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Bob Uguri :)

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Real Bob Ross, the painter and television personality, was a prolific artist who purportedly completed 30,000 paintings during his lifetime. Bob Ross wanted everyone to believe that they could be artists. While some may not like Bob Ross’ paintings, there are very few people who dislike the artist.

Robert (Bob) Norman Ross was born in Daytona Beach, Florida on October 29, 1942 to Jack and Ollie Ross. Bob Ross’ father was a carpenter and builder. For a time, Bob worked with his father doing carpentry. From his mother, Ollie, Bob learned a love and respect of wildlife.

How did this mild-mannered painter become so soft spoken? Possibly because of his time in the Air Force. Bob is alleged to have been a drill sergeant while in the military. He is quoted as saying that after yelling so much in the Air Force; he never wanted to yell at anyone again. Whether or not he yelled at recruits, Bob definitely served in the Air Force and gathered inspiration while stationed in Alaska. The mountains in his landscapes are a callback to this time in his life.

Bob Ross has been dead twenty years.

Note : I’m not talented like him. Wish I could be as he is talented. I mocked myself in this illustration. Bob Ross - Bob uguri