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Instead of sitting at your computer, and looking at books, go to a drycleaner, and sit there. The way to get an interesting idea is to go to the source. Stay there until you have thought of something interesting about drycleaning. Then, listen to that idea and it will design itself.
—  Bob Gill on how to have a good idea
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Kings of Leon play The Eagles’ Take It Easy at the Kennedy Honors Center.
Caleb also sings on Life In The Fast Lane at the end of the video, with the other guys awkwardly doing handclaps. ;-)

Other artists include Juanes with Steve Vai and Steuart Smith on Hotel California, Vince Gill on Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Bob Seger on Heartache Tonight, with Ringo Starr presenting.

Video via KOLfanblog.

George Harrison, Cannes, France, May 1968, photographed by Ringo Starr (Photograph/ - via CNN)

George, Pattie, Ringo and Maureen were in Cannes for the premiere of Wonderwall on 17 May 1968.

“In January 1968 I was in Bombay, working on the soundtrack for the film Wonderwall - a Sixties hippy movie directed by Joe Massot. He asked me if I would do the music, but I told him I didn’t write music for films. Then he said that whatever I gave him, he would use. That sounded pretty simple, and I thought: ‘I’ll give them an Indian music anthology, and who knows, maybe a few hippies will get turned on to Indian music.’
I worked with Indian musicians at the EMI/HMV studios in Bombay. Mr Bhaskar Menon (later to become the head of EMI worldwide) brought a two-track stereo machine all the way from Calcutta on the train for me, because all they had in Bombay was a mono machine. It was the same kind of huge machine we used in Abbey Road; they’re called STEEDs. I’ve got one in the kitchen now - the one that we recorded ‘Paperback Writer’ on. I came back and added a lot more in Abbey Road, and put the music on the film.
Wonderwall came out some time later, and probably died a death. Ringo came with me to the premiere in Cannes. (I know this because they’ve put out the CD and I’ve read Derek’s liner notes. I didn’t remember it until I saw the photos of us with a rather nice young lady called Jane Birkin who was in the movie.)” - George, The Beatles Anthology

"I decided to do it as a mini-anthology of Indian music because I wanted to help turn the public in to Indian music.” - George, Wonderwall Music liner notes

"It was fantastic really [in India]. The studio is on top of the offices but there’s no sound-proofing. So if you listen closely to some of the Indian tracks on the LP you can hear taxis going by.
Every time the offices knocked off at 5.30 we had to stop recording because you could just hear everybody stomping down the steps. They only had a big EMI mono machine. I mixed everything as we did it there, and that was nice enough because you get spoiled working eight and sixteen tracks.” - George, liner notes

"I had a regular wind-up stop watch and I watched the film [at Twickenham Film Studios] to ‘spot-in’ the music with the watch. I wrote the timings down in my book, then I’d go to Abbey Road, make up a piece, record it and when we’d synch it up at Twickenham it always worked. It was always right.” - George, liner notes

"I suggested we take a brick out of the wall to give the fellow on the other side a chance, just as the Jack MacGowran character had a chance. Bob Gill didn’t want to do it, but he did it.” - George, liner notes [x]


                                               REMEMBERING THE BRAVE MEN!

These men lost their lives doing what they loved to do! We can’t forget them and their sacrifices. Always in our memory!

Luigi Fagioli - 20 June 1952 - Mônaco

Cameron Earl - 25 June 1952 - MIRA, Nuneaton (England)

Chet Miller - 15 May 1953 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Carl Scarborough -  15 May 1953 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Charles de Tornaco -  18 September 1953 - Autodromo di Modena, Italy

Felice Bonetto - 21 Novemeber 1953 - (México)

Onofre Marimón - 31 July 1954 - Nürburgring

Mario Alborghetti - 11 May 1955 - France

Manny Ayulo - 16 May 1955 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Alberto Ascari - 26 May 1955 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Bill Vukovich - 30 May 1955 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Eugenio Castellotti - 14 March 1957 - Autodromo di Modena, Italy

Keith Andrews - 15 May 1957 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Pat O'Connor - 30 May 1958 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Luigi Musso - 6 July 1958 - Reims-Gueux

Peter Collins - 3 August 1958 - Nürburgring

Stuart Lewis-Evans - 19 September 1958 - Ain-Diab Circuit

Jerry Unser - 17 May 1959 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Bob Cortner - 19 May 1959 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Ivor Bueb - 1 August 1959 - Circuit Charade

Jean Behra - 1 August 1959 - Circuit AVUS

Harry Schell - 13 May 1960 - Silverstone

Chris Bristow,  Alan Stacey - 19 June 1960 - Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

Shane Summers - 1 June 1961 - Brands Hatch

Giulio Cabianca - 15 June 1961 - Modena Autodrome

Wolfgang von Trips - 10 September 1961 - Nazionale Monza

Ricardo Rodríguez - 1 November 1962 - Magdalena Mixhiurca

Carel Godin de Beaufort -  2 August 1964 - Nürburgring

John Taylor - 7 August 1966 - Nürburgring

Lorenzo Bandini -  7 May 1967 - Circuit de Monaco

Bob Anderson - 14 August 1967 - Silverstone, England

Jim Clark  - 7 April 1968 - Hockenheimring

Jo Schlesser - 7 July 1968 - Rouen-Les-Essarts

Gerhard Mitter - 2 August 1969 - Nürburgring

Bruce McLaren - 2 June 1970 - England

Piers Courage - 7 June 1970 - Circuit Zandvoort

Jochen Rindt - 5 September 1970 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Jo Siffert - 24 October 1971 - Brands Hatch

Roger Williamson - 29 July 1973 - Circuit Zandvoort

François Cévert - 6 October 1973 - Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Course

Peter Revson - 30 May 1974 - Kyalami

Helmuth Koinigg - 6 October 1974 - Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Course

Mark Donohue - 19 August 1975 - Österreichring

Tom Pryce - 5 March 1977 - Kyalami

Brian McGuire - 29 August 1977 - Brands Hatch

Ronnie Peterson - 11 September 1978 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Patrick Depailler - 1 August 1980 - Hockenheimring

Gilles Villeneuve - 8 May 1982 - Zolder

Riccardo Paletti - 13 June 1982 - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Elio de Angelis - 15 May 1986 - Circuit Paul Ricard

Roland Ratzenberger - 30 April 1994 - Enzo e Dino Ferrari

Ayrton Senna - 1 May 1994 - Enzo e Dino Ferrari

That’s the fun of being a creative person – it’s to have an opinion.

In this fantastic Design Matters interview, legendary graphic designer Bob Gill dishes on everything from working with The Beatles to why there is no such thing as a bad client – “only bad designers” – to how creating things that are beautiful but don’t have a point of view is the ultimate betrayal of the creative profession. 

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When you get a job – say an ad for a drycleaner – many images come to mind, we all have preconceptions. My suggestion is to forget every image that comes to mind, forget everything you know about drycleaning. Instead of sitting at your computer, and looking at books, go to a drycleaner, and sit there. The way to get an interesting idea is to go to the source. Stay there until you have thought of something interesting about drycleaning. Then, listen to that idea and it will design itself.
—  Bob Gill