bob schofield

This morning I swear I saw a glass airplane falling out of the sky. All the clouds got cuts on their fingertips. I’ve heard the glass airplane industry is going through some hard times.

You can see it all over the ground.

A moment of silence then, for those brave old men building glass airplanes in a furnace, and two moments for the invisible people who choose to fly them.

—  Bob Schofield, The Inevitable June (bobschofield)

Lately I’ve forgotten my old language. I’ve been letting the sky speak through me instead. I’ve been walking the glass walls of my prison. Learning to love my jailer. Letting her love me in return. I’ve been doing a thing where I build lots of small furniture with my two smaller hands. I’ve found myself in strange places. I caught one Pokémon and named him Bruce. Been buried alive under a mountain of blue moss. Navy and royal blues. Been hard to breath at times. Been scraping it clean from the walls and light fixtures. Piling it up and lighting it on fire. Been trying to warm my hands on it. Cradle that heat. Keep it all on the inside. Been sweating through layers of false skin. Last night I threw all my devices into it, like maybe that would change things. Like maybe it would make the flame big

Bob Schofield is the author and illustrator of The Inevitable June, Man Bites Cloud, and the chapbook Moon Facts. He lives in Rotterdam. He likes what words and pictures do. He wants to be a ghostly presence in your life.

There’s a certain capacity for violence living inside all of us - every person on this planet. We’re just animals after all; It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, how sophisticated, how educated, how compassionate, how enlightened. If you dig deep enough, dig past the layers of socialization, or our human capacity for higher thought, for abstraction, for creativity, for empathy, for understanding, dig way past all that, and what you reach is a black hole, a place that operates on nothing but the grimmest kind of instinct.

I’m finally up to date with submissions! I’ve read work from almost 50 writers and I’ve accepted pieces from 10 of them.

So far LEFT is set include work from Kimmy Walters, Paul Cunningham, Samuel Carey, Penny Goring, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Bob Schofield, Sarah Jean Alexander, Janey Smith, Michael O'Hara, & Dalton Day, as well as a few other people I’m working out the details with.

But I want more.

I’m going to send out  more solicitations and some reminders to people who already said they were going to submit. I also want work from everyone else. If you haven’t sent me anything yet, do it now. Please send me your beautiful things.

I’ve accepted a lot of poetry so far. I want more stories and visual art.

Also, I’m finally setting a deadline for submissions: the 1st of July.

Fill my inbox.
Drown me.
Show me what is possible.

ghostzvne  asked:

do you have any online poet/chapbook recs?

poets: @mandarinagirl / @lachantefleurie / @teamcaptains / @caravcggio / @moonflock / @dirtygun / @crimescened / @crowsummer / @7cigars / @sometimestuesday / @coquelicot

chapbooks: rat city (i) by evil mtn. / plants will make her dance by kristie shoemaker / throne of blood by cassandra troyan / february octet by charlie elliott l / origins by ocean-blind collective / the hero poems by wendy xu / make a fist & tongue the knuckles by emil o’neill / hatred of women by cassandra troyan / juliet (i) by sarah certa / moon facts by bob schofield / conversation with the stone wife by natalie eilbert 

forclouds  asked:

hello, me again. (: i'm re-reading some of your works and i just cannot help but feel a tiny sting of jealousy. your poems are flawless. do you get inspired by anything in particular? (if not, could you perhaps recommend any poets you like?)

thank you darling!! What a good, please enjoy them all :’) <3

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