bob ombs


Extremely early beta footage of Super Mario 64 shows an isolated clip of Mario entering a painting that resembles no level from the finished game. The “1″ seen very briefly on the door as Mario enters it suggests that it is the first level, Bob-Omb Battlefield (it can not mean that 1 Star is required since Mario has zero Stars in the clip); however, if this painting was supposed to be visually representative of that level, it means Bob-Omb Battlefield had received a significant redesign since the beta version.

Welcome to the Galaxy!

This is a bit different from the stuff I usually post. Last year, I was inspired to draw what Super Mario 64′s Bob-omb Battlefield would look like in a Super Mario Galaxy game, like how Whomp’s Fortress was turned into Throwback Galaxy. I call it Bomb Battle Galaxy. The lighting style in the Galaxy games is fun to draw, albeit time-consuming.