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  • The 100 Writers: “How can we take the spark out of the Bellarke reunion?”
  • One of the writers: “Ok how about this:”
  • [[Bellamy and Clarke reunion]]
  • Clarke: <<bursts into laughter>>
  • Bellamy, shocked and confused: “What?”
  • Clarke: “that...” <<crying with mirth>> “hahaha...” <<wipes away a tear>> “... the BEARD!”
  • Bellamy: “Wait, are you serious? The rest of the group liked it!”
  • Murphy, pops up from a nearby bush: “You were too upset about Clarke for us to tell you to shave!”
  • [[/Bellamy and Clarke reunion]]
  • The 100 Writers: “It’s perfect!”
Bellarke reunion: a concept
  • *They run towards each other. When they finally meet Bellamy holds her as tight as he can, Clarke's face is wet by the tears*
  • *After a few seconds they let go and stare deep into each other's eyes,still in disbelief*
  • Clarke: *has a hopeful and emotional voice* I talked to you, every single day, for the past 6 years to keep me sane... I sent you 2,991 radio messages, I never knew if you were receiving them...
  • Bellamy: *has tearful eyes and a raspy voice* I heard them Clarke...every single one of them
  • Clarke: *a warm sensation appears on her chest when she hears her name coming out from his mouth. She feels happy and confused, her voice shatters* Then why didn't you answer Bellamy?
  • Bellamy: No no Clarke... *he softly dries a lonely tear that's rushing down her cheek* I couldn't. *his voice is now desperate, he doesn't want for Clarke to think that he doesn't care* The radio we had in space barely worked and all I could do was listen. I tried everything...well...Raven tried everythig to fix it, but there was nothing we could do. All I wanted was to answer and tell you that we were alive...
  • Clarke: *nods her head multiple times* It's okay you're here, no more voice messages *she looks up at him with an honest smile and places her hand on his cheek*
  • Bellamy: *he feels like a void has been filled inside of him. He smiles back at her and pulls her close*
  • Clarke: *she buries her head in his chest and sights in relief, wraping her arms around his body*
  • Bellamy: *he places both of his arms around her back and his hand delicately caresses the back of her head. He relays his chin on top of her head and with closed eyes whispers* Now I'm here...
I've come to a conclusion

My ships on The 100 are Kabby and……

Wait for it
Can you guesss???

The 100: season 5

Okay, I’m seriously feeling the hiatus right about now. I just need Bellarke in my life again. To be honest, the only thing keeping me sane right now, is imagining how amazing the reunion is gonna be…6 freaking years… We’re about to have the greatest reunion we’ve ever had in the show’s history. In Bellarke history. It’s going to make the wait worth it. At least, that’s my hope. If it doesn’t go down like that, Jason Rothenberg is gonna have a lot of angry fans to answer to.

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I'm v curious about the bellarke reunion. Bob says he finds out about the messages in 5.01 and Eliza said the bellarke reunion is a surprise. What could this possibly mean? I mean it's obvious that they will probably reunite due to the messages and bellamy but how could it be a surprise? It's not like anyone thought they would never reunite or something.

I’ve thought about that. What could possibly make the reunion a surprise? And remember, Lindsey also said that spacekru would come down on a significant day. Everyone was trying to figure out when Unity Day was in relation to the narrative but it doesn’t fit. Don’t think it’s a holiday or something.

I don’t think they will reunite due to the messages. Or, maybe there’s a 25% chance that’s why. He could react to the messages simply by hearing that she left them every day. He doesn’t have to hear them and he never said he heard them at all. In fact he told fans that Bellamy did NOT hear them up on the spaceship. 

My speculation on what makes it a surprise is that instead of having to WAIT for them to come down, as we assume, because Clarke thinks they haven’t come down yet and she’s waiting for them, is that THEY ARE ALREADY ON THE GROUND. 

I think the significant date of their landing is actually… well… when they were supposed to come down. A year ago. I think they might have been on time. But the ship went off course and they “landed on the wrong damn mountain,” and it has taken them a year to get back to Polis. They would be heading towards Polis, because that’s who they assume is still alive, right? The bunker. They think Clarke is dead. So they have to make their way over a hellscape apocalyptic earth, and it takes them a year to get there.

If Bellamy and spacekru had just gotten to Polis and found the bunker buried, they’d be working on digging them out– when they are interrupted by a ship coming down in the sky. So they go off in search of that ship. Because, uhm, scuse me, why are there ships in the sky? They were supposed to be the only spacekry weren’t they? So they go off in search of this and find….


If Bellamy is digging out the bunker, he might not even go himself. He might send, oh, Raven the techie and Echo the warrior to assess the danger. Or Murphy the sneak. They find Clarke and bring her back to him. 

Well my pet theory is that Spacekru is already on the ground. The reunion will be a surprise because we’ll be waiting for them to come down, but they’ll meet before Clarke knows they’re home. 

That’s the story I came up with that fits those pieces. I’d like to hear if anyone has any other stories that fit the hints and clues we’ve gotten.

  • The timing of the reunion is a surprise. ( eliza in an interview but i don’t have the tape)
  • Bellamy reacts to the radio calls in ep 1 (reacts, not hears, although react MIGHT include hearing.) (bob in an interview)
  • spacekru comes down on a significant day (lindsey in an interview i don’t have the tape.)
  • Bellamy does not hear the radio calls on the ship (bob unconfirmed, no recording of this.)
  • the eligius lands on day 2199 (canon.)
  • JR said Bellamy and Raven are NOT on The Eligius. (JR in an interview after the season was over.)
  • JR said that Bellamy is the rational one and keeps Clarke from wanting to kill Eligius. (i can’t remember where he said that, but that means they work together on the eligius problem.)

What other details do we have in regards to spacekru coming down and Bellarke reunion? 

Honestly, JR and the actors all seem more focused on what happened in the Bunker. They’re pushing that story not the reunion or spacekru, which annoys me, because I’m so much more interested in spacekru and Clarke and Madi. And eligius. But maybe it means the story being told is the bunker, not the reunion and the reunion will happen WITHOUT buildup. It STARTS our story. That’s my optimism about the focus on the bunker.

I think they’re still enamored with the cool factor of badass chicks with swords and Octavia as the peak of that trope. (Put a sword in Raven’s hand and teach her how to swing, okay? It will be a new skill for her, not her whole character development. THAT I can get with.) I think they’re also still enjoying the conflict of the grounders, but I’m over it. Because they are NOT learning. Just as bad as the Arker mobs. They represent the baser human nature, and I’m tired of being dragged back by troglodytes.

Like bob said.