU. Patrick had a tendency to be anxious and socially inept, but he would not allow his first time to be little more than a one night stand. Age is just a number… right?

You Feel First Kiss Good - Jiksa

SUMMARY: “Do you want more lube?”

“No,” Patrick mutters, crossing his arms over his flushed face. He sounds resigned now, past anxious and frustrated, well into disappointed and, if Pete isn’t mistaken, edging on embarrassed. “Just give me a minute.”

All Shook Up - Jiksa

SUMMARY: Pete is a divorced Elvis impersonator at a Las Vegas wedding chapel, who’s stopped believing in happy endings. Patrick hasn’t, but then again, he’s there to marry Bob.

And I’ll Burn - Jiksa

SUMMARY: Pete’s been watching the boy everytime he drives past. He must know how beautiful he is, how tempting he looks to the nervous men driving 10 miles per hour in a 40 zone just to get a look at him.

He withdrawn $400. He doesn’t know if that’s too much or too little.

Make It Easy (Say I Never Mattered) - halfsweet

SUMMARY: “Patrick…” Pete began. “‘Trick, I’m sorry,” he choked out. “I didn’t know what came over me!”

Unfazed, Patrick just inspected the musical instrument. “Yeah, you did. You’re trying to defend yourself. Understandable, since you have quite a reputation to protect.”

“Patrick, that’s not true!”

I’ve Never Lit A Match (With The Intent To Start A Fire) - halfsweet

SUMMARY: “’Trick… 'Trick, I’m sorry! I’m sorry-“

"Let me guess. 'You didn’t know what came over you.’ Heard that before,” Patrick mumbles and closes his eyes, too tired to keep them open. “I’m tired, Pete. I just want everything to be over.” Sequel to Make It Easy (Say I Never Mattered)

Chip My Heart (Till It Breaks) - halfsweet

SUMMARY: He rests his head on Brendon’s shoulder, closing his eyes. “I’m tired, Bren. I don’t think I can keep up the act any longer.”

(Patrick’s POV in I’ve Never Lit A Match)

Don’t You Go - halfsweet

SUMMARY: “Well…” Pete grins sheepishly, “I think we had a one night stand? He was in my room this morning and I swear to all the heavens above, Joe, I’m telling you, I think this guy might be my one true love.”

Fourth of July - halfsweet

SUMMARY: It’s the Fourth of July and Pete can’t find Patrick anywhere.

So Impossible - halfsweet

SUMMARY: He feels Dallon pats him on the shoulder, whispering not so quietly, “I think he heard you.” Pete really wants to turn around and strangle his friend, but he’s not going to waste any more second looking at Dallon if he has a blushing Patrick Stumph right in front of him.

King of Wishful Thinking - halfsweet

SUMMARY: Been together for two years, the high school’s 'IT’ couple, seniors Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump, breaks up. Everyone begins to take sides and chaos ensues.

Insert Pick-Up Line Here - halfsweet

SUMMARY: Recently, Pete has taken the habit of dropping some pick-up lines whenever they see each other.

A Blessing In Maid Disguise - halfsweet

SUMMARY: He’s trying to come up with ways to bring up to his boyfriend that they, maybe, should, well, have a… marathon before they go on tour.

Sleep Troubles - halfsweet

SUMMARY: Patrick is having trouble falling asleep, and he finds it unfair that everyone else is sleeping, especially Pete.

Ice-Cream Headache - halfsweet

SUMMARY: Patrick can never get mad at Pete for too long.

Play It Again and Again - halfsweet

SUMMARY: An interview piqued Patrick’s curiosity. What is Pete’s most played song?

Say Love - halfsweet

SUMMARY: Not once, during the course of their relationship, did Patrick ever say 'I love you’ to him.

Perfect - halfsweet

SUMMARY: Patrick just wants to be perfect for Pete.

This Day I’ll Cherish - halfsweet

SUMMARY: “I just want a lazy day in.” Patrick sighs in content when Pete’s hand moves to massage the back of his neck. “Laying here in bed with you is a celebration enough.”

Pete chuckles and drops a kiss on the crown of his head. “Your wish is my command, my little cabbage.”

Love Is All Around - halfsweet

SUMMARY: Patrick teaches the values of Valentine’s to their kids.

Hook Ups - Applefall

SUMMARY:  Joe looks and double takes, mouth dropping open. “That’s the guy!” Joe whisper shouts. The guy Joe messed around with looks up as a guy taps his shoulder, he widens his eyes and bites his lip, looking far too innocent to be in here.

Heart and Soul  - Applefall

SUMMARY: There has never been two people more perfect for each other than them.

Blush - Applefall

SUMMARY: In the messy van at night, speeding along some unknown road, Pete has a favorite game to play.

Make Patrick Blush.

Bite - Applefall

SUMMARY: Pete shifts in his sleep, pulls him tighter and mumbles something incoherent. It’s cute, and Patrick catches his name amongst the mumbling. He closes his eyes again, smiling against Pete’s skin. Patrick loves him so much, he can’t even begin to imagine how he got so lucky as to have him.

Push the Limits - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick only just realizes how strong Pete has gotten. It’s actually really… Hot.

Walls Close In - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick feels a little uneasy as he sees the thick black toy. He hasn’t been stretched much but he knows he can take it for Pete.

Noisy Bottom Patrick Stump - Applefall

SUMMARY: Currently, Pete’s favorite activity is fucking his boyfriend.

This is Where it Begins - Applefall

SUMMARY: “Are we reciting our wedding vows again?”

“I don’t know, Mr. Stump-Wentz. I’d recite them every day for a thousand years for you.”

What’s That Again? - Applefall

SUMMARY: Pete Wentz is a rich man who decides to take a break from his normal, stressing life to vacation in Paris, France. The trip is supposed to help him unwind, but he meets a cute French boy named Patrick Stump and kinda falls in love with him.

The only problem? Patrick doesn’t speak English, and Pete doesn’t know a word of French.

You Could Have Knocked Me Out With a Soccer Ball - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick was just reading a book in the park when the loud group of guys came and messed up his afternoon.

Fourth of July - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick and Pete are fireworks.

Tell Me Everything - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick’s overwhelmed by the scent and taste of Pete, on his lips and on his skin and in the air. It’s almost too much.

You’re the Sky - Applefall

SUMMARY: Pete smiles. “I know.”

Magnets - Applefall

SUMMARY: “Patrick. One day I’m gonna marry you.”

Always The Quiet Ones - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick just wanted to pass his final.

Lonely Hour - Applefall

SUMMARY: Two months, fourteen days, and three hours.

Pete’s not keeping count. Not really.

Pavement - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick closes his eyes. Counts to ten in his head like he’s been taught and takes a few shaky breaths.

Call - Applefall

SUMMARY: Pete will never stop trying to call if he doesn’t answer, and even if he does, he’ll text nonstop. Patrick sighs and grabs his phone, trying not to moan when the vibe shifts inside him.

Smoldering Skies - Applefall

SUMMARY: The air is strange and still, and he can’t help but feel like someone’s watching. Someone with piercing eyes that never seemed to stay the same color.

Bonfire - Applefall

SUMMARY: Winter in Chicago is brutal, he knows, but this one seems even worse.

AM Fever - Applefall

SUMMARY: The room is a haze of darkness and thin moonlight filtering through the blinds, silent and still.

Coins - Applefall

SUMMARY: Being a waiter is one of the worst jobs he’s ever had, but it’s all he can do right now. The pay sucks but the tips can be good, especially at fancy restaurants like this.

