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One of the most unexpected things to come out of these series was the close friendship between these two, and the Roomfriends had plenty of great moments to choose from.  However, it was this moment from Season 5′s Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt that easily won this category with a score of 1.92.  In second place was the fantastic “Babe…yeah babe…no babe” exchange from Return to Sender with a score of 3.15.

Watch on

Kings of Leon play The Eagles’ Take It Easy at the Kennedy Honors Center.
Caleb also sings on Life In The Fast Lane at the end of the video, with the other guys awkwardly doing handclaps. ;-)

Other artists include Juanes with Steve Vai and Steuart Smith on Hotel California, Vince Gill on Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Bob Seger on Heartache Tonight, with Ringo Starr presenting.

Video via KOLfanblog.

For Your Consideration: Best Winston Line/Scene
  • Voicemail to Shelby “…I want to pass air back and forth between each other until it’s mostly carbon dioxide and then we both pass out and die.” (Fancyman Part 2)
  • Pretending to be Theodore K. Mullins (Secrets)
  • “He’s a Jew in the desert, I don’t want him to wander” (See Ya)
  • Nervous breakdown in the desert: “I don’t want nobody to eat me! I got thick thighs, I got a fat ass!” (See Ya)
  • “I’m the best with pranks.  They call me Prank Sinatra” (Neighbors)
  • Fake break up with Jess; “I am not just a vehicle you get to ride to Pleasure Town.” (Santa)
  • Practicing pick up lines with Daisy; “Hey girl what your name is? What that thing do?” (Cooler)
  • In the ducts; “I’m just staying positive, but, uh, I’m pretty sure this is where we die.” (Elaine’s Big Day)
  • Puzzling (All In)
  • Pretending to being creepy about Cece and Elizabeth (All In)
  • Beginning of episode: Talking to Furguson and being awkward about being single (Double Date)
  • Trying to save spots at the restaurant (Double Date)
  • Pretending to be Schmidt on the phone (Landline)
  • ‘Cause I was talking to Nick. He said, “Winston.” I was like, “What’s up, Nick?” He said…he said she ugly…Yeah, he said she look like a dang ol’ meatball with hair. (Spiderhunt)
  • Voicemail to Cece (Clean Break)
  • Showing off his selfies with Furguson (Clean Break)
  • “Tickle foot!” prank on Cece’s mom and his reaction (Big Mama P)
  • “Furguson, clear my schedule.  I need a word with your sister.” (What About Fred)
  • “I may or may not have done an extensive amount of research on wedding dresses”/Wedding dress shopping scene (Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt)
  • “I’m feeling a little insecure about my body and the way it is connected to my face” (The Decision)
  • Winston keeps calling Reagan “Raisin” (Raisin’s Back)
  • “I just passed Nick on the street running, on purpose! Nick! Are you okay?! I see you! And I love you!” (Glue)
  • “I have 2 questions: where did I get 35 dollars from, and also, can my name be Daphne?” (Socalyalcon IV)
  • “I have a cat. He’s not ready to have a relationship with you, so just don’t try to force it on him.” (Five Stars for Beezus)
  • “Anything’s funny when you put an old man in it. Except for the ground.” (Mario)
  • Seeing color for the first time (Mario)
  • “Where’s the bird? I’ll poo on him” (Pirate Bride)
  • His greatest prank (Engram Pattersky)