bob gill

That’s the fun of being a creative person – it’s to have an opinion.

In this fantastic Design Matters interview, legendary graphic designer Bob Gill dishes on everything from working with The Beatles to why there is no such thing as a bad client – “only bad designers” – to how creating things that are beautiful but don’t have a point of view is the ultimate betrayal of the creative profession. 

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this, the second-to-last issue of PRINT magazine (sadly it will be joining the ranks of too many other smart, underappreciated publications soon). That Bob Gill would pay homage to Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam, depicting the symbolic beginning of life, so near the end of the magazine’s 73-year existence is more than a little ironic. Kudos to editor-in-chief Michael Silverberg and art director Ben King for all their hard work on the illustration issue and on the magazine in general. Read King’s lovely post about working with Gill on this cover.

“When you get a job – say an ad for a drycleaner – many images come to mind, we all have preconceptions. My suggestion is to forget every image that comes to mind, forget everything you know about drycleaning.”

“Instead of sitting at your computer, and looking at books, go to a drycleaner, and sit there. The way to get an interesting idea is to go to the source. Stay there until you have thought of something interesting about drycleaning. Then, listen to that idea and it will design itself.”

Bob Gill, Via CR

(This is good advice, research the problem you are trying to solve not other peoples solutions to similar problems)

At least once, or maybe more than once, I’ve done something that someone else did six months earlier. I happened not to have known about it. Somebody pointed it out to me. You can’t be responsible for knowing what every single designer all over the world the world has done. That’s a bit unfair to yourself.
—  Bob Gill