bob marlays

(Junkrat and Roadhog digging through some scrap from some old places destroyed by the omnium explosion)

Junkrat: “Oi, Hog, lewkit dis wee device- Thought I could rig it up a bomb, but, damn thing’s a whole damn radio! Got a load o’ tunes on it! All for free!”

(Junkrat holds up an Ipod rigged up with wires and metal to a few batteries, an earbud hands limply as the other is shoved haphazardly in his ear)

Junkrat: “Look at this shit. Who the Hell are these wankers? Jason Deroolo, Bob Marlay, Katy Perray. Sounds like shit.” 

(A playlist of Katy Perry starts playing)
( … )
( … )
( … )

Roadhog: “… You okay?”
Junkrat: “Roadie, I think I’m livin my teenage dream.”