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Happy National Feral Cat Day 🐈😺

Feral cat colonies can be maintained through the program of Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR)

Basically you get all the kitties neutered in the colony. (A colony is a group of feral cats) After they are neutered they can live longer by about 5 years. Help to keep the colony small by neutering. “Remember, help control the pet population by having your pet spayed or neutered!” (Thx Bob Barker👍#tpir)Then just let them live their wild lives! Interact by feeding them and look out for injuries, new additions, etc. Bedding in winter if possible. Some may be strays and become trusting or even adoptable, but a true feral cat is wild and will NOT like you trying to pet it (here kitty kitty? Hell no😾) This is very important! They are beautiful, wild and wonderful cats; they are also part of the food chain as nature’s rodent control. Cats are great! Spread the word! I love all cats. There are no bad cats. Happy National Feral Cat Day! 😺🐈🐈💖🐈🐈❤️🐈🐈

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an hour’s worth of vintage Price is Right underscores

There’s gonna be like seventeen of us left and they’re finally gonna end it all and all of us will be herded into a room and just look at each other and burst into tears and then Bob Barker will come give us Winnebagos for our participation and tell us to spay and neuter our pets and then an asteroid that Donald Trump said was FAKE NEWS will probably hit the earth and kill us all and that will be that and all of this pain and survival of the very fittest will be for nothing lmao but it WONT MATTER BECAUSE WE’LL ALL FINALLY HAVE SOME FUCKING PEACE


Guys.  The price is right uploaded the episode with Aaron Paul to their youtube page.  Here’s the thing.  I’m done.  I can’t take it.  At one point they show him a car and he falls to the ground.