bob graham round

Got a little inspiration and motivation yesterday for the UK classic, Bob Ground Round. Ran the Coledale Horshoe Fell Race (8.5 miles, 3,000’ ascent) then evening talk at Derwentwater Hostel (Bob Graham’s old home) with BGR record holder Bill Bland. His record has stood for over 31 years, 13:53!

Honored to hang with this crew (L to R): Martin Cox, Ricky Lightfoot, Rickey Gates and Billy Bland!

I'm running the Bob Graham round

For those who don’t know what this is its a challenge in the Lake District in the UK (a hilly bit) which encompasses 42 peaks across a 66 mile course with 27,000ft of climbing to do.

Oh and the challenge is to do it in the 24hrs.

The course was first set out by the man named bob graham.. He went out on his 42nd birthday and just ran this in 24hrs back in 1932 just because.. People have been running this course ever since and very few mange to get below the 24hrs. The current record however sits at a staggering 15hrs or something like that!

My plan is not to get the record but I definitely want to get back within the 24hrs. I have wanted to do this for a while and after watching a 17 year old girl complete the course in 23:28 the other day I have decided to sacrifice running that sub 5 1500m and go and do what I really love… Running for hours on end across death-defying mountain trails and throwing myself down insanely steep mountain sides at similar speeds to those running 200m on a track!

This is big. And I’m deadly serious that I want to do this. I will require a team of Pacers and navigators to help me along the various stages. I’m willing to accept and help if your willing to get yourself out to the Lake District to come run this with me.
However a lot of training is required before then and I’m looking to have this done in the next two years.

Wish me luck!