On Friday I met this awesome South Park cosplayers and they actually made me really happy, especially with their roleplay! You can find Cartman at @nopenopenopenopejustno Kyle at @littlebitofsugar . Kenny is too poor to even have an internet connection, so… no tumblr.

Other selfies are with my precious friends @bambimarri , @micupii , @valar–morghulis , either in their fabulous civil outfits or in Haikyuu cosplays as Kenma and Kuroo ( @kirixy and @kingrumi )

I was cosplaying Tina from Bob’s Burgers.

ID #75080

Name: Stacy
Age: 22
Country: Canada

hi :) i love science, psychology, space, occult, and nature. i watch a lot of educational or science-y television shows, as well as stuff like futurama, bobs burgers, food network shows (love food). i try to keep positive as much as i can :)

Preferences: i am a medicinal marijuana patient, i deal with mental illness, and i am pansexual. if any of that bothers you, i am sorry but we may not be the best of friends. i would prefer someone who’s around my age (18+) gender/skin tone/religion doesn’t matter. thanks for reading my thingy :)

ID #32914

Name: Helena
Age: 18
Country: Germany

my name is helena, i’m 18 years old and from Germany.
(I’m really bad at introducing myself, sorry)

I love Netflix, at the moment my favorite shows are Sense8, Bob’s Burgers and Rick & Morty but i love so much more. You could say, Netflix is my life :D
When i’m not watching something on Netflix, i’m listening to music. My favorite artist is halsey but i also like Milky Chance, Imagine Dragons, Sigrid, Ed Sheeran, Børns, just too much :D
I’m looking for a pen pal because i REALLY like writing letters and making people happy, what i hopefully can do with my letters :D

Preferences: I don’t care about age or gender but i just want to have contact by snail mail.