bob post

lawful end: reigen spends approximately 200k words of a slow burn fic trying to explain to mob that he’s done twenty times more fatherly things to mob onscreen than his own father

neutral end: mob and reigen just naturally call each other dad and son one day and it sticks

chaotic end: reigen buys the boy his first lemon sour when he becomes of age and realizes, in the process of trying to figure out how to carry this boy home when his drunk ass is levitating small objects around him in a 10ft radius, that he cares for mob more than anyone hes ever known his entire life

when i was about 8 (bearing in mind deathly hallows was released when i was about 15) i wrote a harry potter fanfiction where harry and ginny where married and it was the morning of the september 1st and they were taking their 3 kids to the platform to meet ron, hermione, and their kids. i dont remember what the weasley kids were called, but i do remember that harrys kids were called lily, james, and for some reason mercury bob. i dont know why mercury bob, but i do know its still less ridiculous than albus severus.