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GALLERY: The Iconic Album Art of Ghariokwu Lemi

Nigerian graphic designer, fine artist and illustrator Ghariokwu Lemi occupies a unique position as the creative genius behind twenty-six of Fela‘s iconic album covers. Christened ‘The Artist’ by Kuti himself, the vivid social realism of Lemi’s works created between 1974 and 1993 provided a fitting visual accompaniment to the singer’s derisive anti-establishment lyrics with its cross of distorted collage, illustration and caricature.

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American film poster design has a history of being dominated by agencies. “Two heads are better than one” the saying goes, and if you’ve ever caught a glimpse at the collective output of several different heads all working towards the same goal over a decent amount of time, well, it’s slightly unnerving. They’re often built to execute a single purpose: to create advertising specifically for film. And regardless of what you may say about the state of modern poster design, there’s more than enough work out there – both hanging in theatres and on an agency’s cutting room floor – to give pause at just how incredible their capabilities truly are.

Bob Gill is an American illustrator and graphic designer. With a career spanning decades, he’s written a multimedia musical for Broadway, designed for the UN, and, well, directed a porno. At 82, he lives in New York, gets around by bicycle, and can deliver a heck of a presentation when he’s not setting magazine covers on fire. But that’s now. While his key art strived for the same sensibilities, it wound up playing second fiddle to more conventional studio one-sheets, if used at all. To be clear, it’s not uncommon for there to be several cooks in the kitchen when it comes to putting together a poster: work changes hands if and when a person or team falls short of addressing the studio’s aims. Avenues are pursued but abandoned, sometimes in favor or something stronger, other times, something worse. What makes Bob Gill’s situation uncommon, beside him being the sole proprietor of his studio, is that he held on to and made readily available images and explanations of the work that didn’t make the cut.



                                               REMEMBERING THE BRAVE MEN!

These men lost their lives doing what they loved to do! We can’t forget them and their sacrifices. Always in our memory!

Luigi Fagioli - 20 June 1952 - Mônaco

Cameron Earl - 25 June 1952 - MIRA, Nuneaton (England)

Chet Miller - 15 May 1953 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Carl Scarborough -  15 May 1953 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Charles de Tornaco -  18 September 1953 - Autodromo di Modena, Italy

Felice Bonetto - 21 Novemeber 1953 - (México)

Onofre Marimón - 31 July 1954 - Nürburgring

Mario Alborghetti - 11 May 1955 - France

Manny Ayulo - 16 May 1955 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Alberto Ascari - 26 May 1955 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Bill Vukovich - 30 May 1955 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Eugenio Castellotti - 14 March 1957 - Autodromo di Modena, Italy

Keith Andrews - 15 May 1957 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Pat O'Connor - 30 May 1958 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Luigi Musso - 6 July 1958 - Reims-Gueux

Peter Collins - 3 August 1958 - Nürburgring

Stuart Lewis-Evans - 19 September 1958 - Ain-Diab Circuit

Jerry Unser - 17 May 1959 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Bob Cortner - 19 May 1959 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Ivor Bueb - 1 August 1959 - Circuit Charade

Jean Behra - 1 August 1959 - Circuit AVUS

Harry Schell - 13 May 1960 - Silverstone

Chris Bristow,  Alan Stacey - 19 June 1960 - Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

Shane Summers - 1 June 1961 - Brands Hatch

Giulio Cabianca - 15 June 1961 - Modena Autodrome

Wolfgang von Trips - 10 September 1961 - Nazionale Monza

Ricardo Rodríguez - 1 November 1962 - Magdalena Mixhiurca

Carel Godin de Beaufort -  2 August 1964 - Nürburgring

John Taylor - 7 August 1966 - Nürburgring

Lorenzo Bandini -  7 May 1967 - Circuit de Monaco

Bob Anderson - 14 August 1967 - Silverstone, England

Jim Clark  - 7 April 1968 - Hockenheimring

Jo Schlesser - 7 July 1968 - Rouen-Les-Essarts

Gerhard Mitter - 2 August 1969 - Nürburgring

Bruce McLaren - 2 June 1970 - England

Piers Courage - 7 June 1970 - Circuit Zandvoort

Jochen Rindt - 5 September 1970 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Jo Siffert - 24 October 1971 - Brands Hatch

Roger Williamson - 29 July 1973 - Circuit Zandvoort

François Cévert - 6 October 1973 - Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Course

Peter Revson - 30 May 1974 - Kyalami

Helmuth Koinigg - 6 October 1974 - Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Course

Mark Donohue - 19 August 1975 - Österreichring

Tom Pryce - 5 March 1977 - Kyalami

Brian McGuire - 29 August 1977 - Brands Hatch

Ronnie Peterson - 11 September 1978 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Patrick Depailler - 1 August 1980 - Hockenheimring

Gilles Villeneuve - 8 May 1982 - Zolder

Riccardo Paletti - 13 June 1982 - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Elio de Angelis - 15 May 1986 - Circuit Paul Ricard

Roland Ratzenberger - 30 April 1994 - Enzo e Dino Ferrari

Ayrton Senna - 1 May 1994 - Enzo e Dino Ferrari

“When you get a job – say an ad for a drycleaner – many images come to mind, we all have preconceptions. My suggestion is to forget every image that comes to mind, forget everything you know about drycleaning.”

“Instead of sitting at your computer, and looking at books, go to a drycleaner, and sit there. The way to get an interesting idea is to go to the source. Stay there until you have thought of something interesting about drycleaning. Then, listen to that idea and it will design itself.”

Bob Gill, Via CR

(This is good advice, research the problem you are trying to solve not other peoples solutions to similar problems)

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this, the second-to-last issue of PRINT magazine (sadly it will be joining the ranks of too many other smart, underappreciated publications soon). That Bob Gill would pay homage to Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam, depicting the symbolic beginning of life, so near the end of the magazine’s 73-year existence is more than a little ironic. Kudos to editor-in-chief Michael Silverberg and art director Ben King for all their hard work on the illustration issue and on the magazine in general. Read King’s lovely post about working with Gill on this cover.