bob post

FFS. Reptile forums and facebook groups

Yeah. Posted Bob various places because I’m pleased with her progress. I made disclaimer stating that I know Bob is not a rescue, that the store didn’t even realise she was in that terrible condition and they were just going to get another snake to replace her when she died so while I’m technically enabling, I was also able to improve the husbandry at that store. So overall it’s a win because the bps are slightly better taken care of, and Bob is alive. So I get one poster harping that my buying her and saving her has magically killed dozens of other snakes and that I’m enabling the entire chain or something and I’m like, yes. I admitted I bought her and that it wasn’t the best idea but I couldn’t let her die because I had a bad week at work with too much death, and I actually did some good. And person comes back again saying I’m killing future ball pythons by purchasing Bob.

And then on the facebook group someone is trying to get me to feed Bob prey items that are 25 to 30% of her body weight! Nope, sorry, gonna stick with the weanlings until she’s closer to 100 grams because I know that if you rush a starving animal you can kill them and slow, steady weight gain is not going to be detrimental to her.  I’ll try her on rat pups when she’s bigger.

But what gets me was his phrasing.

“ Should be feeding rat pups… Wean mice arent going to add weight “

And yet… Bob has gained 30 grams in two months? She’s close to doubling her initial weight? But the mice aren’t going to add weight somehow… magically… or something.

Snake communities are full of such bullshit.