bob dylan at play

Some asks

AC/DC - What are your favorite bands?

Aerosmith - What are your favorite songs?

Aretha Franklin - Do you have a favorite jazz song?

Alice Cooper - What is your favorite type of music?

Beach Boys - Have you ever been in a concert?

Black Sabbath - A song that motivates you?

Bob Dylan - Do you know how to play any musical instrument?

Bon Jovi - Your favorite song about love?

The Beatles - Latest song that made you smile?

David Bowie - A song that makes you feel happy?

Eric Clapton - Have you ever been in love with a rock artist?

Creedence Clearwater Revival - What is your favorite instrument?

Deep Purple - Do you prefer bassists or drummers?

The Doors - What is your favorite lyric?

Fleetwood Mac - Female or Male vocalists?

The Grateful Dead - What song are you listening right now?

Guns n’ Roses - What song describes your emotions right now?

Heart - Do you know a song that you want at your wedding? 

Iron Maiden - Do you frequently listen to your songs on shuffle? 

Jimi Hendrix - A song that represents “your aesthetic”

Joan Jett - Who do you think when you listen to your favorite love song?

Janis Joplin - What is your favorite 70s song?

Journey - Do you have any famous crushes? 

The Kinks - What is the last single you downloaded? 

Kiss - What is the perfect song to describe your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? 

Led Zeppelin - Do you like loud guitar solos?

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Do you like instrumental songs? 

Metallica - A song that you think everybody should listen to?

Nirvana - A song that breaks your heart? 

Pink Floyd - Name your top three songs in any language.

Pearl Jam - A song to drive to? 

Queen - A song to dance to?

Bruce Springsteen - A song that you would sing in a karaoke?

The Rolling Stones - Your favorite album?

U2 - A artist/band you’re proud of?

Van Halen - Favorite guitarist?

The Who - Favorite bassist? 

Yes - Favorite drummer?

Dusty Springfield - Do you have a favorite soul song? 

The Supremes - Your favorite girlband? 

Simon and Garfunkel - Your favorite acoustic song?

Derek & The Dominos - Do you prefer a cover more than the original song?

The Mamas and The Papas - What’s the song that have a harmony so good that makes you want to punch something?

Santana - Your favorite artist hairstyle?

Ramones - Do you like punk music?

The Temptations - A song that you liked when you were younger?

Cream - A song that you associate with summer?

The Band - A song that you never get tired of?

Steve Miller Band - A song that need to be played out loud?

Sonny & Cher - A song by an artist with a voice that you love?

Wings - A song that makes you remind of yourself?


Talking to Rolling Stone magazine, Dylan talked freely about Harrison’s struggle to find his voice within the songwriting collective of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

“George got stuck with being the Beatle that had to fight to get songs on records because of Lennon and McCartney. Well, who wouldn’t get stuck?” he asked.

Dylan highlighted the writing talents of Harrison, saying: “If George had had his own group and was writing his own songs back then, he’d have been probably just as big as anybody.”- Quoted in an NME article, “Bob Dylan talks of Beatles friendship”, 16 May 2007

“I’ve always liked the way George Harrison plays guitar—restrained and good.”
-Bob Dylan to Ron Rosenbaum, Nov 1977

George Harrison - “Behind That Locked Door” - All Things Must Pass

Behind That Locked Door was when Bob Dylan was playing at the Isle of Wight soon after his Nashville Skyline album. I wrote this song about him:

Why are you still crying
Your pain is now through
Please forget those teardrops
Let me take them from you
The love you are blessed with
This world’s waiting for
So let out your heart please, please
From behind that locked door

