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Sneak Peak #3 from “There’s No Business Like Mr. Business’ Business”, premieres Tonight.

Wonwoo has night-terrors. It all started with S.Coups let him watch Night of The Living Dead during predebut time. He wakes up in the middle of the night, scratching and kicking. He dreams of zombies, screams “Hey, wanna make out?”, then he makes out with the zombies. Dino is looking for a new roommate.

i  just  realized  i  haven’t  written  any  of  my  female  characters  in  a  LONG  TIME  .  this  is  a  starter  call  for  ALL  OF  MY  FEMALE  MUSES  .  their  names  &  fandoms  will  be  listed  in  the  tags  below  .  please  specify  a  muse  .

I just made a serum and it looks like cum and with the energy of the yellow rose water and the glow it gives your skin … I think Ima call it daddy dick

Yes I name my personal products … leave me alone bobs burgers is on don’t speak to me

anonymous asked:

What'd you think of the most recent Bob's Burgers episode?

I thought it was sweet of Louise to kiss Rudy.

But before you accuse her of being violent and cruel for slapping him, she’s nine.

And doesn’t handle romantic emotions or just awkwardness very well.

So anyone accusing Louise of being mean really doesn’t understand her character enough to get that she’s just a kid and isn’t inherently violent, just manipulative and snarky and has a hard time revealing other emotions.

And if the problem is that they’re really young, well yeah, they’re young but it’s just a precocious smooch, in my opinion.

It’s not like it’s treated like a creepy fetishizing thing.

It’s just puppy love as far as I’m concerned.

Besides I think Louise just did it cuz she felt bad for Rudy anyway.