bob o'connor

  • Emma: Jacob, think you can handle this?
  • Jacob: I don't think you can handle how much I can handle this, Emma.

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Today in Book News: The words that so many ears know so well will soon be getting a place on the printed page — 1,034 pages, as a matter of fact. The songs of Bob Dylan have been compiled, annotated and illustrated in a collection so comprehensive, it could take some strength just to lift.

Not to be outdone, Sinead O'Connor has announced an upcoming book of her own — an as-yet untitled memoir slated for March 2016. And for those readers with a taste for a tell-all, never fear: There will be dirt. In a press release, the Irish singer says, “I look forward to dishing the sexual dirt on everyone I’ve ever slept with.”

And as we eagerly await the Nobel Prize announcements for literature (watch this space tomorrow morning!), committee member Horace Engdahl tells the French newspaper La Croix that scholarships and grants that have turned the role of the writer into a profession: “Even though I understand the temptation, I think it cuts writers off from society, and creates an unhealthy link with institutions. Previously, writers would work as taxi drivers, clerks, secretaries and waiters to make a living. … It was hard — but they fed themselves, from a literary perspective.”


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