Today’s the day I realize I’m dumb for buying duplicates of like 4 albums, buuuut here’s my record collection so far! A fair number of these are remasters, but more originals than remasters. I’ll put an asterisk (*) next to the remasters or other special, newer albums.

First picture, the Zeps:

* Train (something) Led Zeppelin II
* In Through the Out Door (Deluxe)
* LZ IV (two, one deluxe, one not)

The cover album by Train (yes, the same band who sang Drops of Jupiter and Hey There Delilah) is similar to Rush’s Feedback LP, except Train goes for striking high accuracy. Highly recommended, don’t go through Youtube comments unless you want to see a bunch of drummers angry because Train’s drummer couldn’t get Bonzo’s EXACT setup or something.
Non-deluxe IV not pictured.

Second picture:

The Cars, Greatest Hits
* The Cars, debut (blue vinyl)
* DJ Shadow, Preemptive Strike
The Everly Brothers, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
* Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
* DJ Shadow, Entroducing…
Focus, Moving Waves
*Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
*The Who, Who’s Next

DJ Shadow is an interesting instrumental hip hop artist, sampling old records and making something new.
The Cars are a band I recommend to everyone reading this post.

Third picture, assorted progginess:

ELP, Brain Salad Surgery
Yes, Yessongs
Yes, Drama
ELP, debut
Yes, Tormato (2)
Yes, Time and a Word (2, both American)
ELP, Trilogy (2)
Robert Fripp, Exposure
King Crimson, Red
Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells

(I have no intent of keeping the extra copies and would be willing to sell them but I’d probably be awful at keeping up on dates and such.)

Fourth picture, jazzy stuff:

Return to Forever, Romantic Warrior
Roy Ayers, Daddy Bug & Friends (kinkshame)
Stanley Clarke, Children of Forever
Weather Report, Mysterious Traveller

Fifth picture, all R U S H:

*Fly By Night
*Caress of Steel
*A Farewell to Kings
*Grace Under Pressure
Exit… Stage Left
Moving Pictures
*Counterparts (blends in too well)
*Clockwork Angels
*Permanent Waves

My mom gave me her copy of MP and ESL and I actually have a direct vinyl recording of The Camera Eye as a digital music file on my phone. Go figure.

Last picture: 3 or less aisle (the singles, mostly)

Yes, Owner of a Lonely Heart/Your Song
Rush, Tom Sawyer/Witch Hunt
Yes, Close to the Edge
*Bob & Doug McKenzie, 12 Days/Take Off
Rush, Countdown/New World Man
Rush, Ghost of a Chance/Dreamline
*Rush, Caravan/BU2B

I have a former tumblr user to blame for getting me into singles, they posted a picture of that Tom Sawyer/Witch Hunt single (the “cover” not the record itself) and from there I figured I might as well actually use the 45 adapter.