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“The ungrateful little bastards will insist on having hospitals and libraries and stuff like that, well I’ll show them! I’ll show them ALL!”

(cut to Grandpa Bob, six months later, sitting in a hospital being treated for some illness, shouting “I HOPE YOU’RE FUCKING HAPPY!” at his bewildered grandchildren)

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I would love a prompt where Dan and Phil are at vidcon and no one knows they're together yet but they're fucking a little too loudly and yesyesyes

again, this has been in my ask for a million years and again, this is not great

- it’s time for vidcon and while they love it, Dan and Phil hate that they can’t act like they usually do. No holding hands or kissing or having sex. And it sucks. by the third day, both of them are suffering, sending longing glances at each other. They’re moody and irritable and people are beginning to notice.

- after the sixth person asks Dan what’s wrong, he grabs Phil and drags him away to a bathroom, locking the door behind them

- Phil is shoved against the door, Dan’s lips in his. “fuck I need you,” Dan mumbles, fumbling with Phil’s belt. He finally gets Phil’s pants down and he immediately drops to his knees, taking Phil into his mouth. Phil moans quietly and buries a hand in Dan’s hair as the younger man bobs his head. It doesn’t take long before Phil is fully hard, his length coated in Dan’s spit

- Phil pulls Dan up, undoing the younger mans jeans, “stretching?” “no time,” Dan pants, “just go slow.” Dan braces himself against the door as Phil lines up. He moans against the door as Phil pushes in, the burn and stretch hurt in the best way. “You good baby?” “Yes. Fuck Phil please fuck me.”

- Phil snaps his hips quickly, as eager to get off as Dan is. He reaches around and begins to pump Dan’s length in rhythm with his thrusts. Dan has never been quiet in bed and this is no exception, he’s moaning Phil’s name and whimpering and panting. Phil didn’t bother to try and keep Dan quiet, he was too desperate.

- Dan comes without warning, clenching and spasming, practically screaming Phil’s name as he splatters the door with white. Phil comes seconds later, riding out his orgasm before pulling out to lean against the wall next to Dan.

-there’s a gentle knock on the door and Dan looks up nervously, cheeks flushed. “Yes?” he asks nervously.

- “your mics are still on”


GUITAR UKULELE DUET” - a beautiful pair of sisters sitting on their front steps playing a Guitar and Ukulele duet. I love their nautical school girl outfits and rolled down black silk stockings. Older sister has her hair fashionably bobbed and finger waved, younger sister with her hair softly fluffed, white bloomers under her skirt. Sultry and sweet, I would love to sit at their feet and listen to them strumming and singing their old time songs.

When Kibum talks too much

just a little thing that I wrote where Kibum talks out of his ass and a stupid ass comment turns into a lot more… heres a little snippet thing keybangs uh crack? I think? lmao

Jinki pressed the volume button to try and make sure that Minho didn’t hear the moans he was sure that were about to be produced. Kibum might think he was slick in asking Taemin for a blowjob, but he wasn’t. The fact that he used a band member for a quick release wasn’t a new revelation. Every member of the group had gone to another for some sexual release. Touring for months on end, promotions, and getting ready for both of those cause a lot of stress and very little time to get rid of it. It was around the time they released Lucifer that they came to an agreement that you could go to a member if you needed relief. Jinki tried to make sure that whatever the other members did with each other was between them and that it never boiled over the edges into group dynamics. Minho liked giving blowjobs, but he hated the obscene sounds of sex when he wasn’t in the mood.

Minho sighed and pushed up off the ground to plop next to him on the couch. His eyes flicked over to his leader, and Jinki just softly smiled and lifted his arm. Minho shuffled over. His legs were brought up onto the couch as he laid his head on Jinki’s thigh. “Do you think there’s something more going on between Taemin and Kibum?”

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Robert Ford Fans!

So I have been obsessing about him for four years, I am writing a book about how he had no choice on killing Jesse, of how if he didn’t he and his family would be killed.  It is all historical fiction, having Bob Younger and Wood Hite in it as well.

If you have an interest of Robert Ford or anything about the 1800s(Wild West, Hatfields and McCoys,etc)

Please like and I will check your blog out :)

LONG POST: future RDJ projects

Now that I’ve gotten your attention– I decided to make this list partly for my benefit, to pass time while awaiting any word regarding RDJ’s next film.

It’s been pretty frustrating in that since Team Downey’s founding (it very much seems as though RDJ only considers Marvel or Team Downey projects), film acquisitions get announced, then languish in development for years. Hardly anything has come into fruition (the exception being The Judge).

Anyway, below are thoughts about thirteen fourteen different Team Downey projects. I also added a “Stark Scale”– which is basically me trying to see how Stark-like is the character that RDJ may potentially play.  By that, is the character a “classic RDJ” – i.e., smart, very charming, wise-cracking, quippy?


++ Pinocchio ++

INVOLVEMENT: actor, producer, script credit
PREMISE: A take on the Pinocchio story but from Geppetto’s perspective
STATUS: Multiple script drafts; Paul Thomas Anderson is writing the latest take and may potentially direct.
DEVELOPMENT:  Announced in January 2012 as a Tim Burton project for Warner Bros with a script from Bryan Fuller, with RDJ being courted to star. Jane Goldman was subsequently brought in to rework the script. Burton eventually left due to scheduling conflicts but RDJ remained attached, now also as a producer. At one point Ben Stiller was loosely rumored to be a potential director.
STARK SCALE:  5/10 — he’ll be playing Geppetto.  Like Stark, he creates his own son and is Italian. (Stark is partly Italian, right?)
OP THOUGHTS: Out of all of his potential projects, this one has the most activity, especially after the PTA announcement two months ago.  Barring any new, unexpected film announcement, this may be his next project.  As much as I’m yearning to see RDJ in smaller films, I’m actually ok with him doing blockbusters as long as they’re enjoyable (ex. Sherlock Holmes franchise).  PTA is a highly-admired filmmaker but he doesn’t do this sort of film.  And this is assuming he’ll actually direct. Personally, I think the chances of that are decent since he and RDJ are very good friends and they’ve been looking to do a project together. Plus, PTA has really young kids and it becomes one of those things where he probably wants to do something that his kids can watch.  If done right, this could be great.  They gotta hurry though, in that there is a competing live-action Pinocchio film from Disney that is being planned.

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