Seventh Sun - Applefall

SUMMARY: “Do you think we can ever go back to how it was before?”

Pete looks up at those words. He and Patrick are seated at the edge of the lake, toes in the water. It’s cold for a summer day, but still as beautiful as ever.

Pale Blushing Moon - Applefall

SUMMARY: Being a rockstar is one of the greatest fucking things in his life.

Birthday Song - Applefall

SUMMARY: Turning thirty eight is a big accomplishment.

The Man - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick arches beautifully under him, and Pete can’t tear his eyes away.

A Rich Kid Game - Applefall

SUMMARY: Patrick always knows what to do to make him feel better.

Prostitution Is The World’s Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Sir, Am A Professional) - Lenore

SUMMARY: AU with hooker!Patrick and stalkery music exec Pete

Damn You Look Good (And Possibly I Have A Psychiatric Condition) - Lenore

SUMMARY: A sequel to Prostitution Is The World’s Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Sir, Am A Professional), in which Patrick retires from his career as a hooker, Pete is still a stalker, and a trip to Iowa is just the beginning.

tip your crown to new bruises - snitches_get_stitches

SUMMARY: Everything about the kid was too pale.

the sad and selfish (stay helpless) - snitches_get_stitches

SUMMARY: Patrick doesn’t know how he gets himself into these types of situations

let’s get you wasted (and alone) - snitches_get_stitches

SUMMARY: Patrick is young and insecure and desperate, and Pete just can’t help himself.

ActuallyMe - airinshaw

SUMMARY: It was just an experiment. It wasn’t like Pete was planning on reading this stuff for pleasure, right? So that made it okay.

Otherwise known as “Pete ventures into fandom.”

When It Rains It Pours (Catharsis) - angelofthedamnlord

SUMMARY: “I just think it’s funny how this is completely normal.” The singer replied. Pete readjusted, puzzled.

“What is?”

“This. Laying together, like this, not caring how it can be perceived. We’re just what we are.” Patrick laid his hand flat on the older man’s chest, looking out beyond it to the opposite wall. It was out of focus. Everything was, his sight and his thoughts.

“Which begs the question—” Pete paused for a moment, interrupted by a loud crash of thunder and the bus being illuminated like day, “—what are we?”

You’re Writing Lines About Me (Romantic Poetry) - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: He promised himself he wouldn’t. Not tonight, not ever. He’d broken his own promise. He was well ashamed of himself and angry at the man lying right beside him.

Tripping Eyes and Flooded Lungs - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: Overall Patrick would love to be anywhere but the beach.

You’re An Exception - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: Pete’s drained and he’s ready to just leave. He’s about to close the store and does not want to deal with a single person. However, Patrick is an exception. Maybe he could stay a little.

I’m Going To Ask You A Series Of Questions (And I Want Them Answered On The Spot Right Now) - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: “Are you okay?” He asked, breaking the silence.Pete bit his lip and immediately nodded, taking the time to wipe his sweaty palms against his dress pants. He bumped the small velvet box in his pocket as he ran his hand up and down.

“Y-yeah I’m completely fine” Pete stuttered, visibly gulping. Patrick obviously seemed unconvinced but dropped it. He knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere.

The (Coffee) And The (Sweets) Own The Beating Of Our Hearts - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: “Besides, I don’t see you making a move on your own little crush” Brendon teases once Pete gets back to the coffee machine.

I Wanna Scream 'I Love You’ From The Top Of My Lungs (But I’m Afraid You Can’t Hear Me) - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: Patrick Stump was born deaf. He inherited it from his biological father. Pete’s the waiter who falls in love with him, and Patrick feels the same, although Patrick’s mom doesn’t exactly approve. Is it worth the risk?

What If I Just Want To Get To Know You Better? - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY:  Pete just wants to know more about Patrick. Patrick thinks Pete only wants to get something out of him. Who else then the students to decide what’s actually happening and what to do?

Now I’m Thinking Maybe You Should Go - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: Patrick does not expect so see Pete in a bar, especially on a school night. Ryan doesn’t expect to see his ex, either.

I Record Vines Not Kisses (But I’ll Do Both) - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: Yes, Patrick makes vines. No, he never thought Pete would interrupt everyone of them.

Wish Upon A Genie - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: “But you-”

“Don’t care. Now may I properly introduce myself?”

I Love Everything About You - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: Pete’s definitely satisfied with his life, although Patrick could smack him in his sleep.

Sour Bottle Baby (Boy) With Eyes The Size Of Baby Worlds - Girlwhocantbemoved

SUMMARY: To be honest, Patrick never expected to become the first male to ever get pregnant. Pete always wanted a kid and wants to tell the whole world. It does go worldwide, thanks to paparazzi and interviews and Twitter. Is the kid more than they bargained for?

Dreaming of tearing you apart - orphan_account

SUMMARY: Pete hears Patrick dreaming.

Me And You (Setting: In a Honeymoon) - orphan_account

SUMMARY: The first time it happened Patrick hadn’t though much of it

But, the second and now the third…

Happily Ever After (Below the Waist) - orphan_account

SUMMARY: Gay sex for beginners.

Remember me for centuries - orphan_account

SUMMARY: Spin off of dracula untold with peterick

please check your clothing at the door - orphan_account

SUMMARY: Patrick really wanted to look pretty.

Wake Up Next To A /Stranger/ - orphan_account

SUMMARY: “I hate you, Wentz,” Patrick hisses, wriggling in Pete’s bear hug.
Really, one-night stand thing sucks.

Trying Something New - orphan_account

SUMMARY: Patrick comes home and Pete wants to try something new.

Tonight We’re Going To Do Naughty Things - orphan_account

SUMMARY: Pete goes with Patrick as he tours Soul Punk and basically fucks him in a series of places.

Feast - orphan_account

SUMMARY: He sees Patrick sometimes, standing in front of the mirror, staring down at his stomach, how the shirts stick tight to his belly. The way his hips pad out, thick curvy love handles that he can’t hide. Pete wants to get down on his knees and sink his teeth into the padded flesh, suck and mark the white skin.

Some Things are Better - qualitygarbage

SUMMARY: “You know what they’re all saying about me, Pete?” Pete only raised his eyebrows, allowing Patrick to continue. “On the YouTube comments? 'Patrick is so cute, he’s adorable now he’s gained weight.’ 'He’s all fluffy again.’” His eyes were red and burning now as he fought the urge to cry. “The kids can all see it, Pete. They all know I’m getting fat again.” He sniffled and pushed his plate away slightly before continuing. “And you know what makes less sense? When I was really fat, they all said I was gross. Even though I was the lead singer, Pete, you had to step up to be the face of the band because nobody wanted to look at a 'fat trucker’.” He adjusted his glasses and sighed. “I actually sort of liked the attention I got from being skinny. My fans are so sweet and they draw me things and send me pictures. I can’t betray them by being ugly again.”

