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can u imagine Jimmy and Tina getting married and Jimmy Pesto Sr. and Bob still trying to outdo each other, but this time its over their grandchildren. Jimmy gets his grandchild a car, and Bob gets a train set just because, and the grandchild loves this while Tina is like DADDD NO

Oh my goodness! I don’t even ship Tina and JJ but this is so accurate!! Jimmy Sr., and Bob would DEFINITELY still be hardcore rivals! Pesto buying expensive things but Bob teaching them how to cook burgers so they can have bonding time together! Yes!


Okay, so, I decided that if I were a cartoon I would most definitely be Louise Belcher from “Bob’s Burgers”. Like Louise, I am small, often up to no good, sarcastic as shit and obsessed with money. And Halloween is our favorite holiday ever, with Christmas and our birthdays a close second.

Anyway, I got the hat from Hot Topic, it was about $20.00, give or take before or after tax. I got leggings, black, for about $6.99, and a giant green shirt for $4.99, and then I cut the sleeves off to resemble her dress.

It’s not the best cosplay ever, but it’s a close one and I put it together all by my lil’ ol’ self. So be proud of me!

@minxchester I thought you’d like to see my finished Louise cosplay. (Yes that is Stitch in a hot sauce pot, he’s standing in for Cochicobi.)


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

oh my GOD that took me forever!

hope you like it :D

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