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I'm just here to tell you that you could have killed me, because I've found your youtube channel and while watching your videos I laughed so hard I almost choked. The "Mostly Straight" one... ohmygawd

Thanks! That’s the kind of reaction I aim for! <3 (Here’s the vid anon refers to, and here’s my YT channel.)

[X for the tumblr post for this one, more of my vids on tumblr are mixed into the #parody tag]

  • Jinora: Do you like Mako?
  • Korra: I think so. I mean, he checks a lot of my boxes. He's a man, he's got a face, he can go outside.
  • Jinora: Lock him down!
  • Korra: I just wish there was a way I could know for sure that we were meant to be together. Like a sign.
  • Jinora: A sign? Like what?
  • Korra: Oh, you know, the usual. Like if we both got struck by lightning at the same time, or if an eagle landed on his hand and whispered my name.
  • Jinora: Yeah, that’s how you know it’s real.