The Warmest Bed Is the One in Your Own Home - qualitygarbage

SUMMARY: Patrick put his hands on his hips. He leaned forward into Pete’s face. “Did it feel good, Pete?” He taunted. “Was it a good fuck? Was it worth it? Were you thinking of me when you were balls deep in his skinny little ass? Were you thinking about how fat I am while you were fucking him? 'Cause there sure ain’t any on his bony body. Didn’t know you liked them thin. I can’t believe I fell for all those lies you told me. You said you didn’t mind me gaining weight. Even made this big old scene about having a damn fetish. Why’d you say that? Why? So I would balloon into a land whale so nobody else would look at me? Did you want this relapse? Bet you could tell I was gaining and you wanted me to starve it all off.” His face was a deep shade of red and he held his hands in fists. “Why do you hate me so much?” His voice cracked. “I love you. I trusted you. I’ve been nothing but good to you. Why do you keep hurting me?” He sniffled and wiped the tears off his face. “I don’t deserve this.” Sequel to Some Things are Better

Worst - leere

SUMMARY: Pete doesn’t have anyone to kiss on New Years. Neither does Patrick. You know where this is going.

Mine - leere

SUMMARY: So after the interview where Patrick and Joe admitted that they kissed, Pete gets really pissed off and possessive…

Getting Harder to Breathe (So Save Your Breath) - leere

SUMMARY: The dom/sub thing is just a bonus; it keeps Patrick happy, he likes the control and he’s possibly got a slight sadistic side that’s satisfied by the way they fuck, and Pete’s always kind of been into pain. Win win on both ends.

Cheerleader - leere

SUMMARY: He’s got a big game to play in just a few minutes, but he really just wants some alone time with his favorite cheerleader before he has to go out and be the star quarterback. A quick fuck for good luck.

Touch - leere

SUMMARY: Anonymous asked: prompt: pete kissing patrick’s tummy and thighs / lowkey worshiping patrick’s body like he deserves

Reveal - leere

SUMMARY: Anonymous asked: au where pete and patrick are bfs that share an apartment but their landlord is always like “wow you are such good friends” and it drives pete INSANE. so he always tries to leave incriminating evidence around the place…

Cookie Dough - leere

SUMMARY: “I could do this for hours. You kinda taste like cookie dough.”

Walls Could Talk - leere

SUMMARY: Patrick groaned, digging his nails into Pete’s shoulders. “Holy-”

“-smokes,” Pete finished, smiling crookedly up at the smaller man, his golden eyes dark with lust.

Embezzlement - leere

SUMMARY: Pete is Patrick’s boss and catches him embezzling and has to punish/blackmails him.

Close - leere

SUMMARY: pissy pregnant patrick and handsy annoying pete

I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And Exactly One On My Finger - allthecitylights

SUMMARY: The day after Patrick’s high school graduation, Pete showed up at his doorstep at 7 in the morning. He didn’t ring the doorbell, but instead called Patrick’s cell phone and demanded to be let in. That, or for Patrick to come out.

Doing And Saying Are Two Different Things - allthecitylights

SUMMARY: Patrick works at Target. Pete needs to keep his big mouth shut.

I’m Not More Than You Bargained For Yet, Am I? - allthecitylights

SUMMARY: “…He stops as Patrick feels someone standing behind him. That person turns out to be the singer-slash-bassist for Arma Angelus, THE Pete Wentz. What Pete Wentz (no one ever calls him Pete…always Pete Wentz) wants with him, he has no clue.”

frame me up on (a museum’s) wall just to (potentially get us arrested) - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: When Pete said it, he didn’t think he would actually end up doing it. But what can he say- Patrick truly is a masterpiece, and he’d do anything to prove it.

Progress Report: I am missing you to death - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: Person A of your OTP has been far away from home for many months doing work they enjoy, but A hasn’t seen any friends or family in person in that entire time, including Person B. On Person A’s birthday, they receive a lot of well-wishes from people back home, but nothing from Person B, which has made Person A feel really depressed and worried that the distance and time apart have caused B to forget about them. A opens the door to an unexpected guest at 11:58 p.m. that night just to see Person B standing there, wrinkled and exhausted from the trip, a suitcase behind them. “Made it with two minutes to spare,” B pants, and then grins. “Happy birthday.”

I Thought Of Angels, Choking On Their Halos - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: It’s Pete’s birthday, and Patrick has a special present for him that may or may not involve dressing up in angelic lingerie.

merry christmas, pete could care a lot actually - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: He’s standing directly underneath the mistletoe, but when Patrick looks over to him, Pete looks down at his book, as if he’s oblivious to the mistletoe above his head.

flash, flash, flash photography - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: pete, a porn photographer + patrick, his porn star boyfriend + lollipops + bruises on patrick’s thighs

Not Broken Hearted, Just Kinda Pissed Off - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: Past Patrick would never do this, but he’s not Past Patrick anymore. He’s not Patrick from Fall Out Boy anymore.

Great Minds Think Alike - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: It’s a totally genius idea- Pete loves Patrick, and loves seeing him happy, and puppies are what make Patrick happy. Adopting a puppy would make for a great surprise! And adopting the puppy that Patrick was cuddling up with would be an even better surprise! So what, they already have 3 dogs? It’s just one more dog, one more addition to their crazy awesome family! What could go wrong?

He’s So Bad, But He Does It So Well - emeraldcitydowntowngirl

SUMMARY: inspired by this ask: “Ok so like bratty!trick who adores getting spanked but thinks its not “as good” if he asks for it, so he deliberately does shit he KNOWS will get him thrown over Pete’s knee and spanked til he’s bruised for a week and I just ugghh”

Pete’s favorite Day - ThatGuyInAChiffonSkirt

SUMMARY: Today is Pete’s favorite day.

In the wake of Saturday - ThatGuyInAChiffonSkirt

SUMMARY: Patrick and Pete spend some quality time together and then there’s someone else joining in. Kind of.

Too much Work, not enough Fun - ThatGuyInAChiffonSkirt

SUMMARY: Person A works very much and person B wants them to rest and person A is very stressed so B just takes it to the next level and it gets smutty and A finally accepts and it’s just smutty and fluffy and cute?

Did you sleep with me last night? - ThatGuyInAChiffonSkirt

SUMMARY: Base on this prompt I got from a lovely anon: van days pete and patrick show up from the past and soul punk patrick and black cards pete end up having sex (somehow) with them (like young pete and older patrick vice-versa) and in the end present pete and patrick get together.

Drunken Adventures and Missing Notes - ThatGuyInAChiffonSkirt

SUMMARY: Based on this prompt: Person A of your OTP wakes up to an empty house and a note left by person B. What the note says is up to you.

Ugly - Pervygayoverlord

SUMMARY: Pete just wants to protect Patrick but Patrick is sick of it and ends up lashing out at Pete

Keep Quiet, No One Comes As Easily As You - newamericana

SUMMARY: Patrick was far more of a slut than people realized.

From The Sea - Uma_Thurman

SUMMARY: “Patrick, do you know what’s going on?”

Patrick just shook his head pitifully. Pete put his free hand on Patrick’s cheek so he couldn’t turn away from his gaze, as Patrick had the tendency to be shy about these things.

“Patrick, sweetie, I think you might be going into, um, heat…” Pete’s voice was now as nervous as he felt.

Ring My Bell - enawritesthings

SUMMARY: Pete tries something new. Patrick is a fan. Then they fuck.

Those Chicago Thighs - enawritesthings

SUMMARY: Maybe it was just because Patrick was always so self-conscious and covered from head to toe. Maybe it was because his skin was so pale and smooth, blond hair barely visible above the knee. Maybe Pete was just a massive creep. But he couldn’t help it – he was obsessed with Patrick’s thighs.

Don’t See What Anyone Can See in Anyone Else (But You) - sleepypatrick

SUMMARY: Soulmate AU where the bond isn’t whole until the relationship is consummated.

