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You’re Welcome Tour Video Links!

Hi again so I managed to record a few clips from the tour, so if you couldn’t go feel free to watch! Sorry if the quality is bad! Enjoy! (It’s also in order)

LOCKED UP (Bob Morley x Reader)

Requests: Can you write more Bob imagines? Plz? Btw your writing is freaking awesome ✌️
hii could u do a bobby imagine where ur characters are together on the show and you and him read over the script at his house and like do the naughty, only for u to leave the next day and like all the girls on the show are best friends in real life and u confide in them and on set it becomes really awkward between you two so they lock u in a trailer until u talk things out and it ends in fluff omg this is so long sorry! x

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You knock on the door three times, eagerly bouncing on your feet as you await his answer. It takes a good few seconds until it opens and Bobby appears at the doorway with a big smile. “Hey, Y/N.” He greets, pulling you into a comfortable hug. Your heart flutters as you hug him back, the script in your hand resting on his back. 

 "Hi.“ You smile back as you both pull away from the hug and walk into his apartment. Reading over the new scripts together was a tradition for the whole cast but today it turned out to be just about your important scene with Bob - not that you were complaining, you’ll never admit it but you may have a big small crush on him. 

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its the last day of alpha male and we are at 50.2%. need help getting people to vote. help plz


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omg stop bob. you’re making me blush. don’t you bite your lip at me.

he’s our alfalfa sprout. he’s our princess bob.  he’s a genius actor. he loves Bellamy Blake. he builds his own house and he doesn’t feel like he deserves accolades. :(  show him he’s wrong. 

we can’t give him the emmy, but we can try to give him this. maybe it will help hollywood see his star power and get him more roles so we can watch him in all sorts of wonderful shows and the rest of the world can finally see what we see. this man has a future, something like this can help make it brighter. 

PLZ HLP Bob be seen for the star he is.

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  • me: is Bellamy in love with Clarke?
  • Bob: i don't think so
  • me: tumblr thinks so
  • Bob: [kind of giggles (i died it was so fucking cute)] yeah
  • me: that's tumblr for you
  • Bob: i don't know if i think he is. i think he loves Clarke but i don't think he's in love with her. i think he likes her, and respects her. hopefully that's reciprocated.
  • Me: is there a character you want Bellamy to get with?
  • Bob: [half laughs] not particularly
  • Me: you just like him being his own man?
  • Bob: yeah, y'know? strong, silent type.
  • Assistant: he's not apart of the pack.
  • Bob: yeah. one man wolf pack.