bob morales



Shoutout to you fantastic VT fans out there who aren’t afraid to say that you’d fuck a vegetable or two.  If there’s anything good that I’ve taken from having depression for years, it’s that life’s way too miserable to deny yourself from wholeheartedly enjoying things you like (so long as nobody’s getting hurt, obviously).  You guys rock.


From a new interview in The Telegraph with author Dennis Lehane.

These days Lehane is a screenwriting veteran, and recently adapted one of his short stories into the underrated film The DROP. He made extensive changes to his screenplay when he learnt that Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini were playing the leads. 

“I cut a lot of Tom’s dialogue. He didn’t need to be given speeches. I knew he could do it all with his eyes. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anybody think to that degree on screen.”


“Hey look at this! Pinche King Diamond… and his pecker too!" -Bob

La Bamba’s Bob Morales goes to a Mercyful Fate show.