Love Me (If That’s What You Wanna Do) - sleepypatrick

SUMMARY: It’s Valentine’s Day! Pete gets romantic, Patrick gets spoiled, and they both get laid. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

In Which Patrick Stump is Stubborn as Hell but Pete Loves Him All the More for It -  Beethebee

SUMMARY: [PWP] Pete and Patrick decide to have anal sex for the first time; the only problem is, they both want to top.

You Put My Head in Such A Flurry -  Flames_and_Jade

SUMMARY: Patrick brings home a gift that just keeps on giving…and buzzing.

Shower - wentzday

SUMMARY: It’s a late hotel night and Patrick has a bit of a problem. It’s Pete’s fault.

these endless days - asteriel

SUMMARY:  A casual afternoon on a tour bus involves Pete doing inexplicably Pete-like things the moment he spots Patrick.

Hooked Up On Love - ANervousBoysLife

SUMMARY: When Patrick wakes up to his first heat, his thoughts are confirmed. He’s an omega.

Homesick At Piss Camp - ANervousBoysLife

SUMMARY: Pete pulled himself closer to Patrick, breath ghosting across his ear, “Did you just wet yourself?”

Bodies and Orphanages Should Always Be Separate - ANervousBoysLife

SUMMARY: Patrick was pissed to say the least. He had noticed how Pete kept slinking away to god knows where at times when he thinks no one would notice. He had seen how Pete had slowly distanced himself from everyone, especially Patrick. It kind of hurt, but what hurt the most was the lack of intimacy between the two. Before warped, Pete had been the perfect boyfriend. They would go on romantic dates, Pete would buy Patrick flowers, and he even took Patrick’s virginity on his eighteenth birthday.

3 am… sucks… - thanksariel

SUMMARY: Patrick told Pete to wake him up at times like these. Told him that he should not deal with it himself, but Patrick was too calm to wake up, to sweet and angelic. Pete didn’t want to wake Patrick up by crawling into bed. Watching Patrick was usually soporific, and Pete would climb behind him and fall asleep instantly when he woke up at 2 am and had a nightmare or just wouldn’t fall asleep. But today was different.

Dirty Little Secret - thanksariel

SUMMARY: “Pete?” He heard a small voice whisper through the room, breaking the normal tone of the it. Patrick. “You busy…?” Whispered the red head, Pete could reply, yeah, but he was too tired to do so. “Are you asleep…?” There was a pause, then a deep sigh. The door then closed and Pete breathed in, not fully realizing he was holding his breath.

Friends with strings attached, bro. - thanksariel

SUMMARY: “Fucking hell, Patrick, this would feel better if you were blowing me, I could cum in your mouth and you would take it, wouldn’t you?”

“It would be better if you were jacking me off too, Pete.”

suck me and fuck me and dance in the nude - peatreck

SUMMARY: “Please, I’ll pay you more, I’ll pay you double,” Patrick is begging, kneeling on the dingy carpet with his hands handcuffed behind his back. “I have the money, it’s in my jacket, please,”

bending near the earth (wondering love) - peatreck

SUMMARY: Pete pulls him closer so their foreheads are touching again. “Patrick, my baby, my angel, did you know that I completely gave up on understanding people the day I met you? I took one look at you and couldn’t comprehend why everyone in the world hadn’t given up whatever else they were doing to try and make you happy.”

under the gas lamps (show you off) - peatreck

SUMMARY: He couldn’t close his legs around Pete’s and they wouldn’t fit under the desk while he was sitting on Pete’s lap like this, his shirt tails covered his dick but they would be able to see the outline clearly through the white fabric–  Part 1 of They tell me you are wicked and I believe them series

luring the farmboys (dress me up) - peatreck

SUMMARY: Patrick woke to Pete gently shaking his shoulder, squinting his eyes in the early afternoon light. Part 2 of They tell me you are wicked and I believe them series

Possibly the Prettiest - llama_party

SUMMARY: It was bright pink, with red and white hearts, and clearly meant for a Valentine’s gift. Which would be fine, if Valentine’s day hadn’t been several months ago.

In the Wake of Saturday - llama_party

SUMMARY: It didn’t matter now, because Patrick had walked out, and it was Pete’s fault.

a loose bolt of a complete machine - doctorkilljoy

SUMMARY:  When Patrick’s attitude gets out of control, Pete comes up with an unusual solution.

A Cure for Insomnia - Cyrinus

SUMMARY: Patrick can’t sleep.

Before The Night Is Through - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Pete goes to one of Patrick’s Soul Punk shows and Patrick gets more than he bargained for.

Just You, Entirely - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Pete loves getting Patrick off.

Push You Around  - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Patrick’s just so tiny these days. Pete really likes it.

Don’t Get Caught - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Pete and Patrick have a moment together.

Gotta Keep Quiet - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Patrick’s gotta keep quiet.

Who Do You Belong To? - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Some guy flirts with Patrick and Pete is not happy about that.

Little One - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Sometimes Patrick is little and sometimes he’s big.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Pete’s the Selfie King and Patrick is just along for the ride.

Burn Up Slowly - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Patrick always knows what Pete needs.

A Is For Age Difference - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Patrick is a sassy sixteen year old and really, it’s not like Pete doesn’t have a reputation.

Close My Eyes For A While - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: This is the story of how it began.

Systemically Move Every Bone - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Patrick didn’t know he missed this until he has it back, has Pete back.

The Walls Are Burning Down - Synnerxx

SUMMARY: Patrick loses his virginity to Pete.

The Cards are Down - coricomile

SUMMARY: “Fuck you,” he breathes out as he arches up. His ribs poke out, one, two, three, caging in his bitch cold heart.

We Are Nowhere And It’s Now - coricomile

SUMMARY: Pete unlocked his front door with the boy pressed up against it, thighs slipping down Pete’s sides. The boy snuffled in his sleep and slapped weakly at Pete’s shoulder, face scrunching up. Bad dream. Pete soothed a hand over his damp forehead, brushing his bangs away, and let himself finally look at what might have been his best steal ever.

Patterns in the Sound - coricomile

SUMMARY: “Don’t fucking be a dick, you motherfucker,” Patrick grits out, pressing his forehead to his folded arms. The rough fabric of the seat is chafing against his elbows and if Pete doesn’t do anything soon, Patrick is going to quit the band right the fuck now and hitchhike back to Chicago.

Eden Burns - coricomile

SUMMARY: “The girls don’t like you, Rick,” Pete says around a laugh. Patrick winces, gritting his teeth. Pete leans in close, breath hot on Patrick’s face. His eyes are dilated, pupils wide and dark. “But you don’t like them, either, do you?” Patrick feels himself go pale, his heart thumping in his chest. Pete laughs again. “Do you like boys, Patrick?”

Tip our glasses to no direction - coricomile

SUMMARY: Prompt: trying to have stealthy sex so the others don’t find out (and failing).

No Place To Go But Down - likeasugarcube

SUMMARY: Patrick isn’t usually a fan of being on his knees in dirty bathroom stalls, but it’s been so fucking long he doesn’t even care. Forty five minutes could be enough time for them to both get off twice if they play their cards right.

A Minute is Too Long - likeasugarcube

SUMMARY: Underneath the table, his hand slides up the inside of Patrick’s thigh, and when Patrick tries to push him away, he digs his blunt fingernails into Patrick’s flesh.

