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Wanna hear what Lili thinks about her scenes with Juggie in her room? Here’s a snippet of Lili Reinhart’s commentary about the adorable Betty & Jughead exchange! I made the video to visualize their commentary… ~ From the fun filled entertaining 2hour long official podcast with Lili, Madelaine & Bob Barth with RiverdalePCast yesterday ~ Full transcript & video below cut.

Bob: Back at the Cooper’s place and Betty is getting ready for the funeral…and who’s gotten a little suit on?
Bob: And he looks good!
Lili: She sees him with the suit on but still got the beanie though.
Mads: What’s his hair like under there though?
Lili: We’ll find out….
Bob: It’s gotta be dreadlocks…when’s the last time he shampooed? *laughs*
Lili: Ohh….the questions will be answered.
Yeah, she… I think obviously you can see there’s growing chemistry between the two…and it’s quite apparent especially in that scene. You know she gives a little… “Oh, you clean up nice. Ya know…kinda one of those things…Urm.. yeah.
Bob: And there’s something thats…..well Cole has always been a good looking kid. I didn’t know the Disney show. But I knew him as Ross’s son on Friends!
Lili: Yeah! Ben!
Bob: So I was like "OH THAT’S COLE!” And he’s got a GREAT smile and you never see Jughead do it!
Jug is just sort of  …and we can’t understand why…but he’s sort of a dour…he’s got a lot on his shoulders. So when he DOES crack a smile, your heart melts.
Lili/Mad: Yeah….
Bob: And it works for EVERYONE.
Lili: I think Betty…makes Jug happy…brings out the happiness in him.
Bob: That’s great.

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sports car week … what we miss … epic liveries

the Martini Porsche 936/78 of Jacky Ickx, Bob Wollek & Jurgen Barth at the 1978 24 Heures du Mans

Porsche came 2nd that year, behind the Renault Alpine A442B driven by Didier Pironi & Jean-Pierre Jaussaud
it was quite a feat by the frenchmen, after 2 years of failing they achieved victory on their 3rd try - even a hard charging Jacky Ickx couldn’t beat the turbo powered Renault that year

joyeux anniversaire Jacky …

Jacky Ickx, Martini Porsche 936/78, 1978 24 Heures du Mans

the n°5 car that Ickx drove, together with Henri Pescarolo & Jochen Mass retired & Porsche put Ickx in the n°6 car (teamed up with Bob Wollek & Jurgen Barth) in order to fight with the very competitive ELF Renault Alpine squad
however, even  with Ickx helping, Porsche wasn’t able to fend off the French & the n°2 car of Didier Pironi & Jean-Pierre Jaussaud won

age of the spyders …

the ELF Renault Alpine A442B of Didier Pironi & Jean-Pierre Jaussaud leading the ELF Renault Alpine A442A of Derek Bell & Jean-Pierre Jarier, followed by the Martini Porsche 935/78 of Manfred Schurti & Rolf Stommelen, the Martini Porsche 936/78 of Jacky Ickx, Bob Wollek & Jurgen Barth & the ELF Calberspon Renault Alpine A442A of Jean Ragnotti, Guy Fréquelin, José Dolhem & Jean-Pierre Jabouille

Pironi & Jaussaud would win the race, finally after 4 years of trying, for Renault, Ickx, Wollek & Barth would finish 2nd, 5 laps behind the winning french combination