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Bob Odenkirk, Peter Gould & Gordon Smith Share Updates & Hopes For Better Call Saul Season 4 & Beyond (Deadline). Highlights:

  • What they are working on right now: “We’re breaking story and we’re in episode 2-ish,” said Smith.
  • Chuck is definitely dead. “We try not to screw around with the audience where ‘you thought it was this, but it’s now that’,” said Gould.
  • Callbacks: One wish that Odenkirk expressed: “We have to meet Lalo. I want that [Breaking Bad] monologue to mean a lot.” Wired magazine revealed that they spotted the name Lalo on a corkboard in the Better Call Saul writers’ room earlier this year. 
  • Kim’s future: Gould tossed out the question “Who wants to see Kim live?” to great cheers from the audience.“Kim will become the regional director of Cinnabon,” joked Odenkirk.
  • Cinnabon Gene: “I want to see his life,” said Odenkirk about Gene’s fate, “There’s no way for him to go on the way he is.” Added Gould: “Gene fascinates me because he’s a survivor. There’s a cowardly aspect, but this guy told the kid, ‘Get a lawyer!’ You realize then that this guy has gone through all these identities. They’re separate people that Bob is playing, but they’re like Russian nesting dolls and Gene is the biggest of them.”
  • Looking back: “When I wrote [Saul] at first, he wasn’t a multi-dimensional character. He was fun; the ultimate sleazebag lawyer,” said Gould, “I remember Bob asking me ‘You guys are going to kill me off pretty quick?’ I said, ‘Bob, we really like this character, we built a set and we can’t afford to kill you off.”
  • How long will the show last? “I would rather have it end too soon, then go on for too long,” said Gould.