• Pidge: Woah, Lance, you like Keith?
  • Lance: What!? No...
  • Lance: Ugh, so gross. He's just so gorgeous...
  • Lance: I just wanna slap it.
  • Lance: I wanna slap it!!!
  • Lance: I wanna slap his hideous, beautiful face!
  • Pidge: mean kiss?
  • Lance: No. I mean slap.
  • Pidge: got it bad.
“Best Cartoon Dad of the Year”

Because I like feeling smart and writing long analysis posts that my two loyal followers sometimes pity-like I’m gonna be doing one of those “Top 10″ thingies that everyone likes to read so they can be outraged by the #1 slot. First up I’ll be doing “Best Animated Dads” because I’ve seen too many fucking lists with Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin on them because no one can think of any others.


1. They must be a legal or biological father. Father figures are great, but I want to specifically look at fathers who have taken on full responsibility for raising their children.

2. I’d prefer to keep anime out of it. 

3. They must have episodes or scenes in their source material where they interact with their children directly, not through letters or flashbacks. Often writers like to pull a red herring by showing how kids misconceive their parents behavior or obsess over letters without actually showing the relationship. 

4. They will be ranked not only by how good they are at parenting, but also how good of a character they are on their own. Writers seem to think that you can’t have a nurturing male character be interesting and a good parent, and I’m legit so done with that excuse. 

5. They have to identify as male. Masculine moms are kickass and I love them but this list is specifically for fathers. Also, I cannot think of any cartoons about a super cool trans man dad but damnit if its out there I’m counting on you to show it to me.  

Candidates Already Being Considered:

Bob Belcher of Bob’s Burgers:

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Greg Universe of Steven Universe

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Mr. Diaz of Star vs the Forces of Evil

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4. Professor Utonium of Powerpuff Girls

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(This one’s heavy on links)
I’ve been seeing quite a few Best Nine of 2016 posts, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Highlights include the Roger Rabbit Series, the further (if abruptly stopped due to rewrites) misadventures of my flapper nerd, and the infamous retro title sequences. (Got one more in the works)

Also gotta mention that I recently started a Patreon page! I’m still working out an art production schedule (I got badly thrown off by recent unpleasantness, among other things), but in the meantime, why not become a patron and/or spread the word? I also want to know what you want to see more of. 


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Season 3

Season 4

oh my GOD that took me forever!

hope you like it :D

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