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My last bit of art therapy before I get back to the art work.

As always, I am on top of the trends! The style meme was, what, like 6 weeks ago? Yeah, well… life and all that.

Doing my own was probably the toughest. Do I go with loose and sketchy, clean and cartoony or lean on the realism? Then it hit me like a derp, my style is ultimately to open a blank canvas and see what takes shape. It was fun. Even though I cheated a lil since two were already done.

God, I fucking love Dazzler.

Youtube Wonderland - Masterpost

“The world was dark, a seemingly mysterious enigma that shrouded you with uneasiness. Yet, you know this place - there was this underlying tone of familiarity. You sigh, taking it all in, the wondrous sights, the mystique setting…

You belong here.

Welcome to Wonderland.”

This is the masterpost for @destiplier and I’s brand new au! In this, you, the traveler, are sent to a mysterious place filled with characters that look a lot like the youtubers you watch on your computer. 

You hear from multiple characters that the Card Suitors, who took over from the unheard Heir, are terrorizing the whole area and putting everyone in fear. As you meet everyone, you ask how to get home. 

What is home?

Can you put a stop to the Card Suitors? Or will you find an underlying dark tone that makes your skin crawl?

Curiouser and curiouser….

Right now, this is an open universe, excerpting the characters and their roles. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to message Ash (destiplier) or I with your ideas! This is a dark, fun au that we’re excited to discover and unravel.

There are a few basic guidelines, so here they are:

-This, all in all, has no slash or shipping content. That doesn’t mean however, that we will stop you from doing so. Just refrain from putting it in the main tags of the youtubers. 

-If you make fanart of this au, credit to either of us would be amazing and very professional of you. We worked hard on this and we want credit where it’s due.

-This is a dark au. It’s gory as hell, it’s terrifying, and it’s not sunshine and rainbows. If you draw a gory scene, please put the appropriate tags so anyone with a weak stomach or is easily grossed out can blacklist that art. 

That’s about it. Anything else that I or Ash feel like we need to add will be added later on.

 We both hope that everyone has fun with this. Write, draw, mix, create. The possibilities are endless. 

Wonderland cast:

Pewdiepie as the White Rabbit

Danny Sexbang as the Mad Hatter

Egoraptor as the March Hare

Barry Kramer as the Doormouse

Rubberninja as the Cheshire Cat

Cryotic as the Caterpillar

Muskyerm and LordMinion777 as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Mortem3r as Gryphon

Commanderholly as the Pigeon

Wiishu as the Knave of Hearts

Markiplier as the King

Matt Watson (kidswithproblems) as the Queen

Jacksepticeye as the Ace

Ryan Magee (kidswithproblems) as the Jack

Other characters will be added as we continue the story.

Character designs are mainly posted on Ash’s tumblr (destiplier). They’re very talented and I’m glad Ash is helping me with these designs! Love to them <3

Pewdiepie (hasn’t officially been drawn):

White Rabbit ears, with a white buttondown and red vest. In the middle of his chest, is a pocketwatch that beats to some sort of sick heartbeat. His pants are gray, and he wears tall black boots and has a bunny tail. Also wears a gray cape. Seems to look hungover constantly. 

Danny Sexbang (character design on Ash’s blog): 

A navy blue coat that has really long coat tails that touch the ground, tight striped blue and white leggings with black dress shoes. Also a giant blue top hat on his head that’s usually decorated with the joker card. He also wears dark lipstick and his nails are painted dark.

Egoraptor (character design on Ash’s blog):

a button down and a vest under it, with striped pants similar to Dan’s but looser. Usually just wears socks. Has brown rabbit ears. Always seems to be jittery and shaky…

Barry Kramer (character design here):

Barry has a white shirt and black pants under a rich red/orange silk coat, with a belt keeping the coat together. He wears buckled boots and has a thing fencing sword attached to his back. Squeaks when angry or surprised. Also has brown mouse ears and a tail. Quite small as well.

Rubberninja (character design here):

He wears a sleek dark navy grey crop top that stops just before his belly button and the same color tights; he also wears a mask with cat ears on it that cover everything except his lower jaw and mouth. He has fingerless gloves on each hand and ballet flats on his feet. Also has a tail that seems to have a mind of its own. His mouth also has a scar on each side of his mouth: the scar on the left side is turned upward in a smile, and the right one is turned downward in a frown.

Cryaotic (hasn’t officially been drawn yet):

A being that’s a mixture of the monster of many faces from Avatar: The last Air Bender and no face from Spirited Away, it’s a dark, bug like manifestation with the blank Cry mask on. His mouth never moves when he speaks either. Always seems to know what’s going to happen next. 

