bob holman wales

The word from the Wales shoot is way positive.  We’ve got a groove, and producer David Grubin has decided to create an introduction to “Language Matters with Bob Holman,” a 12-minute overview of Wales and endangered languages that can be used both as an educational tool and to raise funds for our next shoot – Hawaii here we come. David and I will be visiting three islands, Lahui, Maui, and Big Island, January 16 - 23 to scout and schmooze.  Return early 2013 to shoot. Among many others, we’ll visit former Poetry laureate W.S. Merwin, at his place in the unbelievably-named Haiku. Not only is Merwin passionate about the Hawaiian language (his book “The Falling Cliffs” is a must read to understand the island’s history), but he also maintains endangered species of palms on his property.  I’ll be teaching at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu while I’m there.