It was a good excuse to do a country tune with pedal steel guitar.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine

years and years ago, a boyfriend and i were watching jerry maguire on like, idk, probably vhs, maybe a dvd, who knows, but ‘shelter from the storm’ is in that movie and i said that it was my favorite bob dylan song (IT STILL IS) and this stupid guitar-playing vinyl-collecting elitist prick that i was voluntarily around all the time literally sneered and asked if i only knew it from the movie 

and at the time i stammered out a no no no of course not, but this morning i listened to that song and was just suddenly furious over something that happened more than ten years ago


in conclusion like fuck that guy!!!! fuck anyone who thinks like that what the fuckkkkkkkk

i mean i guess just in case anyone was curious if you’ll still get upset over the stupid shit that got said to you years ago when you’re definitely an adult like yeah you fucking will

nobody tagged me but i was bored and found this lmao

  • Name: richard
  • Ancestry: my dad is 100% finnish (i live in a finnish immigrant town actually, little finland if you will) + my mom is french, irish, cornish, eyetalian etc
  • Zodiac: libra sun, sag moon, aqua rising
  • Where do you live? michigan (save me)
  • How are you doing today? still real sick, i suspect it’s a sinus infection
  • What’s your favorite song right now? joey by bob dylan
  • Play any instruments? guitar, i’d love to learn accordion haha
  • Are you craving anything? cigarettes! always cigarettes :(
  • What’s your signature drink? drag me but i always order a strawberries and cream frappuccino w/ coconut milk & no whipped cream from starbucks… look i’m gay ok also i’m the only person i know who drinks cactus water
  • What’s your signature scent? dirty hair, cinnamon gum & powder scented deodorant lmao
  • Favorite color? orange, pink, any shade of red, i feel brown is quite underrated
  • A sound you love? when you’re at the shore of a lake and you put your ear to the ground and it sounds like you can hear the water underneath you
  • A sound you hate? a ringing telephone

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Bob Dylan and The Band rehearsing for the last shows (they played an afternoon AND evening set) of Tour ‘74 on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, at the Forum in Inglewood.

“Mr. Tambourine Man” was added to the finale, with a full electric arrangement notable for its addition of accordion played by Garth Hudson. It was Sara Dylan’s favorite song.

(Photographer: Barry Feinstein)

December. I am gold. Like the moonlight. My lips still taste like the alcohol on your breath the first night we met. They are warm and swollen. Your kiss memorized in my brain. I am floating on a cloud. My heart begins to thaw as your hand touches mine. The snowflakes lace between my hair like a million little crystals. I know I should be cold but winter is warm in your coat. You’re an Indian summer, it’s the middle of winter.

January. I am silver. I am your new year’s kiss. My fingers are laced through your hair and I am laying on your couch. You play the Bob Dylan record we bought last week, you strum my feelings along with your chords. Your fingers are beautiful, gentle yet strong. I feel safe in your sheets, you tell me about your dreams. I fall for you. It is too cold for our love, you tell me that all that is silver eventually rusts.

February. I am grey. I am a shattered mirror, my life lacks the colours you once brought. It is still snowing and I long for it to rain and wash away my thoughts. I bathe a lot, to rid your touch, I drown myself every night. It is still cold and I burry my face in your scarf. My friends are showered with flowers and promises. They wonder where you are. I do too and curse your name. My tears flood my room and the moonlight fades. Your name tastes bitter.

March. I am red. I light cigarette after cigarette, knowing how much you hate the smoke. I picture you saving my tired lungs and planting flowers on my chest once more. The phone rings again but I have grown and know better. I wonder if you think of me, I wonder why I still do. I see your friend on the street, we speak of you. He tells me your eyes grew sad. I light one more.

April. I am blue. Like the eyes that meet my own. He kisses me, but I think of you. He tastes different and he does not keep me warm. I feel nothing, I feel numb. Brown is still my favourite colour but I cannot find it in his ocean. The snow has melted away my tears, but I can still feel myself slipping away. I am torn between absent onyx and present azure. You call my phone…

May. I am white. I am older and have turned a new page. Don’t get me wrong, I am still as confused as ever and your name is still on my lips despite our short lived romance, but I’ve moved on, don’t you mind. I can feel my heart like it’s still breaking and stains might appear once in a while on the white canvas of my new-found home, but I’ve closure. I’ve loved and I’ve lost, I’ve grown and learned. I love myself once more.

—  a.a