Comedian Hari Kondabolu launches hilarious Bobby Jindal hashtag

In his recent presidential announcement, Bobby Jindal willfully distanced himself from his Indian roots. “I’m done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. We are not Indian-Americans … we are all Americans.” This didn’t sit well with Hari Kondabolu, so he gave Jindal the skewering he deserves.

“Meet the new flagship X-Men title after Secret Wars:Extraordinary X-Men.

Announced in a CBR interivew with writer Jeff Lemire,Extraordinary X-Men will feature an eclectic team of mutants dealing with the fallout of an unspecified incident between mutants and Inhumans in the eight months between Secret Wars and the beginning “All-New All-Different Marvel.

This Extraordinary X-Men team will consist of the adult Iceman, young Jean Grey, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Magik, and Old Man Logan.”

Our first look at Storm post Secret Wars!  Full article can be read here.

 “We have a dependable ally by our side… Their name is BBC. As long as they exist, they’ll always be by our side, protecting us. Together, no enemy can stand in our way, because we will win every battle.” (x)   

“An online community brought back a past interview that the Block B leader participated in back in 2011, where he answered a question on what he would do if they were given 10 minutes (of air time). He replied, ‘During those 10 minutes, I just want to take three minutes and give the remaining to the other rookie groups. I think three minutes is enough for us. It’s because there also other groups who are in the same situation as we are in..’ The then rookie knew how hard it is to have your name out on a broadcast especially as a rookie group, and so he made sure that the rappers who took the time to audition at least got their name out.” (x)

“If there’s one thing I have pride in, it’s Block B.” (x)

“Netizens praise Zico after discovering hidden message in his songs” >> (x)  

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