I Float Until I Sink And I’m Swallowed Up - likeasugarcube

SUMMARY: Married people in love. Excessively sappy.

in the wake of saturday - headfirstslider

SUMMARY: Patrick has caught Pete staring— a lot, too.

if you’ve got the questions my answer is yes - teenagedaze

SUMMARY: Pete’s a music journalist who’s been tasked with interviewing number-one pop star Patrick Stump.

Also, he’s definitely not imagining the way Patrick’s looking at him, is he?

The Right Way Up - miserylovedme

SUMMARY: “Two blue lines means what?”

“Positive!” Patrick yells, turning in a circle, gripping his hair and looking back at Pete, good old-fashioned terror etched into his face.

Pancakes Are Ready - JoshDunismyspiritanimal

SUMMARY: It’s Christmas Day and Patrick’s wearing some pretty compromising clothes.

Call Me Up When the Snow Comes Down - slpblue

SUMMARY: They met in the middle of a snowball fight.

Marry Me - httpseouls

SUMMARY: PROMPT: Put your music on shuffle and write a short drabble inspired by the first song that plays.

Song was: “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo.

This World We Know - Loverboy (MythicObsessions)

SUMMARY: “I don’t- I don’t think we’re ready for that…” Pete said, and his voice was shaking and Patrick felt so horrible about this and kind of like he wanted to puke again. “It’s still early, right? Early enough just to take a pill and be done?”

I Do Not Have Writer’s Block(Addicted To You) - Loverboy (MythicObsessions)

SUMMARY: Patrick hooks his hands behind his neck, the cold press of his fingertips against his hairline is a comfort. Like a grounding force he needs so badly right then.

If Only You Knew What I Could Do - Loverboy (MythicObsessions)

SUMMARY: Patrick loved singing. Loved shredding his voice on stage, loved the way the music flowed through him, like he was leading a charge. Captain of hearing-loss and his crew of mighty composers.
He loved the feeling of his own music shaking his bones and very being. It gave him courage he didn’t have when a crowd sang back at him. Made him feel like he could rule the world if he just tried.

Daddy, can you pass the salt please? - patrickstumpismydad

SUMMARY: Things get awkward at the Stumph house when Patrick asks for his daddy to pass the salt and both Mr. Stumph and Pete reach for it.

Sweetest Rendezvous - rottenpaperclipwrites

SUMMARY: At a party celebrating his one hundred days sober Pete meets a stranger and, for the first time in a long time, he decides to take a risk.

Licorice and Coffee - PastelGreywaren

SUMMARY: Patrick was starving. Being an incubus was hard, especially when you didn’t have a source of energy to feed off of.

Sometimes I Wanna Quit This All - prettyinsoulpunk (IAmTotallyNotAPsychopath)

SUMMARY: Patrick notices that Pete leaves him in the middle of the night to do… something.

Then Came A Baby Boy - prettyinsoulpunk (IAmTotallyNotAPsychopath)

SUMMARY: Pete has always been making grand gestures of love for Patrick since they’ve been dating. Pete is graduating this year, and he wants his “promposal” to be as memorable as possible.

AKA Brendon is pregnant, Gabe is and uncertified surgeon, and Patrick wants to kill Pete

Did It Hurt? - prettyinsoulpunk (IAmTotallyNotAPsychopath)

SUMMARY: Pete falls for Patrick in the most literal sense possible.

Cherry Cherry Blue Raspberry - prettyinsoulpunk (IAmTotallyNotAPsychopath)

SUMMARY: “Dude, is that a ring pop?”

Motherfucker - imsorryimlate

SUMMARY: 5 times Patrick expected Pete to propose, and the 1 time he didn’t.

You’re Lucky, Lucky, You’re So Lucky! - megyal

SUMMARY: Christine Heigelmann adjusted the strap of her backpack and tapped on the brightly decorated door to Apartment 5A, smiling a little as the sound of a very loud, very high-pitched voice came from within the household.

this will hurt you more - megyal


Better off the other way around - megyal


What a Match - PerxidePrincess

SUMMARY: Patrick’s ass is always perfect, and even on a bad day, Pete could have him sitting on his face for hours and not get tired of it one bit.

In Between The Sheets - Forbiddentoast

SUMMARY:  Patrick just wants to breathe in and savour the morning after.

Lovehearts - Forbiddentoast

SUMMARY: Sweets, a lazy day and Pete has a question.

We Were Kissing Gods - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: Over the years Pete has accumulated lots of tips and tricks-of-the-trade on how one successfully kisses a Patrick Stump with (mostly) positive results.

Breathe You In - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: Sandman loved breathing, but he loved Benzedrine more for making it possible.

Paint On A Canvas - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: He’s beautiful. Like an entire art gallery, and Pete could admire him for hours if only Patrick would let him.

Masterpiece - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: Pete tried to create masterpieces for his classes, but he knew the real work of art was the person curled up around him. Part 1 of the The Couple On The Third Floor series.

The Starry Night - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: Pete doesn’t really understand why people fascinate over the night sky, but with Patrick in his life he doesn’t have to. Part 2 of the The Couple On The Third Floor series.

Moments - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: Three different moments from Pete and Patrick’s relationship.

Happy Endings And Stuff - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: “Yeah, marriage then house, then all those silly couple classes. That’s how it works.”

Talking To Silence - ForbiddenToast

SUMMARY: Two years is a long period of time for anything.

young gods - smallghostkid

SUMMARY: "Joe, my dear friend, do you believe in miracles?” Pete asked after a while and Joe turned back to face him.

I Wish I Dreamt in the Shape of Your Mouth - foxxx

SUMMARY: If he was being honest, Pete got kind of turned on when Patrick got angry.

(i wish) i dreamt in the shape of your mouth - tiffanyblews (peppermintz)

SUMMARY: Pete is dreaming too loudly, which is unfortunate when you’re the person sleeping right above him.

You Know What I’d do to You in Prison? - Boycott_Love

SUMMARY: “I like cops, I think they’re cute.”

[Untitled] - Boycott_Love

SUMMARY: “I want to know if he has recessive earlobe genes now.”

Pretty And Pink - nosebleeder

SUMMARY: In which Pete has panties on.

A Pretty Good Record, Considering - druscilla

SUMMARY: Pete comes home to find Patrick trashed and angry, half drunken sex ensues.

Need You Now - ShowtheWorldtheThunder

SUMMARY: “you’re lucky i love you, baby boy.”

“I know.”

watch you work the room - starglide

SUMMARY: “Dude, dude, no, you’ve got the ladies hanging off every word you say now,” Joe says, grinning.

I Know I’m Supposed To Love You - InfinityADeux

SUMMARY: Patrick is really surprised to find out that Pete has never done this with a guy before.

Extension on Rent - InfinityADeux

SUMMARY: Patrick doesn’t have the money for this month’s rent. His landlord, Pete, just might be willing to work out an alternate form of payment.

Chicago Transit Authority - fistfight

SUMMARY: For the tumblr prompt: “you know you’re singing to your headphones out loud, right”.

Little Black Dress - PrettyOkayGatsby

SUMMARY: Patrick doesn’t understand how he gets himself into these types of situations.

All I’ve Ever Wanted - PrettyOkayGatsby

SUMMARY: It’s Christmas Morning and all through the house not a creature is stirring…except for Pete Wentz who maybe sort of broke in through Patrick’s bedroom window.

Never Getting Any Better Than This - PrettyOkayGatsby

SUMMARY: It was a well-known fact that Pete was a selfish man; he took what he wanted and what he couldn’t have, no one else could.

Let’s Be Alone Together - PrettyOkayGatsby

SUMMARY: Pete presses his hands against him, one braced on his shoulder, the other wrapped around his waist.

