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I've come to a conclusion

My ships on The 100 are Kabby and……

Wait for it
Can you guesss???

3x16 Clexa Reunion Route

If anybody is interested or even cares, I took the time to map out where Clarke walked in the CoL before being reunited with Lexa. The directions are below:

- Start at W Waterfront Rd. Vancouver BC
- Turn left and cross Cordova before Fairmont Pacific Rim
- Go through clearing, before Fairmont, to Canada Pl.
- Turn right on Canada Pl. (walk on North side of street)
- Walk East until Canada Pl. and Burrard St. intersection
- Cross Burrard St. on the West side
- Continue South-West on Burrard until Cordova Burrard intersection (Fairmont Pacific Rim at corner)
- Turn right onto Cordova (stay on North side of street)
- Continue South-West on Cordova until clearing between Chewies (Chewies on right)
- Walk South through clearing onto Hastings St. (should be facing parking garage)
- Turn right onto North side of Hastings St. (walk North-West)
- Walk until Oceanic Plaza stairs (stairs on South side of street)
- Cross street and walk up staircase

- Lexa comes and kicks ass at top of staircase saving Clarke!
- Exit top of staircase South-West

Sorry if those were shitty directions… I’m terribly at anything involving geography but I think I did a decent enough job.

family reunion (don’t make no trash)

Title: family reunion (don’t make no trash)
Author: zari_writes
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 3827
Summary: Falling asleep, waking up, parents’ weekend, photographs, and something unexpected.

Most memorable line: “I honestly don’t know, Lardo,” Jack tells her and Lardo shrugs.
“Yeah, you do. You just don’t realize it yet,”

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okay but like imagine.... 6 years... refusing to move on. he thinks shes dead but she was also his best friend, his girl, his partner in basically everything and if he cant have her he doesnt want anyone. Doesnt want to move on. I mean its not a strech to imagine him putting himself thru that kinda torture tbh. But honestly NO MATTER what happens, how everything plays out, no matter what and/or who has happend in thos 6 years you just know their reunion is gonna be heartbreaking. In a good way..

no matter how the reunion goes bob is absolutely going to kill me and ill love every single second of it

Bellarke moments in Human Trials

Bellarke Hug

“Where is Finn?”

Bellamy watching Clarke sleep

“It had to be done”

Talking about Finn Murder Collins AGAIN

“I’m sure it had to be done too”

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Bruh u really

A. Supported/Realistic headcanon: He’s a very pretty bird, Sokka said so himself!

B. Humorous headcanon: He and Momo are eternal rivals who are constantly butting heads. 

C. Painful headcanon: NO

D. Not canon but I do what I want headcanon: Actually did ferry letters back and forth between the Gaang’s allies, which coordinated their reunion before BoBS. 

but like what if the fool got a rly stylish shoulder length haircut  Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)



When they hug

and I'am like

External image

External image

But then she ask: WHERE IS FINN?

And I’m like: 

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