a drag queen christmas mannequin challenge 🎄❄️

Just an appreciation of hotties with bodies

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here’s a bonus

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Don’t you … love cotton candy?
It’s made of cotton
And also candy.
If your … fingers get sticky
Eat up your hand - 
Lickity licky!
Don’t you … love cotton candy?
Don’t don’t don’t don’t!

  • Veronica: Wait, Archie. You like Jughead?
  • Archie: What? No, that’ know, that’s...ugh.
  • Veronica: What do you like about him? His hair?
  • Archie: You mean those soft dark curls you wanna hide under like a shelter on a sunny day? No, not really.
  • Veronic: And his face?
  • Archie: Ew, gross, it’s so gorgeous! I just want to slap it. I want to slap it. I just want to slap his hideous, beautiful face.
  • Veronica: Um, you mean kiss?
  • Archie: No, I mean slap.
  • Veronica: Wow. You've got it bad.

ive never seen a whole thread of queens snapchats so please post them here! these are all the ones i know of. bolded means they have recently been active <3 (i linked ur blog if u added one)

alaska - alaskathunder

april - aprilcarrion

bob TDQ - bobthedragqueen

carmen - carrera_carmen

adore - dannynoriega

gia - giagunn

katya - katya.zamo

kimchi - kimchi_chic

manila - manila_luzon

nicole paige brooks - nicolepbrooks

laganja - officialganja

phi phi - phiphiohara

roxxxy - roxxxyandrews

rubber child - rubberchild

sharon - sharon-needles

jinkx - thejinkx

trannika - trannikarex

trixie - trixiemattel

willam - willambelli

bible - biblegirl666