Call It Desperation by SLUMPED

SUMMARY: Peter Wentz III was head of Courvoisier, and that was all you really had to know. He had a big income, a big house and an even bigger ego. But those all came in well when he bought his maid what he needed.

Life Is Just A Ferris Wheel - tjstar

SUMMARY: “Man, sorry for asking, but… Are you pregnant?” Pete’s question sounds creepy even for his own ears.

“No, I’m just fat,” the kid pushes his glasses up to the bridge of his nose, avoiding Pete’s eyes.

We Could Stay Young Forever - Firepower_Perfect

SUMMARY: Patrick comes home to find a missing Pete and a sticky note on the counter.

Pete The Dragon Slayer - Calysta Rose (Calysta)

SUMMARY: Since Pete was the one who had, inadvertently damn it, made the monster it was up to him to slay it.

A Little More Touch Me - ButterflyKiss

SUMMARY: It’s been a week since Pete’s changed into a nightwalker. He’s not settling well at all.

Leave a Mark - scarredsodeep

SUMMARY: A tiny sexy fic about the marks Pete leaves on Patrick, and Patrick wanting more.

Romance Is Dead - scarredsodeep

SUMMARY: It’s Pete and Patrick’s one-year anniversary, and Pete is determined to sweep his grumpy, unromantic boyfriend off his feet. How hard could it possibly be?

the friction in your jeans - scarredsodeep

SUMMARY: Patrick shouldn’t even have Grindr installed on his phone. He knows this. But sometimes touring gets so lonely…

we put the world away - trohmenace

SUMMARY: Pete grins and pulls him into the fort, locking his arms and legs around him like some kind of demented sloth. Patrick sucks in a sharp breath in surprise before they roll, nearly taking half the fort down with them. Pete just laughs, pulling him in without hesitation and kissing him like it’s been weeks since they’ve seen each other instead of hours.

Walkabout - laudanum_cafe

SUMMARY: Recently, there has been one particular song that Pete’s been playing. Repeatedly, and on a daily basis.

The First Taste - laudanum_cafe

SUMMARY: It’s become an urban legend at this point: Pete Wentz has a near unhealthy affinity for pizza.

Turns out, pizza is not Pete’s favorite thing to eat.

Music to My Ears - ladymyst3ry

SUMMARY: Pete and Patrick spend Sunday together.

Worth It - ladymyst3ry

SUMMARY: Patrick has lost tracks of how long he has been kneeling. His knees are probably sore now. He recalls receiving a call from Pete saying he has a surprise for him when he gets home.

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Series 38.2 [mailed out February 23, 2017] 

It’s Chris Chow’s Senior Year

And things are going good.

Really good! Like, just last week, Jack invited him and Caitlin out to a Falconers hockey game and bought them tickets! And the Falconers are hosting the San Jose Sharks and how cool is that because they’re Chowder’s favorite team!

And Jack remembered!

Caitlin was really excited to go too, so that’s even better. The tickets are in good seats and Jack even gets them a driver so they don’t have to worry about parking.

It isn’t even his birthday? But the Sharks are very important to Chowder so Jack must be trying to make sure he doesn’t miss them. Caitlin seemed nervous during the ride but Chowder reassured her that she could cheer for the Falconers if she wanted, it wouldn’t bother him.

They get there and even better than the tickets, it turns out Chowder won something! He gets to participate in the “Chance in the Cage” contest where a fan gets randomly selected to try and block shots for a prize!

Wow! Chowder offers the opportunity to Caitlin, but she insists that Chowder take it.

But before he gets down to get geared up for the contest things get totally s’waesome when he spots Ransom and Holster waiting in a food line! They don’t seem to see Chowder and they keep looking away every time he calls their names but Caitlin drags him away because he has to get some goalie pads on for the game. He’ll have to hit them up on the group chat and see where their seats were and let them know its okay if they cheered for the Falconers too.

Then it gets to the part where Chowder is wearing real Sharks goalie pads and a real Sharks helmet and jersey and he might die but he can’t until the game is over. So he skates out to the net and the announcer is talking about how he plays for the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team and there are people cheering and if he could pinch himself with gloves on he would have because he is pretty sure he’s dreaming.

He does a few warmup stretches and the crowd likes it when he drops into a split so he does that a few times.

And then. And then! Chowder watches with awe as Sharks players hit the ice:  there’s Joe Pavelski and Bob Thorton and Brent Burns and the actual Martin Jones skates over to him to whisper a few tips on how to block their shots and Chowder might die and he would be okay with that. But he doesn’t, and the players speed towards him, circling the goal and passing the puck between them and somewhere above him the crowd is cheering and he can hardly believe his luck.

Then he watches as they all skate away without taking a single shot. Chowder doesn’t have time to think about it before a single player drives towards him down center ice. He doesn’t recognize them right off the bat because they’re so small? And they aren’t really skating very well? Chowder stays ready though as the mystery Sharks player wobbles towards him and then they take off their mask and-

It’s Caitlin. The audience is really, really loud as she comes to an awkward halt a few feet before Chowder. He pops out of the crease and skates up to meet her and when he does-

She kneels. It’s a little scary because she almost falls over and she’s telling Chowder how much she loves him and asking him if they can get married?

So Chowder nods because he can’t make his voice work and then he lifts her up into a hug while still nodding and kind of accidentally hitting her with his helmet.

The crowd got super loud for that part!

When they finally pull away from each other, Chowder can see all the Sharks players banging their sticks on the ice and they skate over to him and Jack is there too and it turns into a big celly that carries him and Caitlin off the ice which is good because he’s pretty sure his feet don’t work right now.

Things calm down a little and Jack sends them up to the box seats and, wow, everyone is there! Bitty made them a cake and Ransom and Holster and everyone else from the team is there to tackle him with a hug and every time he looks to Caitlin he can’t help but smile.

Jealous (NewtxFem!reader) (SMUT)

This is gonna be a fem reader btw but if yall want me to write gay smut i would be more than happy. 

Warnings- Swearing, smut, spanking (bc kinks guys)

Angst, smut, fluff. It has it all 

“on your knees and open your mouth”

Rage built inside Newt, some big shot Auror James Baker from MACUSA was currently trying to win you over. He was your boyfriend for many years and he heard you try to tell James that you had a boyfriend but he kept interrupting you. You were standing and laughing but with a facial expression that screamed discomfort, he knew you were too nice to say no. 

“As I was saying, its only me and this ferocious monster. It killed a couple No-maj’s and I was the only one who was brave enough to face it” The auror blabbed away, boasting about his accomplishments to you. Newts face grew darker and the glass in his hand almost shattered. 

“You know Newt, If looks could kill I’m sure Mr. Baker over there would have dropped dead a few minutes ago” 

Newt jumped and turned around to meet the smirking Queenie and Tina. 

“Just go over there” Tina suggests. 

“I can’t, if I hear one more thing out of that bastard’s mouth I am going to hurt him” Newt growled. 

Tina and Queenie were quite surprised to see this kind of Newt. He’s was rarely cross but when he was, it was dangerous. He looked over and saw Baker with his arm around your waist. You were trying to get out of his grip, clearly uncomfortable and mad. 

Something in him broke, he slammed his glass down and stormed over to the two of you. You breathed a sigh of relief when you saw Newt coming towards you, but you noticed his dark expression. 

“Excuse Me, Mr. Baker, I’d appreciate it if you let go of my girlfriend” He gritted his teeth, and put on a fake smile, although it looked like he was in pain. 

