bob berger


Vic Berger’s hilarious edit of three exorcisms by Christian scammer Bob Larson (For a related video, click here

     “My maiden name was Burger and his last name is Berger, so I went one letter from Burger to Berger. It gets better: His brother’s name is Bob and he was our best man. My dad’s name is also Bob, so we had two Bobs, Berger and Burger, at the wedding. Bob, his brother, was married to Linda. My name is also Linda, so we had two Linda Bergers. Everyone was confused.
     “Then I go to the Secretary of State to change my name. ‘What’s your maiden name?’ Burger. ‘Now, what’s your married name?’ Berger. ‘No, no, we need your last name.’ I just gave it to you—Burger.”

Livonia, MI

  • me whenever i watch bobs burgers: why didn't they make his last name berger? they could have had a show called bobs burgers about a guy named bob berger and they just didn't do it. i can't imagine that this didnt occur to someone. belcher probably isn't even a real last name.