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Constance Talmadge and her ridiculously cute face in “East Is West” (1922)  dir. by Sydney Franklin

This was considered a lost film for decades until a copy was found in the Netherlands in 2005. It has been restored although about 13 minutes of it were damaged beyond restoration, the gaps have been filled in with explanatory title cards.


(via Rodmell, East Sussex | by Bob Radlinski | Flickr)

playlist at the moment

None of these songs really flow together, but they’re all amazing and wonderful. You should definitely give them a listen :) 

Dark Towers- Miniature Tigers

Blood- The Middle East

You Said Okay- Flatsound

Where is my Mind- Pixies

Hazelton- Justin Vernon

It Ain’t Me Babe- Fleet Foxes (Bob Dylan cover)

The Storm- Boy & Bear

Beast in Air, Beast in Water- Snowmine

The Best Today- Keaton Henson

The Center of the World- Bright Eyes

Michicant- Bon Iver