James looked at you and then back to Newt, “This is who you went for little lady, you could do much better than some animal hugging freak” James scoffed. 

“James please let me go, I’d rather be over there with my boyfriend” you emphasized the boyfriend part.

James just grips you tighter and just laughs “I could treat you much better sweetheart. In every way” He whispered in your ear. 

You got shivers and stomped on his foot causing him to let you go. You ran over to Newt and hugged him. 

“Ow! you bitch! Good luck with her Scamander. You’ll need it” He snarled, looking at you. 

Newt calmly walked over to James, smiled at him and punched James in the nose. James stumbled back, cursing at Newt and You. You gasped at Newt’s sudden reaction. He grabbed your hand and apparated back to the apartment you shared. 

“Newt I-” you started but he cut you off by walking to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. 

You sighed, needing to talk to someone you left your apartment, leaving a note for Newt, and went to Tina’s. 

“I’ve never seen him like that” you explain to the Goldsteins. 

“To tell you the truth darling, his thoughts have been upsetting for a couple months now” Queenie said. 

“What has he been thinking?” you question. 

“He’s been feeling insecure about your relationship. That he’s not good enough. That you don’t love him” Queenie muttered sadly. 

“What! That’s absurd, I’m so in love with him. I-I should go and talk to him” You say quickly getting up. 

“Thank you for talking with me” you yell as you apparate. 

You stand in front of your door, thinking of what you were going to say. You opened the door, “Newt! Newt?” You yell, the note on the counter was gone and the lights were off. 

You walked to his office, a little space outside of the case, sometimes the creatures became a little too much. 

“Newt?” you say as you walk in his office. 

The door slams behind you and someone grabs you waist and slams you against the wall. You scream and look to see Newt holding you against the wall. 

“N-newt, what are you doing?” you ask nervously but intrigued. 

“Seeing you with that other man, it made me boil with rage. No guy can talk like that to you. You’re mine and only mine” he whispered huskily in your ear. You can’t help but whimper causing Newt to smirk. 

“Those are sound only I get to hear coming from you” He growled at you. 

he ripped your shirt off and roughly attacked your neck with his mouth, his hands roaming everywhere. His hand slips into your pants and your underwear. His hand grazed your clit and you squirmed from the contact. Newt was never this rough, but it turned you on.

With no warning, he shoved two fingers inside you, pumping fast and hard, curling his fingers in different ways. 

“N-Newt, F-fuck” You moaned loudly. 

He added another finger and went faster, you screamed his name as you came all over his fingers. He took out his fingers and licked them, staring you straight in the eyes. You were a panting mess, Newt’s pants were tight and he wanted you to see his throbbing cock first hand. 

He took you off the wall and grabbed you ass, “On your knees and Open your mouth” He snarled in your ear, He slapped your ass and forced you to your knees. You slowly unbuckle his pants, 

“Don’t tease y/n” he growled. 

You took off his underwear and his dick was right in your face, You grabbed it, rubbing it while you teasingly licked his head. He grabbed you hair and forced his dick in your mouth. 

“I said no teasing.” he said. You began to suck and lick his cock. 

He let out a low groan that made your insides burn. You bobbed your head and rubbed the base. He let out a loud moan and tightened his grip on your hair and started thrusting into your mouth, 

“Mm Y/n, your mouth feels so good” He moans seductively. You grew wetter at the sounds coming from your boyfriend. 

“Fuck y/n” he pants out. 

You bobbed faster and sucked harder, he groaned loudly and he came into your mouth. Newt was glistening in sweat but fire was still in his eyes. He picked you up and roughly kissed your lips and carried you to your shared bed. He stripped you down to nothing and licked his lips. 

“On all fours love” he said with lust in his eyes, Your eyes widened in surprise, Confident Newt was a hot Newt. 

“I said No teasing, you have to be punished kitten” he whispered in your ear. 

You got on all fours and Newt smacked your ass, you squealed at the harsh contact. He smirked and hit you again, red marks showed up. Satisfied, Newt pushed you on your back, he grabs a condom from his pocket and he puts it on, he straddles you and looks down to look at you. 

“You’re all mine aren’t you,” He says huskily, “No one except me is going to see you like this” His voice gets deeper and his dick hardens again. 

“I love you so much, and I’m going to show you” his eyes turn soft as he speaks. 

“I love you too Newt” you whisper lovingly. 

He leans down and kisses you when you pull apart his eyes are laced with lust again. He positions himself and he looks at you, he smirks and slams into you. You scream in pleasure as Newt thrusts into you. One of his hands holds your wrists above your head while the other massages one of your breasts. 

“N-Newt” you whine over and over. His name is the only word you can remember. He looks down and see’s you panting and writhing underneath him, moans of pleasure coming from your mouth. He almost cums at the sight of you. 

“I-I’m getting c-close Newt” You stutter out. 

“Me too kitten” he replies, his thrusts get sloppier and you soon find yourself cumming on to him. 

He lets you ride out your orgasm before he cums into the condom. He pulls out of you and goes to throw the condom away. You lie on the bed exhausted from what just happened, what queenie told you earlier today still in your mind. Newt walks out of the bathroom and lies down on the bed next to you. 

“Newt” you ask, “yes love” he replies rolling over to face you, “you know I love you a lot right, you’ve never been this rough before” his face fell a little, “I loved it I did but, why?” you quickly said. 

Newt rolled on his back and sighed, “I love you, but, every time we go out, guys flirt with you. Guys who are much more successful and more handsome than I am. I just, I wanted to show you that I loved you. It sounds silly now that I say it out loud” He puts a pillow on his face and groans. 

You roll over and put your face on his chest, “None of those men could ever compare to you, I love you so so much. You’re the only man I could ever want Newt” you say while tracing patterns on his chest. 

He takes the pillow off his face and he hugs you. 

“I love you Y/n” he murmurs into your ear. 

“I love you too Newt” you whisper as both of you fall into a peaceful sleep. 


Inspired by @kingkilling-and-stormlight and his post here

So we have our opening, Alexander Hamilton style, maybe sung by Bast, maybe Chronicler

Aaron Burr, Sir- check (Kvothe to Elodin)

My Shot- Instead maybe more of a revenge song, focusing on the Chandrian?

The Story of Tonight- literally written to capture one scene from The Name of the Wind, so check

Schyler Sisters-I was thinking Denna, but now I think it would be so funny to use this kind of format to introduce everyone from the University, students to masters (oh, and all these songs would be in a different order)

Farmer Refuted- Ambrose and Kvothe sniping- It would be EPIC

You’ll Be Back- Again, was going to say Hemme, but how awesome if this song got even creepier, like in a minor key, for Cinder????

Right Hand Man- Kvothe getting into the University and starting classes, like the scene with Hemme (but here comes the general/or whatever, Ambrose would walk in?)

A Winter’s Ball- Bast and Kvothe talking about Denna

Hepless- Except Kvothe is Eliza and Denna is Hamilton and it’s at the Eolian

Satisfied-From Devi’s POV but not related to Helpless. This is just very much her song. (I could see Mola singing it as well)

The Story of Tonight (reprise)- the rose talk with Denna (except they are a little bit more tipsy)

Wait for It- I love the idea of Denna being the Burr to Kvothe’s Hamilton (I want her to have ALL the songs) But also this could be Auri’s song as well, kind of The Slow Regard of Things (Ambrose does NOT get this song, it’s too good for him)

Stay Alive- I kind of want this song to be Denna singing to herself? Really give the audience perspective on her character and see her make difficult decisions based on survival.

