• soo ho: so how is sun, i mean... his majesty, doing after returning home from the mission?
  • ah ro: well, he's doing better. han sung actually has been helping me take care of him. han sung, why don't you tell soo ho how sun woo is?
  • han sung: sure! sun woo is going to be okay. i make him a pb&j sandwich.
  • soo ho: and?
  • han sung: he said he didn't want it so i ate it. he still looked sad after i finished eating, so i made him another pb&j. he didn't want that one either so i ate that one too.
  • han sung: but anyways, sun woo wants to be alone for a little while and now we're all out of peanut butter.

this is the best advertisement for something ive ever seen im gonna cry