Muskyerm and Lordminion777 (not officially been drawn yet):

Two very different people that seem to be connected by a very bloody, very messy sewing accident. Bob is wearing a black button down and white pants; Wade is wearing a white button down and black pants. Both have a blood red bowtie on. 

Mortem3r (not officially been drawn yet):

Part eagle, part lion. Has the back legs of a lion, the front of an eagle, wings of an eagle. Yet, instead of an eagle’s face, Suzy’s face is there. Always seems to have a permanent ring of red around her mouth, and it’s not just her lipstick. 

Commander Holly (not officially been drawn yet):

A small pink haired human with a blue bonnet, a light blue dress, and pigeon wings. Swears on her life you’re a serpent person.

Wiishu (not officially been drawn yet): 

Has black armor up to her face, which is in a ponytail. She wears a heart eye patch that covers a scar that runs down her face. Literally Undyne. (Ash and I had a whole discussion about how Undyne was based off this specific character) 

Markiplier, Matt, Jacksepticeye, Ryan (all found together on Ash’s blog):

Mark wears an open red trenchcoat and wields an axe that has a heart on the handle, and also wears dark pants and black woodsman boots. 

Matt wears a sort of blue catsuit that goes up to his neck with a diamond on his right breast, and carries around poison knives that are in the form of diamonds.

Sean wears a green samurai style robe with slippers; his hairs in a ponytail, and he bears a katana that has a spade engraved on it.

Ryan wears a dark orange muscle shirt and dark leggings with a lighter orange hooded cape, and he wears brass knuckles that have clubs on the knuckles.

Edit: Ash and I will be tracking the tag YTWonderland!au so if you want us to see anything, feel free to tag it!



This is what I’ve been working on for the past 4 months. It is something I thought of after making the Hairvolutions. I’ve always loved drawing dragons and right now a great part of my spare time is ocupated by these wonderful youtubers.

I originally made only Jack. then I decided I should do Mark too…. but then I felt bad, because I watched the Grumps a lot, so I kinda guilted myself to do Arin and Danny as well. And then I felt bad because of Bob and Wade, because not that many people do fanart of them!…. the last picture are four sketches of some of the remaining Grumps… I can’t do more as full pictures… I can’t … one takes like 18-30 hours….

// Firealpaca, Wacom intuos pro M,  120+ hours

in order: comparison-all, @therealjacksepticeye, @markiplier, Arin egoraptor Hanson, Danny sexbang Avidan, @muyskerm, @lordminion, @pewdie, in the sketch: @flapflaps, @commanderholly, @rubberninja, Ninja Brian PhD 

:3 :D

Do not steal please, only reblog or like, if you want to post to other websites, don’t. Or ask and contact me first and I will tell you under what conditions, I just don’t want my stuff stolen.

Some Egobangiplier where Bob and Wade play the part of overprotective friends

So I saw somewhere a while ago about Bob and Wade being over protective and giving Danny and or Arin “the talk”. So I wanted to write it and make it both of them, because I couldn’t chose between Egoplier of Bangiplier. Forgive the errors because it’s very late and I wrote this on mobile! But if someone wants to add on or fix things, just let me know first okay!

Anyways enjoy!

Things where very tense in Mark’s apartment. Although Mark himself couldn’t feel the tension, he wasn’t very good at reading situations. Both his boyfriends, Dan and Arin, wish that they could be as oblivious as the shorter one. But unfortunately they had to be sitting right in front of the Bob and Wade, the source of the tension.

You see a while ago Mark had a very long conversation with the two over Skype about his sexuality. He was extremely nervous about how Bob and Wade would take this whole, hey I just found out I’m gay and have two boyfriends, thing. Luckily Bob and Wade didn’t care, as long as he was happy and being treated right, they were cool with it. So that brings us to the current situation. Bob and Wade meeting Mark’s boyfriends, Danny Sexybang and Egoraptor. Two people, whose internet personas, they were very familiar with. Which as you guessed, was very bad for Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson.

Now Bob and Wade seem like sweet, loving, and caring guys, and they are, just not when it comes to their friend Mark. After everything that happened in the past, Bob and Wade promised no one would ever hurt him again. And what this means for the two very terrified grumps on Mark’s couch, was they had to make Bob and Wade see they just weren’t all about dick jokes, sex, video games, and even more dick jokes. All while not letting Mark know that his boyfriends and best friends weren’t exactly getting along.

So when Mark popped his head out of the kitchen to announce dinner was ready Dan and Arin all but bolted to help him. They were extremely glad Mark interrupted their “conversation” between Bob and Wade, because Bob’s story on how to hide bodies without ever being found sounded so very true, especially coming from a lawyer. And Wade’s hard unwavering glare and occasionally smirk at certain parts, wasn’t helping things either. Dan and Arin were glad Mark had such great friends, but God damn did they have to bee so scary?!