Ten Duel Commandments- Kvothe breaks Ambrose’s arm and then the whipping


That Would Be Enough- Wil and Sim telling Kvothe he needs to CHILL

Guns and Ships- When Kvothe leaves the university

Battle of Yorktown- Maybe when they ambush the thieves in WMF and see Cinder

What Comes Next?- Ambrose taunting Kvothe, maybe after the Jackass, Jackass debacle

Dear Theodosia- Kvothe and Auri singing to each other because they are each other’s family

Non-Stop- This would be before That Would be Enough and it would be like, when he is overworking himself, between school, work, and music.

What’d I Miss?- Bast’s song when he starts listening to the story (so near the beginning)

Cabinet Battle #1- Plum bob drugging? When he just wants to fight everyone? (I’m not sure about this one… )

Take a Break- basically in WMF when everyone tells Kvothe to leave and go on an adventure.

Say No to This- Do I need to tell you what this one is about? (*cough* Felurian *cough*)

The Room Where It Happened- Also Denna’s song about all the lost opportunities she was passed up on (Denna can never have too many songs) But alternative Wil, Sim, Fela, Mola talking about how they haven’t gotten as far as they had orginally hoped (I want more with all of them individually. but also, I can imagine comparing oneself to Kvothe can make one feel inadequate)

Schyler Defeated- Kvothe confronting Devi about selling his blood (and the following fight)

Cabinet Battle #2- Denna and Kvothe’s big fight or possible Kvothe vs Meluian

Washington On Your Side- The whole thing with the Maer getting sick and trying to cure him from Stapes’ POV

One Last Time- The Maer sending Kvothe off the second time

I Know Him- When Sim and Wil reunite with Kvothe

The Adams Administration- When Hemme takes over as Chancellor

We Know aka I Know- when Kvothe meets the fake Edema Ruh and kills them all. It would become even creepier

Hurricane- Hopping all the way back to when Kvothe just got orphaned. Definitely the forest part, maybe part of Tarben

The Reynolds Pamphlet- Maybe this is the plum bob scene?????

Burn- A twist and it be Fela and Sim falling in love? (because of the analogy with the spark?)

Blow Us All Away- Kvothe’s troupe, including Ben, singing about him growing up (maybe ends in them dying)

Stay Alive (reprise)- Kvothe singing to his parents

It’s Quiet Uptown- Tarben. This is the Tarben scenes

The Election of 1800- This song is a turning point, so maybe when Kvothe decides to finally go to the University

Your Obedient Servant- Check (specifically when Kvothe write the public apology to Ambrose)

Best of Wives and Women- … I feel like there’s a scene in book three that will fit this better.

The World Was Wide Enough- Instead of being about two people, just Kvothe coming to terms with his past self (ok, so we don’t have this scene yet… but)

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells your Story- Clearly, we do not have a scene for this one… Unless, we opened with this number instead. Like, full circle

(Bonus: John Adams rap would be about Hemme)

Time To Get Home

This is a Spencer x reader requested by a lovely anon where Spencer picks you up, drunk, from a girls night out with Penelope, JJ, and Emily. It’s pretty fluffy idk Spencer is pretty great- please enjoy, guys!

Originally posted by mentallydatingspencerreid

“Y/n?” Spencer asked aloud, moving from woman to woman at the bar, examining each’s questioning gaze before moving on, “Y/n?” He announced for a final time as he came across a familiar band of women: Penelope, JJ, Emily, and, yes, you.

“Spencer!” The group erupted into cheers at the sight of your beloved coworker, awkwardly tall in the ramparts of the cramped, musty bar.

“Y/n, you called me, and you’re obviously very drunk,” Spencer’s eyes darted around the room, “What do you say I take you home?”

You stumbled out of the booth, intoxication fogging your brain and all of your cognitive functions, leaving you an incoherent mess, “Let’s go,” You laughed, falling against Spencer.

You let him prop you up, leaning into his side as he gingerly hoisted a lanky arm beneath your shoulders, “Do any of you need a ride?” He eyed the other women, genuinely worried for their safety and mental awareness. But, they waved him off, reassuring their much-younger cohort that even in their drunken stupors, they would get home safely. With that, the women watched as you moved to leave the bar, Spencer on your arm watching you carefully.

Okay, so girls night was definitely over now.

Carefully maneuvering your fellow drunks, Spencer guided you through the maze of tables and toppled drinks, then out into the fragile, chilly air that enclosed the bar parking lot.

“You’re really drunk,” Spencer observed aloud as you leaned your head contently against his warm forearm, an intoxicated hum bubbling up from your throat, “Y'know, 88,000 people die annually due to alcohol-related insta-”

“You have really nice hair,” You cut him off with an instantaneous giggle slicing against his words. You ran a drunken hand through Spencer’s mop of hair, not even noticing the crimson blush meeting Spencer’s flushed cheeks.

“Y/n, you’re really drunk,” He sighed, “Copious amounts of alcohol can cause-”

“Your eyes are really pretty, too,” You giggled again, only causing Spencer to blush harder.

“Y/n-” He warned, looking directly into your darting, distracted eyes.

“I like you,” Your eyes searched your own personal perimeter before finally landing on him with another giggle.

Spencer sputtered, his mouth agape, unsure of what to say again, “Y/n-” He started for the third time, cut off suddenly by a distorted gasp and suddenly you were keeled over and your stomach’s contents were released all across his shoes. Your head bobbed back up, throat burning, head turning.

“Okay, okay, y/n,” Spencer ushered you to his car, not even bothering to quite completely clean off his soiled shoes, “Let’s get you home,”

Spencer opened his car door, helping you into the passenger seat, ignoring your drunken groans of pain and annoyance, “We’ll get you home, y/n. Hang in there,” He told you quietly over and over again before finally situating himself in the driver’s seat, starting the engine, and making his way to your home.

The mingling tune of your throbbing head’s buzzing cadence and the cyclic hum of the car’s engine lulled you into a warm sleep tucked into the heated warmth of the car’s vents and the undulation of the car’s wheels underneath you riding against the road’s asymmetric bumps. By the time Spencer pulled up to your house, you were fast asleep. Nonetheless, Spencer gently lifted you from the his car, guiding his own feet to your front door, your sleeping arms dangling around his shoulders as his hands held you up from your knees, then further he walked into your house. He made sure to kick off his polluted shoes at your door. Spencer finally laid you down on your bed, doing his best to wrap your blankets around you.

“Goodnight, y/n,” Spencer whispered to you, tucking a hair away from your face before moving away. A hand reached out and grasped his wrist. Your hand.

“Stay,” You begged, half-lidded eyes peeking up at him, haunted by the ghosts of alcohol and a grasping sleep. Spencer couldn’t help but find your pleading incredibly appealing, and it barely took any internal convincing on his part to finally lay himself onto the cool, untouched half of your bed, making sure to keep a healthy distance between the two of you. You were drunk after all, and the last thing Spencer wanted to happen was something that you would regret.

So, lying in the silent breeze of your bedroom, feeling the electric buzz of your sleeping body mere feet away, a short enough distance where he could just reach out and touch you, Spencer thought about what you had said early. Yes, your words were slurred and uninhibited by the hinderances of alcohol, but they still seemed oh-so painfully sincere, and as Spencer fell asleep, he did so with a smile tracing his lips.

You liked him back.